Glamping, nature, but with glamour

With a transparent roof for sleeping under the stars, private decks with incredible views, much more comfortable beds than usual. These are the tents of a trend that is getting stronger and stronger: glamping that wisely combines luxury and nature.

With alternatives in different regions of the country, in most cases in hotel facilities, glamping is slowly transforming into an accommodation alternative. A little cheaper than a traditional room (although not always), but with a certain glamor that allows you to experience the holiday in a different way.

With a diverse audience, from young couples who have never slept in a tent, to somehow gentrified tourists or married couples looking for silence and nature, these spaces have gained a lot of space since the coronavirus pandemic. The thing to keep in mind is that it moves away from the idea of ​​traditional camping. Only with other “perks”, no less: air conditioning, electricity and even a mask to avoid waking up in the daylight.

Although the landscapes are diverse, they tend to match in something: when you open the door, you are connected to a forest, a jungle, the pampa itself. Unique nature is often the big attraction, beyond the comfort of the dome, with designs ranging from solid-walled geodesics to Norwegian-style bubbles.

Large salt flats

After leaving the Cuesta de Lipán, kilometers from Purmamarca, in Jujuy, the Salinas Grandes appear as a sea of ​​salt as far as the eye can see. Nearby you come to Pristine Camps where some come to stay and others just for lunch. Llama carpaccio in avocado cream or llama fillet in adobe cooked in clay are some of the specialties.

At sunset, one can sit on the deck chairs to look out over the salt flat with the floor as a hexagonal grid, replicated to infinity. It feels like being in the center of a star void that seems to be expanding like the universe. While one is dazzled by Pune’s starry sky at night, dawn is also usually another of the most delightful moments of the day.

The beauty of Salinas Grandes, which in October 2017 was recognized as one of the “17 most wild and beautiful places in the world” by the National Geographic portal, lies in the vast salt flat, which is mined in a traditional way. the exploitation of which in pre-Hispanic times was firmly established either for own consumption or for commercial barter.

The unique experience of being in full contact with Salinas Grandes. (File, Archive)


Immersed in the southern part of the province of Neuquén, northwest of the famous Nahuel Huapi lake, Villa La Angostura wakes up among the wonderful combination of mountains, waterfalls, trails, national parks and rivers. As if taken out of a fairy tale and goblins, this city is known as the “garden of Patagonia” and offers the traveler a perfect combination of nature and tranquility.

In this context is the complex Las Ramblas, located in front of the lake, in the bay of Puerto Manzano and which is considered the first glamping in Latin America, specializing in transparent polycarbonate tents and glass pyramids.

Glamping is an additional option to hotel apartments. The structures make it possible to see the stars inside the tent, which is equipped with a spring box and all hotel amenities, such as slippers and mountain sleeping bags. In the afternoon, as the sun sets over the Andes, passengers can use the hot tub or solarium, and in the summer they will host a happy hour with craft beers and drinks in front of the bay.

Huemules Mountain Reserve

At Estancia Huemules, on the Rivadavia mountain range, in Chubut, the place offers full contact with nature -6100 hectares of nature reserve – without sacrificing comfort. There are 10 domes of 28 square meters each, private bathroom, hot water, wood stove, electricity, terrace and private balcony.

There is also a common area with reception, dining room, living room and bar. Among the summer activities, they offer horseback riding, trekking, mountain biking and wildlife watching. In winter there is snowshoeing, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing for the more experienced. This season, company makes the thunderous silence of snowflakes.

The wind blowing through the tops of the lengas, the song of the birds, the sound of the stream, are all part of the experience of sleeping in the forest. The stay is full board, including daily meals, one excursion per day and natural water.

During the day, lunch is the break to restore energy during activities in nature. At dinner, try the best dishes of the region: ox meat and Patagonian lamb, trout, sweet and sour flavors made with fine fruits, mushrooms and vegetables from the region, the best Patagonian wines and beers.

Los Huemules, luxury and pleasure in the midst of a unique landscape. (File, Archive)

Alpassion Lodge

In the heart of the Uco Valley, there are three exquisite tents overlooking the imposing Andes mountain range. Each has a private terrace equipped with a jacuzzi, made of sustainable wood from forests over 30 years old.

The luxury is for all the senses and continues in the room, where the impressive double bed is accompanied by a minibar, coffee machine and private bathroom.

Facilities include a wine cellar where you can sample an excellent variety of wines from the region, a spacious dining room, a cozy sitting room to relax in and a library with a fireplace where you can enjoy reading our collection of books. And if you’re painting a glass at sunset, it’s ideal to take it out on the terrace, because everything tastes better with a view of the mountains.

Outside there is a swimming pool with jacuzzi and a relaxing patio with a private garden surrounded by olive trees.

Laguna Lobos

120 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires, on the shores of the Lobos Lagoon, Refugio Natural Glamping combines the sociable atmosphere of its waterfront area with a brewery and outdoor tables, while offering intimacy and tranquility in the tented area, separated from each other by about 25 meters , half hidden in the forest.

The 800 hectares of the lagoon suggest a sandy beach, kayak rental to paddle for hours, fishing by boat on the tararira or from land in the reeds and water skiing, banana and rubber boat.

They put guitars in the brewery and there’s a free zip line over a pond on one side. You can often watch the sunset over the water from the brewery. The tents, bathroom modules, chairs and tables and the brewery are made of recycled wood from the forest and sheet metal: Refugio Natural does not contain cement. There are 18 tents in a 16 hectare forest with hundreds of birds where there is a ride every 45 minutes.

There are several types of tents, some equipped with a sleeping bag and others with a high-density rubber mattress and a USB stick for a mobile phone. Although the bathrooms here are shared, they are glamping-level: many are spacious with modern design and quality taps – even an elegant chandelier hangs from the ceiling – and are cleaned regularly.

Chapel of the Mountain

In the Punilla Valley, just over 100 kilometers from the capital Cordoba, is Dos Aguas, a geo-glamping experience focused on nature conservation. In the space that extends over eight hectares of mountain range, the proposal is to enjoy the advantages offered by the geodesic domes, in addition to taking advantage of the unique view of the mythical Uritorco hill.

Each of the domes is equipped with air conditioning, large beds and decoration that is at the discretion of the visitors. Around it, there are various options to take the adventure to the next level, among which swimming pools, a clubhouse and even a holistic office stand out, among alternatives such as yoga classes and other ideal practices to improve physical and mental well-being.

Another of Dos Aguas’ standout attractions is its own water-oriented trails that surround the property, located near the Dolores River and El Cajón Reservoir. On site, it is also possible to engage in guided mountain walks and choose from different service categories with in-room breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is also important to note that for each structure there is access to a private bathroom, which is located in another space in the complex. It is a distinctive detail of this type of offering that can make a real difference to many travelers who want to enjoy the environment without neglecting the comforts of traditional hotels.

El Impenetrable offers camping and also “special” options. (Telam Agency)

The Impenetrable

The adventure of touring the El Impenetrable National Park, in its dry environment with a wide temperature range, both on trails where the steps sink into the dust or become heavy with clay if it rains, and pedaling on this difficult terrain, requires a good rest, which tourists can find in both traditional camping and glamping.

Each of the two versions of the camp offers the opportunity to rest and warm up in the icy nights of the Chaco forest – as Télam verified when he tried both options – and the difference is related to the additional services and, therefore, the price.

Campsite La Fidelidad, run by the residents of La Armonía, has wooden platforms accessed by paths where tents can be pitched from the ground. Hikers can pitch their own tent or rent a two-person tent from the administrators, which comes with a fold-up cot (or two) and blankets, with sleeping bags available for hire if it’s cold.

In the case of glamping, it is a rental service that has a bathroom with a water tank and a hot shower in the big tent. Located on the edge of the gorge of the Bermejito River, overlooking the National Park, these tents have three beds, windows and entrance also with double closure and mosquito nets, and for very cold nights there are down jackets that ensure a warm rest.

The glamping offers breakfast on the marquee terrace at the time requested by the guest, who upon check-out will find a group of cardinals, woodpeckers, thistles and other birds at the edge of the deck waiting to collect the breakfast crumbs.

Beaver Plains

In the southernmost part of the country, a spectacular proposal has been built within the winter center “Llanos del Castor”. These are two domes with a capacity of up to three people each, where guests will wake up between forests and mountains and will be able to feel the magic of Patagonia.

The complex is located in an area of ​​valleys and in winter you can see the starry sky. The offer includes quality gourmet cuisine with regional dishes such as Fuegian lamb stew and rainbow trout, which can be accompanied by a traditional mountain craft beer.

Additionally, during the colder months, adventure activities include snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and dog sledding. (DIB) FD

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