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“La Tierra del Sumercé” is a program aimed at promoting tourism in Boyacá. “We are betting a lot on tourism in our region, where visitors will have the opportunity to discover pure nature, live a wonderful experience of natural, gastronomic, cultural, historical, tourism of care for nature and admiration of the landscape,” explained Alba Rocio Rincón, director of Orange Economy Cluster Projects at the Duitama Chamber of Commerce.

These are difficult times at a time when the genius, instinct and innovation of Boyaca entrepreneurs are being tested, who have found in tourism an important option for Colombians to escape the prison in which they have lived for more than two years due to a pandemic.

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The Land of Sumercé supports small and medium-sized entrepreneurs united by love for the land of Boyacá through INNPulsa, the Duitama Chamber of Commerce and the Government of Boyacá.

Colorful gastronomy and delicacies

Boyaka is very rich in gastronomy in general. You can get to Paipa and try products from the region with a designation of origin, such as artisan cheeses or spiced potato bread, which you can try along with other traditional delicacies at La Redoma, a family business with great recognition in the region.

Going to Boyacá is an opportunity to try amasijos from Cerinza, corn arepas with quinoa and sesame seeds from Duitama, potato biscuits with sunflower seeds from Santa Rosa de Viterbo, the wide variety of arepas from the region and dishes with ancestral products. cocido boyacense.

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This quiet tourism is known as slow, ie. with a stronger connection with nature, with oneself, living more in the environment, as Edna Rocío Ramírez Becerra, competitiveness specialist at the Duitama Chamber of Commerce, explains.

“We embraced the proposal of slow tourism, tourism of tranquility, tourism where we enjoy with all our soul every gastronomic sample that the region gives us, where we breathe the clean mountain air, where we appreciate every fabric made by women of the region and where we stop , to admire what we have as a region and what we are as Colombians. It is a slow tourism and this is what we want to promote as Boyacenses, a tourism that protects, admires, enjoys and above all takes care of itself”, explains Ramírez.

El Cocuy National Natural Park

It’s no secret that Colombia is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world due to its vast biodiversity. In Boyacá there is the National Natural Park of Güicán, Cocuy and Chita, one of the 59 National Natural Parks of Colombia, an undiscovered paradise that is located in the central-eastern part of the country, on the border between the departments of Boyacá, Casanare and Arauca.

Another pride for the residents of Boyaka, which they also bet on, is adventure tourism.

“To reach these landscapes and these lands is to discover a miracle with an airport in Paipa that allows easier access,” explains Alba Rocio Rincón.

“The municipality of Cocuy offers peace, tranquility, beautiful landscapes that are committed to the natural tourism sector and social responsibility,” adds Rincón.

Colombia’s natural national parks offer tourists every option for safe entry and escort.

Guacamayas, with their trade and craft traditions

Crafts are another tourist attraction of Boyaka. Get to know the municipalities of Cerinza, Soata, Ráquira, among many others, each with a wonderful craft, as well as Guacamayas, which is a meeting place with baskets made by the hands of rural women.

There they use the roll or spiral technique, a commune that historically stands out for promoting its traditions and ancestral knowledge to new generations.


Colombians have in this department naturally a great opportunity to support local ventures of artisans, restaurants, tourism companies that meet all the standards of proper functioning. “Land of Sumerce”, from Boyaca to Colombia and the world.

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