Vicente Lopez’s double crime: they arrested the youngest son of the marriage

The the youngest son of the murdered couple at his home in the city of Buenos Aires Vincent Lopez He was detained in the last few hours for his alleged involvement in crime of Enrique Del Rio, 74, and Mercedes Alonso, 72. They also released the housekeeper, who so far seemed to be the main target of the fact.

This was revealed to the agency by police sources NA that Martin Santiago del Rio was arrested at the entrance to Camino a Nordeltain the Tigre neighborhood of Buenos Aires by members of DDI San Isidro and SubDDI Vicente López of the Buenos Aires Police.

Martin Santiago del Rio was arrested after a twist in the investigation.

They released the housekeeper of the murdered couple

The man, around 45 years old, was arrested at the request of prosecutors Martin Gómez, Alejandro Musso and Marcela Semeria, hours after San Isidro Bail Judge Ricardo Costa decided released the housekeeper from the murdered marriage Maria Ninfa Aquino.

The magistrate’s determination regarding Aquino was due to the fact that investigators found key evidence that would support different hypothesis regarding the alleged perpetrator of the double murder.

Forensic sources indicated that this new evidence would be compiled from a series of security camera footage that they would have found the prisoner near the scene of the double crime at the time the marriage was murdered.

Double Crime Vicente Lopez 20220907
Crime scene in Vicente Lopez.

Thus, Martin Del Rio will be charged as the alleged perpetrator of the “double murder aggravated by treason.”

The domestic helper’s lawyer, Hugo López Caribero, applied for her release, and in this regard, Judge Kostra stated: “As a result of the current prosecution representatives assigned to the case, numerous elements have been included that constitute plexus evidence, which clearly allows to notice a investigative hypothesis different from that prevailing at the time of dictating the measure of personal coercion weighing on Maria Ninfa Aquino Chamorro“.

Who were Enrique Del Rio and Mercedes Alonso, the murdered couple

Del Rio was a lawyer and owned a private security agencyin addition to retiring from the Federal Police as a director in 1982. Additionally, together with his wife, they own several garages.

Theirs sons are Martin and Diegobut the first of them, the detainee, operated his father’s business and was the one who identified the wallet seized from Aquino’s house as the place where his mother may have kept the key to the safe of the house they were first thought to be from $10,000, 1,500,000 pesos, 50 gold bars stolen ten grams each and a few diamonds.

He also had a power of attorney signed by his father to carry out the family’s real estate ventures.

The couple’s relationship with their son: the family business dispute

However, when Jose Enrique Del Rio recovered from the operation that was performed for a tumor on his head, he would begin to ask his son Martin for explanations about some economic situations, according to the consulted sources.

For researchers, a family business dispute would be the motive for the double murder.

In his testimony, the now-imprisoned man explained to the prosecutors some of the undertakings the family had undertaken in recent months.

In this sense, he bought a large shed with the idea of ​​turning it into a garage, in an agreement with a former football player from Velez, which resulted in rent given to the school, deferred payment to the former player and legal representation of this.

The Ferrari purchase

He also reported the case of buying a ferrariwhich continued with a dispute with the seller, culminating in Del Río’s recovery of the vehicle a few days before the double felony, according to the person now in custody.

In that declaration, he also revealed that the keys to the house were held by the slain couple, Aquino, his brother and himself.

The a key detail is to ensure that on the day of the double crime he had a telephone conversation with his father for about half an hour between 16:00 and 16:30 while walking along Avenida del Libertador, near the Hippodrome, when in fact at that time the cameras took him very close to his parents’ house in Vicente López.


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