Anniversary of the Santiago store, which broke the mold by merging the boutique with the aesthetic center

Manuela Heremas and Sandra Peña met at a previous job and joined forces to open a Myemer store ten years ago.

September 09, 2022 . Updated at 05:00.

There was nothing like it and there is still no business like ours in Santiago, he points out Manuela Heremas, one of the partners who opened the Myemer store 10 years ago, at the mouth of Rosala de Castro. The peculiarity of Manuela’s business and Sandra Peña is the fusion between a clothing store and a beauty center. When Manuela lost her job, her father encouraged her to start a business because he knew she was like him, driven and fearless. I’ve always loved clothes and I love sales. Working at Yves Rocher, Zara approached me and I said no. I was paid well, good work environment. Why change? With his father’s encouragement, Antonio Heremas Tucho, owner of Rosala de Castro’s butcher shop, Manuela embarked on an adventure. Sandra and I work at Yves Rocher at A Senra. I was there for twelve years and when, due to unforeseen circumstances, we were all fired, I thought that if I was going to open something of my own, it should be with Sandra, says Manuela. We are a good team. He admits it was a big help to commit to my parents because we didn’t have much to begin with. We asked for full unemployment, but only mine arrived. Sandra is like my little sister and she came with me. I do not regret. Trading him broke the mold and even today there are people who are surprised to see that he was a shop Y aesthetic center Manuela takes care of clothing and Sandra takes care of aesthetics. We have been innovative since the beginning and now we have bought the Indiba machine to celebrate ten years. Manuela believes that the success is based on the support of my friends who came from day one. This area is like a neighborhood and the neighbors came to see what Tucho’s daughter was selling. When the pandemic hit, Manuela discovered how important friends are. I wish I could name them all, but it’s impossible. Two of them, Peace of mind Y Lolo, they insisted he do a video promotion on Facebook, and that’s where he took off. Her videos were a bestseller for her clothes, which she picked out in stores in Madrid and elsewhere; A lot of times as soon as I see a coat, skirt or dress I know who it’s for, there are clothes I see and already know which ones will be perfect. In the pandemic, customers did not stop buying. Manuela praises her clientele, many are friends who take care of us. It is very satisfying to have such positive people around. In one of the most difficult moments of my life, when I got divorced a year after opening the store, my friends and customers were there in addition to my family. About to blow out the candles on her 10th birthday, Manuela thanks Sandra, her family, her son, her friends and most of all the man of my life for their support, Mario.

Enjoy at O ​​Pino

The Luis Seoane Sociocultural Center in Arca (O Pino) ​​hosted the SaborEarte gastronomic event this Wednesday, which featured a sampling of zero kilometer cuisine offered by Miguel Mosteiro, chef and organizer of the project. The cultural adviser Mr. Yves Varela. The staples in Miguel Mosteiro’s kitchen were gallo piero, seasonal vegetables and Arza-Ulloa cheese. the photographer Adolfo Enriquez offered some tips for getting the best food photos, even with your cell phone camera.

Avelino Garcia, known as Avelino da Chaleira, died in Pessac (France) at the age of 102

Posthumous tribute in Negreira

Negreira Council wants the history of Avelino Garcia, Liaio’s neighbor who was deported to Mauthausen, don’t forget. For this purpose, he organized a tribute in Liaio for the 16th, in which the book will be presented. Avelino Garca Garca: Deep Raigameswhose author is also Negreer and former mayor of the municipality Jose Manuel Lopez Tuas. Avelino survived the concentration camp and died in 2016, aged 102, in Pessac (Bordeaux), where he lived, enjoying great acclaim.

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