Carlos and Camila: their love story, wedding, four children and a secret?

  • The twisted path of the son of Elizabeth II and the aristocrat to become the new kings of England

  • In love for more than half a century, they overcame a “marriage of three” with Diana of Wales and the “tampongate” scandal until their wedding, blessed by the Queen

  • Camilla has two children who are on excellent terms with William and Harry. Another man, Simon Dorante Day, claimed it was the first he had with Carlos

The couple were seen walking together outside the gates of Buckingham Palace todayalong with numerous bouquets of flowers in memory of his motherQueen Elizabeth II.

Prince Charles’ young loves, including Diana’s sister

Prince Charles was romantically involved with several women in his youth, when the media highlighted his glory to playboybetween them Georgiana Russell, the daughter of John Russell, British ambassador to Spain; Lady Jane Wellesley, daughter of the 8th Duke of Wellington; Davina Sheffield; Y Lady Sarah Spencer, Diana’s older sister:

Diana of Wales with her sister Sarah SpencerTim Graham

But the one that was for 30 years her lover, from before his wedding to Lady Deewhich ended with break up their marriage, became his wife and now in queen consort of englandit is Camilla Parker Bowles.

His wedding to Diana and “marriage to three” with Camilla

Prince Charles married Diana (13 years his junior) in 1984, in love with Camilla (two years his senior), but as he admitted to a friend, he hoped he could love the woman everyone saw as his perfect wife and future queen.

Charles of England and Princess Diana

Charles of England and Princess DianaTwitter

Camila’s Tampon Breakthrough

Camila blasted the media a decade later, in 1992like fairy tale villainupon disclosure of Carlos’ infidelity with his beloved Diana, with a divorced woman, “an old and ill-kept aristocrat”, as the media defined it at the time. This happened a month after their breakup with Lady Dee, who had already suspected for years that she was living in a “marriage of three”as he said in his BBC interview:

A scandal for the British monarchyalso known as “tamponade”, after filtering the a phone conversation the couple in love had in 1989, in which Carlos declares his love for her with the now famous phrase “I want to be your tampax, how lucky to be thrown in the toilet and keep spinning forever on top without going down”.

How Carlos and Camila met 52 years ago

Carlos met Camilla Shand, his maiden name, in 1970 during a polo matchwhen he was 23 years old and she was 25. A friend of the prince introduces them and they fall in love instantly. Isabel II’s son dated several women but said he wanted to marry Camilla.

Charles of England and Camilla Parker Bowles

Charles of England and Camilla Parker BowlesCord Press

Camilla’s first husband, Andrew Parker Bowles

However, when Carlos had to leave the country to do his naval service, they did disconnecting youJ the aristocrat married a British army officer, Andrew Parker Bowles.

Andrew Parker Bowles

Andrew Parker BowlesCord Press

Since they were both already married, he and Princess Diana, Carlos and Camila rekindled their relationship, both cheating on their partners.

Camilla divorced Andrew Parker Bowles in 1995when the separation of Carlos and Diana was already a fact although it would be formalized a year later.

Behind the Diana’s death in 1997. the couple kept theirs romance for a while in a discreet way, but soon they were seen in public, like at the party Birthday of Annabelle, Camilla’s sister, at the Ritz Hotel in London.

Carlos told his mother he wants to be king but his relationship with Camilla is ‘non-negotiable’something the monarch eventually accepted.

Queen Elizabeth II with Charles and Camilla

Queen Elizabeth II with Charles and CamillaCord Press

Carlos and Camilla’s wedding, which the Queen did not attend

In 2005, eight years after Diana’s death, Carlos married Camilawho would become Duchess of Cornwall (Cornwall). She was 57 years old and he was 56. The Queen did not attend the wedding for being supreme governor of the Church of England and he is not allowed to go to the weddings of divorced people. Prince Charles’ new wife was welcomed by his sons William and Harry, who said they just wanted to “see their dad happy”.

Carlos and Camila's wedding

Carlos and Camila’s weddingCord Press

Who are Camilla’s children?

Camila has too two children from his first marriage with Andrew Parker BowlesTom (age 49) and Laura (age 44), little known since they decided to be away from the media spotlight and refused to be associated with the British royal family.

His appearances are rare. They were at the weddings of Guillermo (40) and Harry (37), with whom they are on excellent terms. And last June they attended the ceremony where Camilla was inducted into the Order of the Garter.

Tom and Laura, the children of Camilla Parker Bowles

Tom and Laura, the children of Camilla Parker BowlesCord Press

Laura studied art history and marketing at Oxford Brookes. She worked as the director of a prestigious art gallery in London. It is currently dedicated to artist promotion, And that’s it married to executive Harry Lopez, with whom she has three children: Eliza, 14, and twins Gus and Louis, 13.

Tom, Prince Charles’ godfather, attended Eton, the same school as William and Harry. He graduated in journalism and specialized in gastronomic gastronomic critic, in addition to being a judge in talent shows culinary. His second wife, journalist Alice Prokop, died of cancer in 2021 aged just 42. i have two children from his first marriage, Lola, 15 and Freddy, 12.

In recent years it has been seen involved in some dispute such as that associated with pork rind company in unauthorized farms or his alleged substance addiction.

Simon, the supposed secret son of Carlos and Camila

A year ago, the media jumped again a controversial story related to the British royal family that headline grabber so often.

Charles of England and Camilla Parker Bowles with the man who claims to be his son

Charles of England and Camilla Parker Bowles with the man who claims to be his sonFacebook: PrinceSimonCharles

In this other when was in his early 20s, appears next to a photo of Prince William when he was the same age:

Simon Dorante-Day and Prince William, whose brother he claims to be

Simon Dorante-Day and Prince William, whose brother he claims to beSocial media

His version: they gave him up for adoption to avoid scandal

His version is that it is conceived when Carlos and Camila were teenagers (aged 17 and 18 respectively), long before the future King of England met Lady Dee. He assures that the British Crown has decided to give it adoption into a family from Portsmouth near them avoid scandal. Based on his own research, he claims that Carlos and Camila actually met in 1965. and months later, when she became pregnant she disappeared from the British social scene for at least nine months and during that time, Carlos was sent to Australia.

As we told you, this is the official version Charles of England and Camilla Parker Bowles began their romance in 1970, that is, four years after the birth of Simon. (1966).

England's Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

England’s Prince Charles and Camilla Parker BowlesGetty Images

He wrote to Queen Elizabeth asking for help: ‘You know the truth’

The alleged illegitimate grandson of Elizabeth II and half-brother of William and Harryreturned to the fray last fall with a interview for the Australian portal 7 Newsin the said manor sent a letter to Queen Elizabeth II for help.

“I feel it is time for His Majesty to step in. Enough”Simon said in his letter to the Queen of England, also showing his sympathy for her recent health problems.

“You know the truth. You witnessed the threats to our lives in many cases (due to racism) and has intervened when necessary. So I ask you again, How long do you expect us to last individually and as a family?he wrote, according to statements collected by the media Who.

“I hope that after this communication with you, make the right decision about our current position,” That’s what it says at the end of the letter signed “Simon Charles Dorante-Day (his eldest grandson).”

Queen Elizabeth II of England leaves the hospital and goes home

Queen Elizabeth II of England leaves the hospital and goes

Can he dethrone Prince William from the British throne?

However has requested a DNA test to prove to the justice of his country that he was the queen’s grandson, for the time being he was refused. In the event that Simon can prove that he is the biological son of Carlos III, I could not deposed Prince William (William) as heir to the throne as to access the British crown it is necessary to be born as a legitimate child of a royal marriage.

Prince William and Kate Middleton offer jobs

Prince William and Kate

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