Itinerary to find ‘last minute’ summer love in Barcelona

to find a Summer love It’s like New Year’s resolutions. January 1st comes around and you’re saying to yourself “yes, yes this time”. But you haven’t even noticed and three months have passed and the only one who has been to the gym is your bank account. Same with this summer romance. It’s already September and the heat is the only thing keeping you up at night. Same as him rocket to the moonit seems your lovemaking skills haven’t developed.

But as the tropical nights insist on showing us, there’s still plenty of summer left, so there’s still time to live out your advertising fantasy on Estrella Damm. how? with an intense path to finding love. From here you either go with a partner or with the script for the next Bridget Jones installment.

To start the route, channel your love disappointment by climbing the walls. Literally. Living in love in Barcelona, ​​yes or no, it’s time to try climbing, Tinder’s “hobby” star. Thus begins the route Climbing Sharma (Morocco, 206). with 1600 mtwo scalable and 150 blocksyou are sure to find a suitable date.

Next stop: more sports. Go down the Rambla de Prim to Play now Barcelona (Litoral, 115), a sports hybrid with more variety than the latest Marvel movies. Everything from dancing and skating to skateboarding, basketball and even ping pong is here. And, of course, a broad demographic that includes both young Tiktokers and healthy moms and dads. A very wide audience where to find a last minute idyll.

Continue along the beach and up Palo Alto Barcelona (Pellaires, 30-38), a multifaceted cultural space where there are both exhibitions and workshops and markets (the Palo Alto Festivalcelebrated on the first weekend of every month). Perfect for breaking the ice with a battle to see who takes home the garment. Who doesn’t like “enemies of lovers”?

Follow the diagonal and continue to Paseo de Saint John. The road is long, but love is not easy. Where to try your luck when you arrive? Well, everywhere. Restaurants, bars, cocktail bars, brunch bars and more are invading the pre-pandemic area as the new “place to be”. So, if only by statistics, your summer love will be here.

Do you self-identify as a nerd? For your summer love is below: to Triumphal archin Holsters (Sant Joan, 11) where they have areas for board games and role-playing games. Perfect for throwing. Literally and figuratively.

Speed ​​dating and axes

Still haven’t found your object of love devotion…? Next stop: Hotel Indigo (Gran Vía, 629) where Be dazzling organizes, every weekend, sessions of “speed dating‘ Divided by age groups. Of course, before throwing the cane, practice throwing axes Ax throwing in Barcelona (Trafalgar, 8).

But if you’re more of an old-fashioned romantic and prefer to meet by sneaking glances rather than using the divine intervention of Tinder, “speed dating” or proxies, head straight to Joaquin Costa, a street where all night owl souls go for a drink. Recommendations: classics like Olympic bar (25), on 33/45 (4) or by area, The chicken (Tigre, 31), the place where, according to urban legend, Barcelona’s celebrity can be seen.

Last chance to find summer love: clubs and clubs. A few drinks and the awkwardness of talking to strangers will no longer serve as an excuse. Best place for a night out? Very close to Joaquin Costa, Parallelwith Apollo (Nou de la Rambla, 113), Platform (Nou de la Rambla, 145) or meteor (Paseo de Montjuïc, 72), among others.

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In general, almost three hours by car from end to end of the city. So if you don’t end up finding summer love, at least you’ll be dating.

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