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The Málaga CF Foundation, in collaboration with Ecovidrio, present the program of glass recycling initiatives that will take place in the 2022/23 season.

The “Malaguista” platform.with X Nature’, which highlights Málaga CF’s commitment to the environment, launched this season to further consolidate the fight on protecting our ecosystem.

In this 2022/23 campaign, the MCF Foundation shares its efforts with Ecovidrio (with the support of PROAMB, a consultancy and advisory company from Malaga in matter environment) and the campaign “Malaguistas X Nature, Jump to the Green to develop a program of sustainable initiatives aimed at promoting glass recycling, which will run from September to December.

The campaign calendar was presented this Friday at noon in the Juan Cortes Press Center at La Rosaleda Stadium, with a screening of the initiative spot and speeches by Lucas Rodríguez, coordinator of the MCF Foundation, and Borja Martiarena, Marketing Director of Ecovidrio.

Lucas Rodríguez, coordinator of the MCF Foundation, acknowledged “how important it is to improve our environment on an ecological level.” “We launched this project ‘Malaguistas X Naturaleza’ last season, which takes a very important step at the beginning of this season with the alliance with Ecovidrio and also with PROAMB”influenced

Ecovidrio’s marketing director, Borja Martiarena, wants “Transfer that commitment, that love of color and that they share that little heart, with blue and white, and also that they jump to green. Mobilize, take your jars and bottles and throw them in the green container”.

The event was attended by Francisco Martín Aguilar, Minister of Protocol and Institutional Relations of Málaga CF, José Antonio Ruiz Guerra, Club Advisory Councilor, as well as Cristóbal Ortega, Provincial Deputy for Environment, Domestic Tourism, Climate Change and Sports, and Borja Vivas , Director of the Sports Zone of the Diputación de Málaga, in addition to Alberto Jimenez, Director General of PROAMB.

Cristóbal Ortega, provincial deputy for environment, domestic tourism, climate change and sports, said that “This is a campaign to raise awareness for Malaguista fans, what it means in terms of respecting the environment and caring for our ecosystem. It comes from the hand of Ecovidrio and Málaga CF and we support it. We’re all aware that we need to recycle and give back.”

The first activity of “Malaguistawith X Nature, Salta al Verde´, Malaguista Ecoclass, will take place between October and November in different educational centers where, in addition to talks, students will collect glass that they will leave in containers Special offers designed with the colors of Málaga Club de Fútbol and the image of its fans.

Also in November, Málaga Genuine players, a team made up of School of Fútbol Supercapacitad@s from the MCF Foundation will be the protagonists of the recording and broadcast of a video to raise awareness of the importance of glass recycling.

The third point of the program “Malaguistawith X Nature, Jump to the Green focuses on collecting glass containers during matches at La Rosaleda to be held during the months of October and November.

In addition, from the beginning of October to the middle of December, miniglottis in honor of the campaign with on a design that combines the green of Ecovidrio and the blue and white of Málaga CF.

The last act framed in “Malaguistawith X Nature, Jump to the Green It will consist of a plogging between subscribers under the heading “Solidarity for Sustainability”, tracing the surroundings of La Rosaleda, the Annex and the river Guadalmedina in search of glass containers for recycling.

The blue of Málaga CF, through its foundation, and the green of Ecovidrio form a great team through this joint initiative to improve the environment.

Malaguistawith X Nature, go green and recycle glass!

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