“From my side, it’s a love story”

Mercedes Mila will be responsible for the start of the new Movistar Plus+ entertainment season. The payment platform opens next Monday, September 12 “Milá y Levy”, the special interview with William Levy, which was presented this Friday as part of the FesTVal de Vitoria-Gasteiz: “From my side, it’s a love story.”

William Levy offered to do this in a theater in Madrid as a thank you to his fans. He’s completely true to his word and that’s why I prepared this interview with mental and physical passion.” “This is not an interview, this is a blur. A madness, a flood of feelings and expressions of all kinds. And in this spread I kept the font thanks to David Moncassi and the earpiece during the interview,” the communicator recalled in the presentation.

During the event, the presenter also recalled how her admiration for the Cuban actor was born: “The story is simple, a love story from my side, not from his. One day, by chance, while swimming, I saw a supernatural man. I searched for things about him and became more and more interested. That’s how I got to Coffee with the Scent of a Woman. It was a bit overwhelming to see it in an eighty-chapter series, I was definitely conflicted.”

“My niece told me she was watching the series and was excited. I started talking about William on Instagram and congratulated his mother for giving birth to such perfection. He responded and we asked him for a live interview, but he told me that when he came to Spain, will give me an interview. But the team didn’t appreciate that, they were missing a phenomenon,” he calmed down.

For his part, David Moncassi, director of this special film, described “Milá y Levy” as ” unclassified interview in which you laugh, you are excited and you are surprised”.

“This is not an interview, this is loss and madness. As a flow of feelings & rdquor ;, Mila confirmed, adding that he needed his director to give him directions through his earpiece during the two and a half hours that the recording of the interview lasted.

the team of “Mila vs. honey also predicted that third season of the program is underway and interviews will begin to be recorded in the coming days. In this sense, Jorge Ortiz de Landazuri said: “It is not just an interview program, it is a way for the character to see himself in the past and to reflect. In addition, the viewer can understand how we were, how we are now, and everything that happened in between.

Here’s what we’ll see in “Milá y Levy”

Mercedes Milla falls in love with William Levy when she sees him in a soap opera in which he is the main character. From that moment, a relationship began between the two on social networks, which for the moment culminates in this interview, which Movistar Plus + premieres on Monday, September 12.

William Levy gained worldwide fame with his role in “Café con aroma de mujer” and since then he has not stopped winning hearts, including Mercedes Mila. Months after their first contact on social networks, the journalist and the actor meet in a theater in Madrid to talk about life and profession. Mercedes is not alone in this long-awaited meeting: 400 fans from different parts of the world witness, at Levi’s express wish, their first meeting.

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Mercedes Milla asks William Levy about his beginnings in the world of fashion and acting, his success and his face as a producer and businessman. The actor also sheds light on Montecristo, the series set in Spain, and opens up about love and fatherhood. In addition, Mercedes Milá also gives her fans the floor to ask Levy whatever they want.

“Milá y Levy” is a funny, emotional and light-hearted interview and also a tribute to the followers of an actor who conquers every corner of the world.

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