How has technology helped us find love?

Since the birth of the Internet, our lives have not been the same. From the growth and expansion of search engines to the rise of websites to meet people online, technology has made us completely dependent on the digital world. In it, we were able to find new friendships and intense romances that we were looking for in the “real” world.

Because of this, you might think that technology has made us “lazy” in every way (including how to look for and find love). But the truth is that it is not, on the contrary, technology has helped us to diversify our mind and heart in many ways: now we can feel closer with a text message and we can even connect with someone who is on the other side of the world.

Thus the doors of digital love They opened wide for us and the possibilities of falling in love or creating any kind of relationship multiplied.

Tinder came to change the rules

In 2012, a question was asked on a college campus that would change a lot of things: How do I get to know someone outside of my immediate circle and from my phone? From this question and in response to it, 10 years ago, the first “fly-bys” were born, and today they have generated more than 55 billion matches. It is a universal truth that we find in technology is a faithful ally to find not only our “other half”but also different kinds of connections that help us meet new people outside of our immediate circle of relationships that we might not otherwise be able to do.

A great example of this happened during the famous detention caused by Covid-19since the first countries in Europe closed their borders due to a health emergency, many people have started using Tinder Passport to understand – first hand – what is happening on the other side of the world and thus know how people who have been living in this situation which, unbeknownst to them, in a few months the whole world will experience it.

In this way, it is confirmed that the technology has been able to create new connections even without knowing each other.

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The future of relationships is digital

The pandemic has changed the way we connect with other people, and by keeping us away from all physical contact, it has “chilled” us in a certain way in terms of how we conduct face-to-face meetings; so taking the first step now can feel extremely challenging. However, for years, with just one swipe of the finger,

It helped us meet and connect with other people who share the same tastes, interests and different ways of thinking that you probably wouldn’t know in your everyday life.

It also helps us feel in control of how we can approach someone else, safely and without leaving our home, is there anything better?

Also, we were able to get to know someone through their profile bios and favorite photos, supplemented by a list of interests, which helps us break the ice more easily.

The reality is that technology has helped us find exactly what we are looking for and we label ourselves. Do you want to go for coffee with someone, or talk about a social cause you care about, or even talk about your favorite TV series? In the app you can find this and more thanks to the Explore section, where through interactive mosaics we can meet potential matches with common interests. Not everything has to be a casual date or a one night stand, why not try to step out of your comfort zone and dare to talk about the latest episode of Dragon House or just meet at your favorite restaurant?

In this way, we affirm that technology and love – in any of its forms – are evolving and opening the way to new ways of connecting, in a more authentic and real way. If you haven’t already, dare to find these new connections thanks to the technology that surrounds us every day.

This text was written by Tinder for Central magazine

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