Discover why eyelashes and their care are important to Spanish aesthetic medicine?

More than 10 years ago, Javier Anido, director of the Gaztambide Clinic and the Anido Health Clinic claimed that one could look into it 7 years younger a simple treatment for your eyebrows and eyelashes.

That famous phrase Dr. Anido coincides in time with the introduction in Spain of a product designed for eyelash growth, which means before and after in the cosmetic sector. Led by Luz Marina Lopera, currently director and founder of Nost Cosmeticsthis revolution laid the foundations for a new perception of what eyelashes represent and convey on a woman’s face.

Over the years, this trend has become a major part of the comprehensive approach to appearance that the best cosmetic doctors and surgeons give to their patients and is the “icing on the cake” to complete their work, as stated by Dr. Natalia Ribe, andrologist, aesthetic doctor and director of the Natalia Ribe Institute in Barcelona.

The importance of the gaze, its approach 3600 and patient engagement

“Eyes are becoming the first element of beauty after the pandemic, and are emerging as the great informants of our age, feelings and values,” says Dr. Anido.

From the perspective of aesthetic medicine, the look should be approached in a multidisciplinary way, starting from a personalized diagnosis and focusing on treatments that treat the periorbicular area from the inside out.

Hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, vitamins, specific peelings, radiofrequency procedures, carboxytherapy… But to close the cycle of medical and local treatment of the area around the eyes with the appropriate procedures, Dr. Ribe confirms that “it is important to apply active ingredients and cosmetics appropriate home use so that the patient can prolong the result of the treatment”. And as for the appearance, well serum on the eyelashes It is important to ensure that the result is outstanding.

Eyelashes and your best ally

“Eyebrows and eyelashes are visual frame and represent an important element of beauty, youth and health,” says Dr. Javier Anido.

In his holistic approach to appearance, Dr. Anido introduces cosmetics that enhance thickness, length and quality of eyelashes to their patients as an ideal complement to their offering. “From the diagnosis, I face my patient in the mirror and involve him in the treatment process, otherwise it is a failed medicine for me.”

A pioneer in introducing the first serum of eyelashes in their eye protocols, for Dr. Javier Anido, “the most important thing about this product is the active ingredient and its scientific evidence.”

“It’s a mistake to try to save on these products because the results are not the same. When I inject a product, as when I recommend cosmetics, I always recommend those products that give me the most satisfaction. What’s important is that they do what they say they do,” adds Dr. Anido.

Dr. Natalia Ribe recommends serum on Nost Cosmetics because it represents the ultimate success of your treatment and has scientific evidence, ensures safety and efficacy.

“I love this product because it revitalizes, lengthens, enhances and enhances our eyes, taking into account the active ingredients it has.” It includes a natural preservative that prevents allergies, discomfort and does not use petrochemical active ingredients that can lead to side effects. “

Dr. Ribe emphasizes the importance of recommending this type of product from a expert professional who knows the characteristics of the patient’s skin and can advise him on active ingredients and products.

Put yourself in good hands and avoid disasters resulting from misuse

For Dr. Javier Anido, “an aesthetic doctor must have a sense of proportion, harmony and beauty, a feeling, not just to be an injector. Our goal as aesthetic doctors is to make a person pleasant in the eyes of others”.

Criteria and professionalism are what allow a good aesthetic doctor to help the patient in the natural aging process look and feel good about yourself.

For Dr. Riebe, therein lies the importance of leaving oneself in the hands of experts when undergoing aesthetic medical treatment: starting with good diagnosis and recommend proper treatment.

“There are impatient people who look for quick results, don’t get good advice, and go for the price,” Dr. Riebe tells us. This is where they appear Side Effects or disasters. The price must be accompanied by a product expertise, a professional who knows the anatomy of the area, the product and accompanies the patient during the procedure. When these factors do not go hand in hand, problems arise.

Whenever treatment is carried out, side effects such as bruising, inflammation may occur, but these are related side effects, reversible and transient which accompany the treatment.

“The visual field is anatomically very complex and you have to work on it very carefully to avoid mistakes that can lead to aesthetic problems and even blindness.” “When in doubt, abstinence.” says Dr. Ribe.

The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine is very aware of unqualified professionals and encourages members to report those cases that do not follow professional ethics. “Today, everyone dares,” says Dr. Ribe.

With a work philosophy based on ethics, professionalism and passion, Dr. Ribe recommends you report well Before undergoing treatment, seek out the most experienced professionals in each area and seek advice. “Treatment in good hands, good diagnosis, good technique results in a result that is usually very satisfactory,” he concludes.


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