Twist in Vicente Lopez’s double crime case: Youngest son of couple arrested, accused of killing his parents

Exceptional. One of the images of Martin Santiago Del Rio leaving his parents’ home after the crime

Vicente Lopez’s double offense just took a turn that is as unexpected as it is surprising. The prosecutor’s office is investigating the shooting death of Jose Enrique del Rio (74) and his wife Mercedes Alonso (72)which happened on Wednesday, August 24, in an important estate a few blocks from Quinta de Olivos, they believe they have found the killer. This is Martin Santiago del Rio, the couple’s youngest son. The charge is double parricide.

The 47-year-old businessman was arrested this Wednesday after entering plot 27 of the private estate Canyons of Lake Nordeltawhere he lives with his family. Researchers are confident that on Wednesday afternoon, August 24, Martin Santiago del Rio entered the house of his parents, located in Melo and Gaspar Campos, and shot to death.

In support of the charge, the accusers Martin Gomez, Alexander Musso Y Marcela Semeria They have a huge amount of evidence, which includes witness statements, cell phone analysis, and above all, security cameras.

Martín Santiago del Río, the couple's son has been taken into custody
Martín Santiago del Río, the couple’s son has been taken into custody

According to sources with access to the file, Infobaethe motive for the crime will be economic and will be related to the department of the exceptional building Chateau Avenue Liberator into which the retired couple planned to move. The hypothesis is that Del Rio Jr. almost cheated them first two million dollars and then kill them.

the arrest of Martin Santiago del Rio It comes after justice was released in recent hours Maria Nymph Aquino. The domestic helper of the murdered couple was the only one arrested in the case to date. However, will continue to be investigated for the important discrepancies in his account. It is possible that he had some involvement in the event.

The interior of Vicente Lopez's house
The interior of Vicente Lopez’s house

The double crime is revealed Wednesday, August 24th around 9am. At that time the clerk Not here found the bodies of his bosses and alerted the police. When the troops arrived at the huge mansion of Melo and Gaspar Camposthey discovered the bodies in a scene full of mystery.

Jose Enrique del Rioa former police officer and retired businessman, and his wife mercedes alonso They were sitting in their Mercedes Benz, which in turn was parked in the house’s garage. She was in the driver’s seat and he was a passenger. They were both dressed to go out and with seat belts on. The automatic door was closed and there was no forced opening.

The subsequent autopsy confirmed that the man had three shots in his body and the woman one in the eye.

The bewilderment for the investigators occurred when they checked the interior of the house. They hit the scene “tuned”that is, the killer moved the house with the intention of pervert the course of justice. Also, the safe was open and the DVR from the security cameras was missing. The hypothesis, from the beginning, was that the aggressor He entered with a key and knew the inside of the house.

With this information provided by the crime scene, recommendations started. The domestic helper, Aquino, fell into a series of inconsistencies that led to her being imprisoned.

Despite this arrest, the investigators found themselves at a dead end. The lack of security cameras and little evidence left by the assailant at the scene complicated the situation. A few days later, however, important footage was found, which appeared from the neighbors, and it was possible to reconstruct it a story with a sinister edge.

The housekeeper who was released this afternoon
The housekeeper who was released this afternoon

The murdered couple had two children. The minor is called Martin Santiagothe arrested and the eldest Diego. In their testimony, they explained that their parents had a very good economic life. They said that Jose Enrique Del Rio He was an ex-cop turned businessman who knew how to run companies security, hygiene and garages.

But Martin Santiago He gave a detail that would later become fundamental and key to the investigation. The murdered couple was about to move into a huge apartment in the g 31st floor of the Chateau building on Avenida del Libertador. They thought they would be safer there. Also, Vicente Lopez’s estate was too big for them.

In the days after the murder, prosecutors analyzed all sorts of hypotheses. They reviewed debtors the man might have, lawsuits he was involved in, and potential enemies. Neither line led to anything certain. Until the tip of the iceberg appears.

Analysis of the victims’ mobile phones revealed that Martin Santiago he had lied to his parents. He told them he used 1.9 million dollars to buy the apartment Chateau. Both Jose Enrique and Mercedes were convinced that the operation was done. But it turned out that in reality the man only paid four installments of $10,000 everyone. The rest of the money? Investigators believe he stole it from his parents and his goal was to keep that property.

Prosecutors began to pull that thread. The hypothesis became a major line of inquiry when security cameras from the neighboring houses. One of them shows a man walking in and out of the house with a bib, a cap and a bag in hand.. Check-in is at 5:33pm and check-out is at 6:36pm, the time slot the murders are believed to have taken place. As a result, experts began tracking through municipal cameras to find out where this mysterious man went. The contribution of Security Secretary Vicente Lopez, who analyzed more than 190 hours of images, was fundamental.

The victims Jose Enrique Del Rio and his wife Mercedes Alonso
The victims Jose Enrique Del Rio and his wife Mercedes Alonso

This is the route taken by the man who left the house 3.2 kilometers from Vincent Lopez next to, curiously, the door of the building Chateau Liberator and then got into a car. The patent is registered. It was the car of the victims’ youngest son, Martin Santiago Del Rio.

“At first it was thought he might be a hitman hired by Del Rio’s son. This is not out of the questionbut because of the physical structure, the way of walking and some features in particular, each leads us to think that this is the couple’s own son“explains a researcher.

But there is more. When the telephone company was asked about the impact on the antennas of the minor Del Rio’s cell phone, the recording indicated that the cell phone accidentally got stuck near the Chateau. In addition, he did not answer two calls: one in 16.53 and the other at 5:31 p.m. Investigators believe he left his phone in the car while he killed his parents.

But the data that most supports the prosecution comes from the skills acquired at the crime scene. Experts have found a clear fingerprint at the location where From the river Y Alonso they were pierced. This print belongs to Martin Santiago.

The fiscal hypothesis says that Del Rio Jr. arrived on foot at his parents’ house, made some excuse to get them into the car as if to leave, and then executed them inside the car.. This explains why the victims were well dressed, with coats at the back and belts.

The detainee will be investigated in the coming hours by the prosecutor’s office. The accusation is double murder, aggravated by the relationship. Penalty offence life sentence.


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