Video: the images used by Justice to arrest the son of the murdered couple in Vicente López

Martin Santiago del Rio, the son of the murdered couple, during the arrest

The double offense of Vicente Lopez took a turn no one expected. The prosecutor’s office is investigating the shooting death of Jose Enrique Del Rio (74) and Maria Mercedes-Alonso (72) at their mansion in Vicente Lopez, they arrested the couple’s youngest son, accused of being hitman from your parents. Martin Santiago del Rio he was detained upon entering the private quarter Canyons of Lake Nordelta. In order to arrive at this arrest, the messages the man had with the victims in the previous days, the intelligence work on the accused’s mobile phone and especially the security cameras were key.

These images from the cameras of the house next door were crucial in determining that the killer was the couple’s son. Infobae exclusive access to this material.

Martin Santiago del Rio Vicente Lopez leaves the crime scene

Every detail of the images is important. The first video shows the man walking around wearing bulky clothes, a chin strap and a hat. He also holds a bag in his hand that has the logo of a certain brand printed on it. This is from the real estate company Remax. It is not yet known why prosecutors attach importance to this detail, but sources consulted in this way assure that it is fundamental.

The time shown by the camera is 6:37 p.m., one minute past the estimated time Martin Santiago He left the house after killing his parents.

The second video is a continuation of the first (both fragments are combined in the recording). The man is seen continuing to flee the scene. A certain way of walking can be clearly noticed, as if it were a limp. This was another key piece of information for the researchers. It would match the defendant’s gait.

The investigation into the case took an unexpected turn this Thursday, September 7, when prosecutors advanced in the arrest of the slain couple’s youngest son. They accuse him of double parricide.

Initially, the research hypothesis focused on the role of the domestic helper of the victims, identified as Maria Nymph Aquino. It was the worker who notified the police after the fact, and when questioned, her story presented inconsistencies, leading to her arrest. Despite the fact that the case took a different turn with the arrest of the youngest son of the murdered pensioners, it is still possible that Ninfa Aquino had some involvement in the crime.

Double crime in Vicente Lopez.  Jose Enrique del Rio and Mercedes Alonso, the victims.
Double crime in Vicente Lopez. Jose Enrique del Rio and Mercedes Alonso, the victims.

Jose Enrique del Rio74 year old and his wife mercedes alonso72, were found dead in their car Mercedes Benzin the parking lot of a mansion, located meters from the railway station Presidential heels from Olivos. The man, a former police officer and retired businessman, was shot three times in the body, while the woman had a bullet in one eye. They were located on the driver’s and passenger’s seats, respectively.

Upon entering the residence, the investigators noticed a “staged” scene, that is, with evidence of a possible installation. There were household items shuffled around as if simulating a robbery, despite the fact that key items such as security box it was open and the locks were not broken. It follows for the investigating agents that the criminal had access to the house.

Although suspicions initially focused on the employee, analysis of the mobile phone of Martin del Rio, a businessman and the couple’s youngest son, as well as security cameras changed the course of the file. The key data would come out of the alleged parricide’s phone. Hence the idea of ​​supposed fraud from the businessman to his parents, which will include the purchase of an apartment in the exclusive building The Chateau on Liberty Avenueon Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Martin del Rio allegedly lied to his parents when he asked for $1.9 million to purchase the property. Although he received the loan, he would only pay a smaller amount, equal to four installments of $10,000. Investigators suspect the rest of the money was stolen.

The intention of Del Rio Sr. and his wife to move into the apartment is generally considered a possible motive for the murder.

The detainee is accused of double murder, aggravated by the relationshipor. An inspection will be carried out in the next hours.


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