UNICEF invites the citizens of Bogotá to compile the National Report of Colombia

At the Education Transformation Summit, the UN hopes to learn the views of Bogota citizens on this issue of social concern Photo: via bogota.gov.co

Within the framework of the General Assembly of UN the summit will be held on Transformation of education, where the presentation of the national report of Colombia will be made, in which on UNICEF wait for participation direct from Bogotá.

For this reason, as the leader of the education sector in Bogotá, The Minister of Education issued an invitation open to young people and teachers from the capital to be able to participate and develop their vision for the future and transformation of education, for this they can participate by registering in the National Report of Colombia by entering the following link: transformaeducacion.co.

On the other hand, Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nationsencouraged several world leaders to be part of this call and participate in the first Education Transformation Summit to be held during the General Assembly in New York in September.

It should be noted that this summit aims to mobilize political inspirations, action, solidarity and direct solutions to transform education, Apart from taking stock of the efforts which were carried out to recover training losses during the pandemic.

Likewise, it seeks to reimagine education systems and channels for today’s and tomorrow’s world and finally revitalize national and global efforts to achieve SDG 4: ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities life for all.

Regarding each country’s participation in the summit, invitations were made of mass participation in order to be able to youth, teachers and civil servants can share their visions of what it takes to generate transformation according to education.

In this way, the Minister of Education of Bogotá issued an open invitation to the inhabitants of the city Photo: via @educacionbogota
In this way, the Minister of Education of Bogotá issued an open invitation to the inhabitants of the city Photo: via @educacionbogota

It should be noted that for the Bogotá District and for its Mayor Claudia López, education in the city is one of its main priorities, thus generating several strategies and initiatives that manage to provide care, protection and recreational opportunities for girls and boys.

These initiatives seek to provide vital growth in the cityso that it is the epicenter of numerous support and training opportunities in knowledge, knowledge, talents, abilities and recognitions.

“In Bogotá, education comes first, which should always be in everyone’s life, let no one have the slightest doubt. All boys and girls in Bogotá have guaranteed access to kindergarten if they need it, to elementary school if you need it, or to high school,” emphasized Mayor Claudia López.

According to the objectives established by the City Hall of Bogotá, in order to meet the needs of children, girls and adolescents in the city, some of them have been developed to a great extent, surpassing them in such a way that they are already close to achieving the success of others.

In terms of infrastructure, So far, 14 schools have been delivered in the district in several areas of the city, the target set by the mayor is a total of 35 new education centers for residents, they also seek to emphasize that these spaces meet all guarantees for biosecurity, comfort and facilities which succeed in developing students’ skills and abilities.

“To have the 21st century education that our girls and boys deserve and need, we will have to invest 24 billion pesos in the next 15 years, improve the schools, connect them all to the Internet, have the technological tools , which are needed in early childhood and have a cycle of continuous lifelong learning”, added the mayor.

There are several strategies being developed in the city by the district to promote education.  Photo via bogota.gov.co
There are several strategies being developed in the city by the district to promote education. Photo via bogota.gov.co

It should be remembered that the area withexceeded the proposed target for delivery of tablets to studentsin the initiative to mitigate the technology gap that exists in the city’s poorest district schools, until now 110,950 technological devices were delivered.

“For 27 years, Bogotá City Hall has given the children and schools of Bogotá 89,000 computers, we in 1 year we delivered 102 thousand tablets and computers to schoolsboys and girls of our city”, stressed Mayor Claudia Lopez.


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