“In the end, my friend, you’ll get the same love you gave”

the one-man band

Versatile and enthusiastic, he is one of those people who can escape the time of the clock and multiply it. Garcia-Pelayo did it all and did it well. As a music producer, he is known as one of the fathers of Andalusian rock. He founded the Gong label with more than 130 records, including Lole y Manuel, Víctor Jara, Triana, Carlos Cano, José Mercé, Silvio Fernández, María Jiménez, Goma, Melgarejo, Labordeta, Quilapayún, Luis Pastor, Hilario Camacho, Camarón, Paco de Lucia… In April he presented a proof of Goldbach’s conjecture, the most important open problem in mathematics, at the Reina Sofia. And during the pandemic, he has made 11 feature films in places as diverse as India, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Portugal and Spain, the first of which opens today at the Reina Sofía and Cineteca.

Fifth and sixth pairs?

I have two, I’m trying to have a wider relationship.

Are you hyperactive?

I’m afraid so. I have been a music producer, editor, writer, host, gaming expert, cryptocurrency expert and still a film director.

Gonzalo García-Pelayo, a complex man?

A happy person. Our life basically consists of a search for harmony: good relations with others, with nature, health, work, a whole series of parameters that must be balanced.

Maybe that’s asking too much.

If on a scale of one to ten one of the parameters is zero, it is very difficult to be happy.

If you look back, what do you see?

On a personal level, I see a life that I would repeat, and on a social level – a lot
interesting, but I always look to

In the 1990s, it swept the casinos.

I calculated that me and my family won a million and something euros in those days and had a great time. I invented a legal system for winning at roulette, which consists in studying the imperfections, the deviations of the roulette table.

Aren’t all tables the same?

No, that’s why you have to do a long and delicate job, studying the imperfections table by table.

He was banned from casinos in Spain and other countries.

Yes, for eight years, but here I won the appeal in the Supreme Court. I still have pending cases in Sweden and Denmark.

A film was born from this feat.

We made a book: The fabulous story of Pelayoswhich was later made into a movie.

During the pandemic, the challenge was raised to make seven films.

Yes, it ended up being eleven. My fourth romantic relationship ended. My wife stood me up. During our six years together, we loved to travel and always commented, “How come no movie was shot here!”.

For example?

Hervás, in Cáceres, Costa Quebrada, a beach in Cantabria, Nursultan, the capital of Kazakhstan or South India. It was about putting characters in these places that vibrated with the landscape, and that’s what I did.

what do you mean

The flow of life that is like listening to impressionistic music.

Stop forbidding that I can’t disobey everything.

It was the first of these 11 films, the experiences of the Seville underground, with which I was closely associated. My most famous movie, Nine SevillesI’ve covered this topic before and wanted to revisit it years later.


The bans now have less coercive power than under Franco, but they are much more so because of the state’s obsession with having more and more control over civil society.

Became a millionaire with roulette and did it again with cryptocurrencies?

Discreet millionaire and still at it, designing a robot that operates automatically in the market, researches and decides when and what to sell and buy.

Does luck have a limit?

Yes, this is something I discovered during my gaming days, and it certainly has philosophical value. Both good and bad luck have limits, it’s pure math. But almost everything in life depends on luck.

And what is your luck?

Luck is the deviation from expectations, that is, if you expect a ten and get an eight, you have bad luck; if you get twelve, fine. My luck is my five children: healthy, intelligent and with good character.

What is worth in life?

Couple love. Satisfying sexual desire is what makes the world go round. “In the end, my friend, you’ll get as much love as you give,” says a Beatles song. There is a strange math between what you give and what you get.

To live or to be lived?

That’s one of the keys to my films and my thinking, the idea that far more people than live are alive. For example, was Mozart a child or was he possessed by a force that lived him? Many of my characters are pulled by forces they themselves do not know.

It’s like that’s what living is.

Sometimes you feel like you’re in control of your life, other times you’re alive.

What core idea have you applied in your life?

Maintaining the tension between materialism and idealism was my main point. In personal terms you should often run away from materialism to idealism, in professional terms you better stay in materialism.

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