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MIGRATION. Children as young as six months old are sent with the coyotes. (Photo: Unicef)

The Ecuadorian boy, who was found just at the US border, is one of 2,991 minors who have been exposed to violence.

Imagine walking for weeks without eating, almost no sleep, and with a water source that, like everything for a coyotero, comes at a high price.

Also, during the trip you are crammed with dozens of people in trucks driving in the middle of a desert whose temperatures reach up to 40 degrees Celsius.

It sounds like hell, but this is how people who want to come to the United States illegally go through, exposure to death by suffocation or dehydration.

If that already seems bad, imagine experiencing this odyssey as a child.

Human traffickers are known to offer migrants a “package” to cross. It’s about sending the kids to turn themselves in to the Border Patrol first and getting the parents through to the other side to avoid detection.

The crossing of minors across the US border has increased by 12% this 2022. Among them, it is estimated that there are 2,991 Ecuadorian minors who have been exposed to dangers that can leave consequences of for life or even death.

Abuses and violations

During the opening of the XXI National Table on Human Mobility (2021) it was specified that 8,700 minors left the country and did not return, many travel alone.

“All this is due to the work of migrant smuggling networks,” said former foreign minister Mauricio Montalvo, who also spoke of the dramatic experiences of those who decide to leave the country illegally.

The data of Migrant Houses in Mexico detailed that “a large proportion of women who migrate with the help of traffickers are victims of rape and sexual violence”. Minors are exposed to the same violence.

During the National Table on Human Mobility, in which the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated, it was understood that there are cases of minors who contraceptive implants are inserted to prevent pregnancy as a result of the violations and abuses their relatives know they are likely to suffer along the way.

Psychologist Adriana Yepez argues that traveling with coyotes and away from their families represents high emotional burden for minors. In addition, the placement of these implants is a sign that “pthat to know the dangers or the consequences, people think it better to try (cross the border)”.

Other mechanisms are added to sexual violence that are harmful to the migrant. The coyotes give them drugs to suppress their thirst. This is a practice that can cause a heart attack.

Ecuadorian children at the border

An example of what migrant children go through was shown on April 1, 2021, when a video was released showing a man (apparently coyote) throwing two girls over a wall about 4 meters high that separates them border from Mexico with USA.

The Ecuadorian girls, aged five and three, were repatriated. Despite the fall, they were not injured. The goal was for the minors to come to the US to be reunited with their parents, who immigrated first.

The most recent case was September 6, 2022when the Border Patrol USA i found a little boy 4-year-old Ecuadorian at the border between Mexico and the United States. The juvenile is known to be in a shelter, in the process of moving in with his mother, who lives in New Jersey.

The little one is one of the of the 19,651 unaccompanied children (of all nationalities) detected so far in 2022, on the United States border with Mexico.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 2021 approx 62,000 Ecuadorians They left the country without returning. 8,700 were minors.


Minors entering the United States illegally.

  • The Border Patrol rescues them and takes them to the Department of Health and Human Services, where they can spend three days in detention.
  • If their parents do not claim them, they are transferred to reception centers run by non-profit organizations until they return to their country of origin.

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