Fifteen days of mass vaccination for boys and girls

To increase the number of boys and girls vaccinated in Cali against covid-19 and with the full scheme of the Expanded Program of Immunizations, PAI, 150 IPS vaccinators together with the Municipal Health Secretariat will conduct a mass vaccination day throughout the city.

The idea is for parents to bring their children to the vaccination centers and coverage of up to 95% can be achieved in children under 6 with the third dose of polio vaccines, one-year triple virus vaccine, five-year, yellow fever, hepatitis A, varicella first dose and pentavalent third dose.

It is also expected to achieve full coverage of the measles and rubella vaccine in children between 2 and 11 years of age as part of the national vaccination drive against this disease to continue to be a country free from these consequences.

The other goal that is planned to be achieved during the fifteen days that the day will last, from September 15 to 30, is to increase the coverage of vaccination against Covid among children and the rest of the population, minimizing the loss of these biological and strengthening of Caleños’ immunity to this virus.

Similarly, during the vaccination day, the immediate registration of the vaccinated will be done on the Paiweb platform, where all applied biological data is consolidated. Those who have problems registering previous doses against covid-19 can also consult the relevant staff.

To this end, each EPS and State Social Enterprise, ESE, committed to increase their vaccination teams in each IPS, so that each group will be composed of two vaccinators and two people with the functions of notebooks and they will have a team of computer and permanent an Internet connection so that records of biological products in the system are made immediately.

To develop this strategy, the Departments of Education and Social Care joined forces to be able to influence the school population and early childhood. In schools, vaccination days will be promoted by teachers and administrators, allowing students to be protected in the classroom.

Attention, from September 15, will be from Monday to Saturday, during business hours, and boys and girls who receive the biological ones will be able to participate for various prizes and incentives. The guardian must carry the vaccination card when taking their child for immunization.

Continue the fight against monkeypox

To prevent a disproportionate increase in cases of monkeypox in Cali, the Minister of Health, Mierlandi Torres, called for self-care in choosing intimate and close physical contacts with the citizens of Cali, within the containment phase of the disease. who lives in the city.

There are currently 30 confirmed cases of smallpox in Cali and the results of another 21 tests are pending. “We have sent 71 samples from people suspected of being infected with the virus, of which 30 cases have been confirmed and we are waiting for 21 results,” Secretary Torres explained.

The official explained that smallpox infections are expected to continue to rise in the next two months, according to the behavior of the disease in other countries. “Globally, based on the experience of European countries, the increase in cases is for two and a half months. The important thing here is that in Cali we can continue in the containment phase so that the increase is not more than budgeted,” said the Minister of Health.

They want responsibility

In addition to the responsibility of deciding which people to establish close contact with, health authorities require Caleños to be responsible when it comes to showing symptoms of the disease and staying isolated at home.

Due to the current situation, Secretary Torres confirmed that the virus may already be around town and you don’t need to have contact with someone from abroad to get infected. “Infections are completely spread across the city, so self-care is key,” he said.

Although the death rate from this disease is very low, the health effects will depend on each individual’s health predispositions, except that those affected end up being disabled for long periods of up to 21 days, which can affect the city’s economy if there is a mass outbreak.

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