Málaga CF | Guede: “The rift between the people and me will not happen because I love this club”

Pablo Guede, in training this Friday morning at La Rosaleda. / MAVALPHOTO

Malaguista’s coach is upbeat ahead of the Huesca clash that “I’ve been through these situations many times and most of the time I’ve come out of them, not ahead, but successfully.”

Pedro Luis Alonso

It was a more reserved Pablo Guede this Friday, in the prelude to this Sunday’s duel against Huesca in El Alcoras (21:00), with a handbrake on his words, more rethought than is normal for him. The situation calls for it, with three defeats in four days and a string of results since his arrival (just three wins in twelve games) that don’t just guarantee the day job.

But the coach of Malaguista does not believe that the divorce expressed by the fans against him at the end of the duel against Albacete (1-2) will continue. “The rift between the people and Guede will not happen because I love this club and the fans love me. With the coach, they give their opinion. It hurts because you never want to be yelled at at home, but I know how to tell the difference between a person and a coach. With Manolo (Gaspar) and Jose Maria (Muñoz), these days are normal every week.”

Despite the fact that the subject’s confidence limit is close to reaching the limit if the results do not arrive (the team is on the edge of the relegation zone), Guede is clear that everyone at the club is fighting in his favor. “The road has been made and I said there will be stormy days, but I can feel the support of all the staff at the club when I walk through the offices. This is above the results. My love for the club is unconditional and the result is not support, it will change,” he said.

In saying this, he accepts that the coach’s job has an expiration date in certain sporting crisis situations. “As a coach, results are what rule, as well as dedication and work. This is a global calculation of it all. There are small details that make a coach leave a club and a lot of hasty decisions hurt me more. .

“If the ball doesn’t go in and you win two games out of ten, you’re out. This is football. But in the club they see me entering at seven in the morning and leaving at half past eight in the afternoon. I’m very clear about what I want and where we’re going,” he added. And about the mood of the players these days, he said that “they’re very good.” “They’re aware of what they’re working on and they should have a reward, there’s no bowed head and no doubts,” he commented. he.

Apart from all that, and focused on the Huesca clash, he made it clear that he is not rehabilitating any of the injured, although it is understood that Luis Munoz, who started training on Wednesday, could have options to be called up. “Let’s see tomorrow (Saturday) how it is,” he said equivocally. “It is not easy to have three injured players from the same position – he added in relation to Bustinza, Ramalo and Burgos – but it is useless to complain, this is what we are suffering from”.

Regarding Huesca, Guede was clear that “we will try to take care of the cons a lot. They have very fast people and we have to avoid the wing centers at all costs because they are very strong on the wings.”Although he did not mention Marc Matteo, he is a vital player because of the precision of his crosses in the game and from set pieces.

“We made six errors in the first two games that day. I told the boys later. It’s the little details, the mistakes we can’t repeat.”

On Malaga’s defensive mistakes and especially the two early goals conceded against Albacete on the final day, he said: “If we had made one mistake a couple of times I would have been worried. We made six errors in the first two games that day. I told the boys later. It’s the little details, the mistakes we can’t repeat.” And in saying that, he clearly apologized to Manolo Reina for the defeats, while praising the professionalism of Ruben Yanez.

Finally, on whether the team feels more comfortable playing away, he was blunt: “I don’t think so. I understand we lost at home. I understand we haven’t won at home for nine months, but when I watched the game on Sunday twice there were things I couldn’t understand. The first goal was scored with a ten-on-six defense. When we risked the most, it was when we scored the least, in the second half. I don’t mind playing outside or inside. People’s behavior was good that day, no. He screamed until the match was over.

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