“It was planned,” prosecutors charge, complicating the detained son’s marriage

The new revelations of the Vicente Lopez double crime complicate the situation of Martin Del Rio, 47, who is being held as the main suspect in the murders of his parents at the family estate at 1100 Mello Street. For prosecutors, a minor son from the marriage plan diagram. Y incomplete move of an exceptional building will be trigger for parricide.

The data comes from full imputation that the prosecutors of Vicente López Martín Gómez, Alejandro Musso and Marcela Semerías presented to him in the last hours the judge of Guarantees 1 from San Isidro, Ricardo Costa.

The pros reported that on August 24 between 5:33 and 6:30 p.m., Del Rio was I’m walking home to his parents Jose Enrique Del Rio (74) and Maria Mercedes Alonso (72). He had a plan in his mind that he had outlined before. For this purpose, he entered the house with his own funds through the garage.

Once inside, he decided to take their lives “clear and unambiguous”reads the indictment. for that takes advantage of the “heartfelt bond typical of a family bond”. He tricked them and made them go down to the garage sector to get into his personal car, a gray Mercedes Benz model E350.

Maria Mercedes sat in the driver’s seat. Jose Enrique, in the companion. His son, vice versa. At that moment, Martin attacked his father behind doing it three shots with a 9 mm pistol, which hit the right neck area, the left intercostal space and the left thigh.

Always according to the court’s hypothesis, the defendant continues with his mother, who was shot at a distance of less than fifty centimeters from the head. The shell entered the area above the right eyebrow, causing the loss of the right eyeball. Both died instantly.

The fact description text also counts lack of protection from the victims. Prosecutors argued that advanced age and, in his father’s case, problems with reduced mobility accounted for the “lack of caution and little opportunity for acts of protection“.

when mentioned the trigger of parricide, the appellants confirm the budget mobile phone line. It has already been established that the accused is now in debt and has misappropriated his parents’ money, business and properties.

In this framework, an unfinished move to the exclusive Chateau Libertador de Núñez building. The parents believed they were moving out this week and it emerged that Martin had paid only four installments of $10,000 and take possession of the property missing 36 more installments and a $1,700,000 down payment.

the accused could not maintain the lie of the real estate operation from the purchase with which he cheated his parents and which he cannot specify about his move.

The indictment emphasizes that the crime “has its motive in the fact that it was not able to prolong the fraud surrounding the real estate operation concerning Block No. 31 B of the Chateau Building, located at Avenida Del Libertador 7,050 of CABA, and to reveal the inability of his parents to move into the said property as it was entrusted to them by generates wide powerof the order which assigned him to engage in this type of transaction”.

The text concludes with the precautions taken by the accused in acquiring the DVR of the operating system of the private security cameras existing in the building, creating a scene of obvious compatibility with an abduction event consisting of generating a context of disorder and possible theft of items with monetary value.

Among them the sum of about 10,000 dollars, 1,500,000 pesos, 50 gold bar of 10 grams and a few diamonds. All this added to the effort to hide his face and the large number of shots “reveal the ultra-finances on his part, which would do nothing but ensure his impunity.”

As a result, Gomez, Musso and Semeria asked the judge to keep Del Rio in prison on a “double murder” charge. qualified by betrayal, by the relationshipfor using a firearm and for being criminis causae“, a crime that carries the sole penalty of life imprisonment.

The twist in the cause

Martin Del Rio was arrested this Wednesday when he arrived at his home in Nordelta, in the district of Tigre, after San Isidro Warrant 1 Judge Ricardo Costa ordered the release of the only detainee who had the file, the victim worker, Maria Ninfa ” Nina’ Aquino (64), in a resolution in which she already declared that there is another line of investigation that distinguishes her and that there are no elements to keep her in jail as an alleged “betrayal.”

The couple’s youngest son was arrested by order of Judge Costa, following a request presented by the prosecution team. He has been marred by a series of controversies about what he did on the day of the event, and particularly by some videos where investigators caught him walking from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Nunez to his parents’ house at what is believed to be the double murder has been committed.

Specifically, security cameras captured a man walking with a backpack and a bag in his right hand, and his route was reconstructed. A priori it seemed impossible to establish the subject’s identity, as he walked with his head down, wearing a hood and a beard strap. However, his limp gave him away


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