In Las Tunas, entrance exams at the doors and with a guarantee of a university career

Las Tunas.- With the exam in the subject of mathematics, next November 15, the entrance exams for higher education begin, for which a guarantee of a university career is offered to all applicants, by virtue of 5 thousand 478 places in the daily course modalities, by appointment and distance.

This process will have characteristics similar to the previous one and in accordance with the prescriptions of rigor, transparency and better law, so that those who approve or those who get the best results will be those with the greatest chance of reaching to your first requests.

For pre-university students, 2,459 places have been allocated for the full-time course, which represents more than 86 percent of places in this form, which for this case will provide 447 more vacancies than in the previous process, with an increase in careers on the Medical Sciences profile.

In addition, this plan foresees new short-cycle training programs, among which are advanced nursing technician (Manatí, Puerto Padre, Menéndez, Las Tunas and Amancio), physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy, health social work, electromedicine, clinical analysis, cytohistopathology, Dental prosthetics, Pharmaceutical services and Radiology.

Manuel Guerrero Batista, executive secretary of the provincial income commission, described the concept of quotas for the day course as “comprehensive and diverse”, while specifying that the filling of the forms with the occupations sought by the pre-university students and, in the case of candidates for the competition , they will do so from September 19 to 30.

Regarding the latter, they will be able to carry out the registration process in room 2 of the Pepito Tey campus of the University of Las Tunas, he specified.

Similarly, candidates for course careers through meetings and distance learning will register from September 12 to 23 at the secretariats of the faculties and at the Municipal University Centers (CUM).

“In the specific case, the plan consists of protected positions for organizations and already provided to workers with results in sectors of importance to the territory. The ideal is for people to carry out this procedure in the established time to order the provision in the event of these competitions in which the number of applicants exceeds the offer because in this case a selection criterion will have to be applied,” said Guerrero Batista.

As happened in the previous process, in addition to the regular one, there will be a special call (January 9, 2023, mathematics; on the 11th, Spanish; and on the 13th, history) for cases that, for exceptional reasons, cannot be presented in the first.

“Seats are allocated through the higher education admissions management system, SlGlES, in which each admission route has its own seat plan and applicants compete among those from the same route for the respective plan,” explained Guerrero Batista.

The first process will be for approved candidates with a minimum of 60 points in subjects from all entry routes; while the second place will be the candidates who have failed the entrance exams, then the pre-university ones who have decided not to appear for the entrance exams in their year of graduation and finally, it will be given to the candidates who have completed technical and professional education (secondary technicians), from the Faculty of Rural Workers, pre-university from previous courses and others considered by the Provincial Commission on Income.

The unique condition of aptitude tests for careers such as journalism and some of the University of the Arts (ISA) continues so that it will not be a requirement to sit and pass the entrance exams.

The executive secretary of the admission committee in the district also said that 452 students already have a career provided directly by members of the National Preliminary Selection for Olympiads, winners of knowledge contests at the national and district level, of pedagogical colleges and university, in addition to the most the good graduates Vocational Technical Education.

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