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Some romantic stories from cinema and television seem unrealistic, even many complain that they tend to sell a wrong and harmful concept of love. But in my opinion, not everything in these productions is madness, there is a touch of truth that inspires the writer and allows him to imagine a world of possibilities that he eventually captures in his work. It is not for nothing that it is said that reality is always stranger than fiction.

The story of my first love seems like material for one of those very tragic novels.in which the main characters cry seas in every chapter to get their happily ever after, but in my case that ending never came, at least not with this guy.

It all started in college, I was starting my career in business administration and was completely focused on studying, graduating with honors and finding a great job. This was the path I was supposed to follow, which my father always instilled in me, who insisted since I was a child that the best legacy he could leave me was my education because it would give me a good life.

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At that time, my main concern was getting good grades, so most of my time was spent studying.

One day the university’s dance group had an art show and they said they were accepting new talent. This news touched me a lot because I have always loved dancing. Fortunately the rehearsal schedules did not overlap with those of the subjects and I signed up.

My dad didn’t like the idea too much because he said it would distract me and my academic performance would suffer, but I explained to him that it was like being in a dance or art class at school and that I would continue to concentrate on my studies .

During the first month of dancing, I did not communicate with anyone: I did what the teacher told us to do, and when I finished, I packed up and went to study. However, one day a new boy came to the group, i didn’t look him in the eye much but he looked very cute: She had brown eyes, long eyelashes, bushy eyebrows and a perfect smile.

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The first day he was in class we didn’t speak, the next days we just exchanged a few words about the class and one Thursday night, at a presentation, I had to dance with him because his partner didn’t show up. This approach, for some strange reason, made me very nervous, but as always the dance ended and I ran so as not to be late for home.

The awakening of a new illusion

The following Monday, the professor asked us for help with a celebration that the university was going to do for Teacher’s Day. We had to go into the ceremony hall on Friday night to meet the teachers like it was an awards carpet, so they gave us some lights to play paparazzi.

That Friday I arrived at the ceremony site and stood in the corner with my light because I obviously wanted to be invisible. The funny thing is that the boy arrived with his combo of friends and although they decided to get close to the teachers, he started and came to me.

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“Love or College?  The crossroads where my father placed me

I found the butterflies in my stomach for the first time.

Tonight, for the first time, we talked about ourselves, our parents, and what we like. He told me that he is passionate about art in all its expressions, but his parents made him study law because it is a real career, the good thing is that as the semesters go by, he likes it and is close to his internship. He told me that too I volunteered to teach children and that I was good with languages.

With every thing he did, I felt more and more attracted to him. It may sound silly and contrived, but I felt like I wanted it, and I don’t know how, how much, or to what degree, I just wanted it. I have never had a boyfriend or been interested in a man in my lifefrom school my life was about going from home to school and from school to home, all I did was study, so everything was new to me.

since that night we started talking, we left the classes together, we told each other how our day went and we got closer and closer. I really enjoyed spending time with him, we laughed, we philosophized, and even though they were in different careers, we shared what we learned.

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Our first kiss was like a novelwe were talking about a movie we liked a lot and just as we were giving each other an opinion on one of the scenes we thought was the most romantic, we kissed. I was so nervous that to be honest I didn’t enjoy iti was thinking about what to say or do next, my mind didn’t know how to act in this situation, it’s not something they teach in books.

I was convinced that my single days were over

So the days passed between kisses, chats, late night messages and dances, everything seemed idyllic and perfect to me, I was convinced that my days of loneliness were over and that, as Pippe Pelaez sings, love was born on a bigger planet

For the first time in my life I felt in love and experienced the famous butterflies in the stomach. However, as everyone knows, butterflies die quickly.

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the intersection

The end of the semester was approaching and my father knew nothing. Because I use reason, he told me very clearly that nothing would be a couple until I went pro: “Having a boyfriend is a distraction, a waste of time,” she kept repeating.

Despite how happy he was, deep down I felt bad that I didn’t tell him I was dating, I wanted to share my happiness with him and have him support me just like he did with my career. I longed for both of them to get along very well, to love each other like a family, and most importantly for my father to let me spend a few days on vacation with whom he thought was the love of my life.

One day, without analyzing the situation and without much thought, after the noon news, I said in a trembling voice, “Dad, I have something important to tell you.”, he turned off the TV and stared at me, waiting for what I was going to say.

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“Is this why I’m paying for college? He doesn’t even know how to cook and is clearly looking for a husband. You’re not going out with that little boy.”cried my father when I told him there was a boy I liked.

“Love or College?  The crossroads where my father placed me

Added to the pain of the way my father treated me was the sadness of having to say goodbye to the person I thought was the love of my life.

That afternoon he looked at me with hatred and yelled such abusive words at me that to this day I can’t explain why. He had never treated me so badly in my life, from one moment to the next I went from being the light in his eyes to his worst enemy, as if I had insulted him the worst.

After telling me everything he did for me, how he put his dreams aside to raise me, and everything he was judged for being a single father, he delivered the final blow: “Either this degenerate or the university. If you keep seeing this little boy, I won’t pay you any more for your tuition“.

I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t understand how it was possible that the person I admired the most in life, my hero, who said he loved me more than anyone else, could make such a drastic decision just because I had fallen in love and that I didn’t I said it, I softened it with “I think I like it”.

As I cried inconsolably, I took my cell phone and texted my “suitor” the situation. First he told me that he understood that my father was a bit conservative and that he could talk to himbut when I told him he was threatening not to pay for my college, his attitude changed.

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For several months I cried at night for him and felt a lot of anger towards my father.

“You are a wonderful, intelligent and dedicated woman, but I know what I am I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me, it’s best we leave like this“, he wrote to me. As Omar Gelles’ classic says, “there I learned that saying goodbye is very sad,” I felt the few pieces that were still left of my heart shattered into a thousand pieces.

While I lied to my father that I knew nothing about “this degenerate”, the truth is that I was looking for opportunities to talk to him, I refused to let it end like that. On vacation, I would reply to their statuses, try to find topics to talk about, but he was avoiding me, he also withdrew from the dance group and started his practices. I didn’t see him again.

After all, spring always comes

For several months I cried at night about him and felt very angry with my father, I decided I would never say anything to him again and insisted on moving forward with my career to become independent. But the passage of time heals everything, these days my work is going very well, I’m traveling and living the life I’ve always dreamed of And, of course, I forgave my father.

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I won’t deny that it was very painful at the time, but looking at it from another perspective, I realize that I was still too immature and not ready to be in a relationship. Certainly this story could have had a less traumatic ending, but I’m also convinced that everything happens for a reason, maybe it wasn’t our time or it wasn’t meant for us.

The truth is that we both learned and shared beautiful moments and that’s what I decided to keep in my heart, a beautiful memory of what it was, not the painful and evil of the fictional drama that fate has placed me in.

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