Concerts on the occasion of the month of love and friendship

September is the month to celebrate love and friendship throughout Colombia and Bogotá’s Pink Zone is gearing up with the presentation of great artists to continue the process of economic and nocturnal reactivation of the city.

The stakes are high in September, with famous singers in attendance. The celebration started yesterday with the band Golpe a Golpe, a forerunner of the urban genre; On September 22, it’s the turn of vallenato lovers with one of the greats of the genre, Jean Carlos Centeno, and on Friday, September 30, the month of love and friendship will say goodbye to the popular music of Jeison Jimenez and all his hits, for a perfect closing with great concerts in the pink zone of the capital.

Check out this programme, along with suggestions for performances this month and in other spaces across the capital.

vallenato classic

The September 22nd will be a night of rain classics with Jean Carlos Centeno. “Forget Her”, “If Your Love Doesn’t Come Back”, “Innocent Lovers”, “What a pity” and “I want you to be my star”, are some of the classic valenatos that will be heard in the voice of Jean Carlos, who will also present for the first time in Bogotá his latest musical theme “Let her go”. a single he recently made with the artist and former partner of Binomio de Oro Jorge Celedon, in the so-called “vallenato’s most anticipated meeting”, a 100% romantic song that talks about forgetting an ex-partner to start a new relationship.

Popular and mean

After hinting on the web that a great collaboration with Jessi Uribe will be released soon, Yeison Jiménez will return from his American tour in Bogotá to say goodbye to the month of love and friendship with a great concert on September 30. Yeison is one of the most loved and listened popular music artists whose followers always yearn to enjoy his songs live and direct; this time he will play the best of his songs of malice and all his hits.

complete romanticism

Ricardo Arjona is one of the most loved singers in the world because his music has won people’s affection for his composition and lyrics. Many of his greatest hits have made lovers feel identified, and that is why his fans in Colombia are eager for the announced concerts in Bogotá. The artist will bring his own “Black and White Tour Arjona 2022” this September 15 and 16 in the city, after four years of not setting foot on Colombian soil.

The Guatemalan will play at Coliseo Live, one of the new indoor stages in the country, with a capacity of up to 20,000 people. The artist promises to make his thousands of fans sing at the top of their lungs with the songs on his album “Black and White”; however, in his repertoire he will have his most acclaimed classics: “Mujeres”, “El problema”, “Dime que no”, “Lady of the Four Decades”, by the way.

Pop ballad

Andrés Cepeda will play on September 9, 10, 11 and 12 at the Movistar Arena. One of the most loved, followed and celebrated national artists in Colombia presents his “I Care Tour”. The three-time Latin Grammy-winning producer, singer and composer from Bogotá is preparing to tour the country on a route through the main cities of Colombia, where his fans will be able to meet for an unforgettable experience in what will be celebrating all the years of his career and the release of his new album. The tour’s repertoire will address Cepeda’s artistic history, which travels through the acoustic, rock, tropical sounds, ballads, pop, bolero and more that have marked his career.

“Piaf! the show”

With more than a million tickets sold and more than 400 concerts in 50 countries, ‘Piaf! The Show”, the biggest French show at the moment. Created and directed by Gil Marsala, Piaf! The Show” is a commemoration of the life and work of the French artist-icon Edith Piaf. In two 45-minute parts, the performance tells the story of the career of the French artist through her biggest hits such as “La Vie en Rose”, “Non, je ne regrette rien”, “Hymne a l’amour” in a unique scenography with unpublished material by Edith Piaf. It will be presented on September 13 and 14 at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo.

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