Confusing First Love 1, by HINEKURE Wataru and ARUKO

original edition: Kieta hatsukoi (Shueisha, 2019)
National Edition/Spain: Confusing First Love (Milky Way Editions, 2022)
Script: HINEKURE Wataru
He drew: ARUKO
Translation: Enrique Fuentevilla Noriega
format: Paperbacks with dust jackets. 192 pages
Price: 8 euros

The chaos an eraser can unleash

“Goodbye to my first love and my life in general.”

Adolescence is a time of many changes, in which we are drawn into a maelstrom of feelings that are almost always experienced with great intensity: joys, disappointments, anger… and love, those first loves that leave their mark, no matter what they are the last There are many the mangaka who have addressed them, each with their own point of view. Sometimes they are tinged with nostalgia; others appear innocent to us; others are approached by the numerous clumsiness that accompanies them. first love messed upon HINECURE Wataru Y ARUKO, is a mixture of several of these elements: its characters suddenly, almost unwittingly, find themselves immersed in a series of misunderstandings precisely because of these emotions that are on the surface and that dominate their daily lives. This title serialized in the magazine Besatsu Margaret on Shueishareached the Spanish market with such force that Milky Way Editions, the publisher responsible for its publication in our country has changed its periodicity to a monthly one, so that readers can enjoy the nine volumes of which it consists—of which we can read the first four—as soon as possible. The reasons for his success are many and she is this one HINECURE Wataru Y ARUKO They know how to use many of the high school romance manga themes to their advantage to weave a story full of freshness and humor.

first love messed up

Without eating or drinking, Aoki has gotten himself into a big mess. And all for one eraser! When he realizes before the start of an exam that he has forgotten his, Hashimoto, the girl sitting next to him – and who won him over with her kindness and smile – lends it to him. However, it has a heart engraved on it… along with the name of Ida, one of the prettiest students in the class, whose desk is right across from Aoki’s. And, unfortunately, the boy sees what is written on the tire. Then Ida starts to think that Aoki likes her, which is involved in a huge misunderstanding and the worst part is that she can’t clear it up without revealing her feelings to Hashimoto.

first love messed upfirst love messed up is a very funny manga about the first teenage loves we talked about at the beginning and how we deal with the feelings that come with them: shame, joy, confusion… What makes it stand out is precisely its humor and how the argument becomes more and more entangled, which makes the reader not want to tear himself away from its pages until the end. HINECURE Wataru He offers us a fairly briskly paced story where things keep happening: just when Aoki thinks his situation can’t get any worse, reality shows him how wrong he is. And each new event complicates her life in a way she never imagined! Between laughs, we follow with interest every day at the institute. Despite everything going on, at no point do we get the impression that the volume is getting too fast.

In addition to an argument that encourages you to read more—and laugh— first love messed up There are other positive points. Among them the heroes. Sweet and desperate Aoki. Shy Hashimoto’s. Ida, who is surprised by everything. Or Aida, her sharp answers and her willingness to help Aoki in any way she can to sort out her love life. They’re a likable quartet for many reasons, and one of the main ones is that they’re always considerate of each other and their feelings: they want to do as little damage as possible and try to lend a hand where they can, even if it adds to the nurturing of misunderstandings – always unconsciously, of course. Little by little, very beautiful relationships are formed between them: some try to get to know each other better, others share reassurances and advice because of the years of friendship that unite them. At no point do their desires cause them to mistreat their peers, quite the opposite. There is also no prejudice or contempt for what the other supposedly feels: they are surprised if something is unexpected, but they try to put themselves in the other’s shoes.

first love messed up

The drawing of ARUKO it focuses primarily on the characters, the true characters of the story: since this is a manga focused on feelings, the setting takes a back seat, as it doesn’t matter that much where the story takes place. As for Aoki, Hashimoto, Ida and Aida, ARUKO he depicts them with fine lines as spontaneous as themselves. Undoubtedly the most notable are the cartoon expressions he draws them with whenever they get into a difficult situation — especially Aoki, who keeps getting into trouble — which reinforces the humor of the manga: some are more deformed, others are expressive thanks to of the simplicity of the strokes…

The first volume of first love messed up It’s a good introduction to a light, fun story that’s sure to make us have a great time. The fast pace of the volume and the constant misunderstandings that Aoki and the others get into make it an extremely fun, engaging read. Where will the mess they find themselves in lead them?

The best

• How well misunderstandings are handled to maintain interest and make us laugh.
• The spontaneity of his characters, flesh and blood, with whom we quickly connect.

The worst

• Despite its many positives, it may not initially attract the attention of readers who do not normally read stories of this type.

Original Edition: Kieta hatsukoi (Shueisha, 2019) National/Spanish Edition: Confuso primer amor (Milky Way Ediciones, 2022) Screenplay: HINEKURE Wataru Illustration: ARUKO Translation: Enrique Fuentevilla Noriega Format: Paperback with dust jacket. 192 pages Price: €8 The chaos that an eraser can unleash “Goodbye to my first love and my life…

Confusing First Love 1, by HINEKURE Wataru and ARUKO

Confusing First Love 1, by HINEKURE Wataru and ARUKO


Laura Boldt

Dash – 8.5

Drawing – 7.4

Interest – 8


HINECURE Wataru Y ARUKO They offer us a funny love story that makes us laugh and keeps us hooked till the end.

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