These are the District Programs for Boys and Girls of Bogotá

For Mayor Claudia López, providing education, care, protection and recreational opportunities to boys and girls in Bogotá is a priority. His administration is responsible for implementing initiatives to ensure that growing up in the nation’s capital is a path with multiple opportunities and support.

“In Bogotá, education comes first, which should always be in everyone’s life, let no one have the slightest doubt. All boys and girls in Bogotá have guaranteed access to kindergarten if they need it, to primary school if you need it, or to high school,” the mayor said.

The goals proposed by the District for this four-year period to meet the needs of children in Bogotá have already been exceeded or are very close to being met.


Mayor Claudia Lopez’s administration has set a goal of handing over 35 schools to the city. To date, 14 educational centers have been completed, which are characterized by providing their students with bio-safe, colorful, pleasant school spaces and with all the conditions for them to improve their skills and abilities.

“To have the 21st century education that our girls and boys deserve and need, we will have to invest 24 billion pesos in the next 15 years, improve the schools, connect them all to the Internet, have the technological tools , which are needed in early childhood and to have a cycle of continuous learning for life”, specified the mayor.

Here is a trill in which Mayor Claudia Lopez mentions the work of the Hipotecho school in the city of Kennedy, which will be ready in August 2023:

“Out of the 35 schools we set out to do in these 4 years, we have already completed 14 and we will complete all 35. We will create more places and achieve something very important: the schools are closer to the children, maximum within half an hour, that they can come to their school on foot or by bicycle,” assured Claudia López.


To ensure the education and care of the little ones, 6 kindergartens were completed and handed over during this administration. To date, 89,343 boys and girls have been served in early childhood centers and the goal is to benefit 100,000.

In the same way, the City Hall implemented the initiative for night time kindergartens, which allows parents to rest assured that their children are in the best hands while they have to work or study. It is important to note that Bogotá is the pioneer city in Colombia in providing this service.

Faced with this initiative, the mayor assured that “this is a free service. Here there are no costs, no administrative barriers: here there is only love and dedication to take care of children under 4 or those over 4 who go to school”.

Below, a tweet from the mayor about the recent delivery of a kindergarten in the city of Ciudad Bolivar:

tablet delivery

Mayor Claudia López’s administration has surpassed the historic figure for the delivery of tablets and computers to vulnerable students in Bogotá. As of 31 August 2022, 110,950 devices have been delivered to reduce the existing digital divide in public schools in the capital.

The delivery of these devices marked a milestone in the history of education in this city, as it made it easier for students to take virtual classes in the midst of the actions taken to deal with the pandemic, thus preventing the suspension of students’ studies. and school dropouts will increase.

Piles there!

As part of the strategies to protect the youngest, this year the District launched the “Batteries there” campaign, which aims to increase the awareness and sensitivity of children and adolescents between the ages of 9 and 17 about the behavior that constitutes sexual abuse, of which they they can to identify Y report through the channels provided by the District.

“This is everybody’s campaign. The commitment to look after the children lies with the school, the children, the teachers, the town hall, many civil organizations and the control authorities. Here we reflect that the school is an environment of trust,” assured the mayor.

If you want to know more information about this campaign, you can do so at

In addition, this administration promotes other initiatives for this population, such as Al Colegio en Bici, the Eureka channel and the Consultative Council for Girls, Boys and Adolescents.

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