Arturo Rojo promotes respect for nature in Salvador Alvarado

It is a basic element for human life nature, Despite its importance, it is very little valued by the human being, for this reason, Arturo Rojo Montoya, acquired the great responsibility of motivating society to respect and appreciate riches naturally that surround Salvador Alvarado, a dream that was born in his youth and fulfilled at the age of 59, in a rather attractive way for those who dare to follow in his footsteps, and much admired for those who continue without dare to advance with it : tourism.

Arturo Rojo is a native of Salvador Alvarado, he has worked as a trader for 39 years, he is a loving father of two children and a great husband who has instilled in his family the love of nature.

He remembers how he was attracted to the regions from a young age naturally proposed by the community of Higuera de los Vega, Mocorito, where his mother lives, and Bacamopa, Mocorito, a ranch where his father is from, it was in these places where, without imagining it, his fanaticism began to walk between mountains and hills .

“I understood that nature This is a way to get rid of stress, to go for a walk and little by little we start to walk in contact with nature”, he commented.

However, it is important to note that in the last 10 years this activity has become part of their routine, so much so that today every Sunday they make tours of the various hills in the region. Evora and other municipalities neighbors of the area.

He mentioned that hiking is a really motivating activity for him, as it gives him the opportunity to explore and admire nature and the magnificent mysteries it hides among bushes, rocks and paths hidden by large trees.

His love made him do what he does, he shows it in his words, which he delivers with confidence and emotion with the phrase: “This is where we come from (on nature), and this is where we will finish, let’s hope we take care of it” he emphasized how much responsibility hiking tourism has for him and motivates the society to carry out this noble activity.

In this context, he commented that the promotion of walks through the hills also aims to stimulate the care of natural areas, as he mentioned that when he climbs the hills, he realizes how garbage invades the spaces naturally, and the further they get from the city, the mountains seem cleaner, a sign that humans are responsible for the pollution. Therefore, by informing tourists about this situation, they will be motivated to be more respectful of nature.

Arturo Rojo mentioned that it all started when he started going on long walks with a camera as a companion, capturing everything on his way, images that he published on social networks. Without imagining, his postcards captivated countless people who little by little joined his cause until he was able to form a group of people who are faithful to this activity, about five years ago this team was born, with the name tourism Evora.

“When you practice hiking, you start to relax, the problems are left behind,” he said.

From then until today, his love for hiking has remained and every Sunday he embarks on a new adventure that allows him to discover new landscapes, love and admire even more nature.

He further explained that with each trip they gain new knowledge and as an example of this he commented that they recently climbed three different hills in just one day, which they overcame with great ease without feeling exhausted, thanks to the fact that they prepared mentally for which they realized that As long as people have a desire for which they strive with love, it will be possible to achieve it.

“There I realized that when someone wants something that is difficult, he does it by having a mind prepared for those cases,” he adds.

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He also comments that through hiking he has met a large number of people that he meets as family when they live together, in addition to the great mental growth gained by spending hours lost between naturewhere you need to be very alert to advance.

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