Edomex MPs will debate equal marriage this September 19

Deputy Daniel Sibaya Gonzalez announced that the opinion approving same-sex marriages in the district It will be discussed in committees during the week of September 19and if accepted, it will be voted on in a plenary session by the end of the month.

In an interview with AD Noticias, he stated that he it has the necessary 38 votes to be approved in committee.

“We know that the Civic Movement group, the PRD group, will accompany us and with that we will have the minimum and sufficient votes and I am sure there will be many more votes.”

“This is an initiative on which many colleagues worked, (…) there are members of other parliamentary groups who will vote yes with their own vote, they are not whole parliamentary groups, but they are members” , commented.

Morena has 29 of the 75 deputies in the Mexican Congress, which, according to Sibaja González, everyone will vote in favor of the initiative. The Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) has three legislators and its coordinator, Omar Ortega also spoke in favor.

The civil movement consists of two deputies and the Labor Party (PT), a historical ally of Morena, three congressmen.

Add 37 votes

Of these parliamentary groups, they add 37 votes, but PAN MP Francisco Santos Areola said he would support the project. With it, they would reach the necessary votes to be approved in committees.

“I’m surprised we’re one of the few states where it’s not approved, This is a problem that citizens are crying out for.” pointed.

Sibaja González mentioned that members of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) parliamentary group have also spoken privately in favor of same-sex marriage.

“The Supreme Court has already told us, literally, to change the civil code. So there are three articles that say marriage is between a man and a woman, you have to change it to [entre personas]”, in detail.

He warned that there was likely to be pressure from sectors such as the Catholic Church, but there would be no political consequences.

“I respectfully tell you, I am a Catholic and I have always said that I make laws not in favor of my interests, but in favor of the interests of the people,” express.

He believes that if approved historical debt with LGBT groups will be settled and other activists who have fought for their rights.

LGBT groups are treading cautiously

The collective network of different defenders of the state of Mexico read a statement to the Legislative Chamber, expressing that They will act prudently before discussing the opinion approving equal marriages in Edomex. They commented that they would bet on lobbying before the protests.

“(The discussion) can be prolonged, there are different political forces involved, even within the parliamentary groups themselves there are different opinions, this is about lobbying and dialogue”said Leonardo Espinoza Lopez, a representative of the group.

Red Collective / Photos: Gerardo Villavicencio

Accompanied by Morenist MPs, he indicated that they wanted the legislators if you do not support the initiative, abstainso that the project is not completely scrapped.

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Nezahualcóyotl’s deputy, María del Carmen De la Rosa Mendoza, pointed to that municipality’s mayor, Adolfo Cerqueda, as an example of an inclusive government.

“There are still many ideological differences, it’s true, and it seems to me that this year is extremely important, many people will want to adopt this flag as their own when hWe are legislators and there are real activists pushing this libertarian agenda for the benefit of the citizenry itself, not for the benefit of a few vested interestshe stated.

For her part, Legislator Anais Burgos Hernandez affirmed that lawmakers must shoulder their responsibility to the groups and provide them with security in their struggles.

The initiative no longer has anything to analyze, nothing to discussat the first meeting of the committees that we had and the only one that we have had, all the parliamentary groups were present, they expressed their opinions and it is ready for an opinion”. express.

The electoral importance of the LGBT community

Activist Leonardo Espinosa stressed that the initiative becomes relevant amid the 2023 gubernatorial renewal elections, as political parties will look to them to offer their support.

“The diverse population is more organized, we have more presence, we have more visibility, and we’ll see what happens in the town hall with equal marriage and other initiatives,” said.

The 2021 National Online Sexuality and Gender Diversity Survey conducted by INEGI described that in the state of Mexico there are at least 490 thousand people over the age of 15 who identify as members of the LGBT community.

If the total number of valid votes from the 2017 gubernatorial election is taken into account, this amount would represent 8.3 percentage points; Alfredo del Mazo Maza won by a margin of 2.9 percent.

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