“I come to contribute with goals and assists”

Thursday, September 08, 2022

LIllusions appear on the horizon and are taken. If they come to your house and show you the talent, there is nothing more to do. Maria Paula Salas arrived as the last reinforcement of scratched for him Opening 2022from Italy and made in Costa Rica.

The 20-year-old’s ethics were clear and strong in an interview with ELEVEN: comes to contribute goals and assists for Eva Mirror. Although available for what DT requires, Maria Paula moves towards the goal to shake the enemy nets.

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In the personal part, I come to contribute with the goals. All forwards, what we always want is for them to come and support each player in their area. I come to contribute a lot with assists, goals and whatever the team requiresIn a way I am a striker, yes, but in what the team requires and the coach decides what he has to contribute.”Salas began.

Welcome to the city of Monterey, ask yourself about your start, how did you feel in those early days with the team, the fans?

“I’m very happy when I arrived, even before it was announced that I was going to be here, there were people sending me messages, I think the fans were very important, people were very nice, very nice to me and the companions too I think They’ve all been very nice, amazing people, very excited and happy to be here.”

Like all athletes they have gone through obstacles to get to where they are, with you it happened with a teacher and a coach, now you have a big World Cup on your doorstep and you have played a World Cup in the under 20 category, what do you think for that

“I think all of us, at least in women’s football, have been through very difficult situations, it was not the same as for men, I think, as you said, at that time it was quite difficult for me, many circumstances and not only that, there are many more anecdotes that have happened, but I think the important thing in this is to always fight for the goals, for the dreams, to be aware of them and I think that is always the most important thing”.

Speaking of goals, Liga MX Femenil recently opened up the foreigner quota to four. As a foreigner, how did you perceive Liga MX Femenil?

“I commented on it in a conference, at least in Central America, women’s football has always been looked at and minimized, I think Mexico has a pretty good league, which we see and we liked a lot, they spend a lot of matches in Costa Rica, my father commented, very follower, it’s always “Maria Paula, they’re playing, come see the League” so I’ve usually watched it, it’s always caught my attention, Mexico is nearby, we all appreciate it a lot, I think the ticos, I was very interested to come to play here, there was already a tic, it was Valle del Campo at the beginning, which also had a big impact on how she was, how she felt, how she saw what it was to be here. Usually I saw her very happy to be here, I arrived here, I saw the facilities, I really liked the project that the team has, the club and I’m very happy to be here”.

Rooms, as he likes to be called, is a static striker and at the same time very mobile on the wings. He walks well on air and all these characteristics were emphasized, in addition to talking about his personal life, where he is like a normal person who likes to watch romantic movies, even go for a walk.

On a sporting level, how does Salas describe himself as a striker? Because you have to emphasize to people that this is what you want to be called…

“Yeah (laughs) I really like crossing, I really like to leave the ball to me too, I do very well in the air, I count and I really like the definition inside the area, I think I’m a bit strong in that and more or so describing my game, I also really like the aerial game’.

And on a personal level, what is Maria Paula Salas like? I’ve heard you can spend all day listening to music…

“Literally (laughs), you literally just hit it off, I can listen to music all the time, I really like to read, I like to go for walks, I like romantic movies, romantic movies all the time, I also really like spending time with my family, is one of the things i like the most is when i get the chance because one of my brothers is at university i’m also not always in the country and i don’t always get the chance when i get the chance to be with them i think it’s extraordinary important space for me, with my godfathers too, we live together, well, not all together, but in one place and that’s more or less how I describe myself”.

Maria Paula Salas was already valued in his country after scoring 84 times with Alajuelense. She tried her luck in European football and will now be the second Costa Rican on the team along with her teammate on the national team: Valeria del Campo.

Fotografía: Gilberto Galván

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