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When you talk about Love relationshipsit is inevitable to mention Paloma Lafuenteone of the most internationally recognized tarot readers specializing in this type of spell.

This seer has several decades of experience in the world of esotericism and is an expert in love rituals. As such, he knows all the secrets of this type of spell and this makes clients from all over the planet come to him for consultation, especially from Latin America and the USA.

The Love Moorings by Paloma Lafuente They are very popular thanks to the opinions that these customers leave on social networks and specialized esoteric forums. Her fame is such that this sitter has had to increase her focus online so that she can help all the people who contact her.

Want to know why your love spells are so prestigious? Essentially because he knows all the secrets of these spells and because does not miss any of its phases. Let’s see how they work.

1. Preparation

The first phase of Paloma Lafuente’s love spells is that of preliminary preparation. Every esoteric ritual requires context before you get down to business, and that means you have to take the time to study each case in order to hit the right spell.

Paloma Lafuente always offers her clients a personalized approach and takes the necessary time for each one of them. First, because choosing the right ritual is essential to produce the expected results. But also for many other reasons.

Those who contacted Paloma Lafuente’s office emphasize her honesty and transparency, as well as her discretion, since for her the privacy of your customers is non-negotiable. He knows that they are dealing with his most intimate things and therefore he makes sure that the security of his information is guaranteed.

In this first phase of preparation, Paloma Lafuente never forgets either a key step when it comes to successfully doing love magic: a tarot consultation.

the meaning of the tarot

A tarot card reading This is a vital previous step to casting a love spell. There are inexperienced clairvoyants who skip this phase, as well as many false esotericists who have no idea how these spells are cast.

For this reason, Paloma Lafuente emphasizes that in order to do a love spell, scheduling a cartomancy session in advance is essential.

Why is this step so important? Mainly because tarot can provide us with a lot of valuable information which helps us to choose correctly the love port we should make in each case.

On the one hand, let’s remember this love relationships are fully customizable and that no mooring of love is the same as another. Therefore, the standard spells used by some African shamans, for example, are useless.

In addition, we must keep in mind that there are many types of love spells and not all of them are suitable.

That’s why, reading the letters helps us find the right path. First, because it tells us exactly at what point a sentimental relationship is. And secondly, because it gives us an idea of ​​what fate awaits these people in the future. With this data, the spell can be focused in the most appropriate way, increasing the chances of its outcome being successful. Therein lies the meaning of tarot for love spells.

Choosing the right professional

Another important aspect in the preparatory phase of a love spell ischoosing the right professional to help us perform the ritual. Let us recall that love spells are white magic spells of great power that are used to resolve sentimental issues of all kinds and can offer consolidated and even permanent results.

Since they are such powerful spells, it is very important to leave yourself in the hands of an experienced professionalbecause not everyone can do love spells.

Paloma Lafuente has years of experience in this field, but not all psychics who offer this service are trained to perform it. Apart from innate skills, it is necessary to specialize in love spells and know their secrets in depth to guide clients in the right way.

Many inexperienced clairvoyants or fake clairvoyants even believe that these spells are cast with black magic. But this kind of magic will never be done by a true esoteric professional, neither in this context nor in any other, because black magic can be dangerous and cause serious harm to third parties.

So when we resort to love moorings, we can’t do them ourselves at home because there’s no point, but yes We will need specialized help. Not everyone is worth it.

2. Cast the spell

The second phase of love spells is casting the spell per se. To do this, you need to be very well prepared by choosing the right professional and reading tarot cards will guide you in the right direction.

But then this phase begins where we are the ones who have to follow the steps to make the magic happen. And this leads to a great responsibility.

We cannot make mistakes because even the smallest mistake can cause the spell to fail. That’s why, it is very important to follow the instructionsto the professionals we trusted. In this case, Paloma Lafuente always accompanies her clients from beginning to end and tries to give them clear instructions so that they do not miss a single step or make mistakes during the process.

We can see with an example why we should follow the steps that are given to us in detail. This message recently arrived at Paloma Lafuente’s online consultation:

Dear dove. It’s been a while since we talked. I wanted to let a reasonable amount of time pass but I’m not seeing any results after doing the love spell you helped me with. I know you have to be patient, but it seems like a long time to me without noticing anything. I mixed the ingredients but I don’t know where I could be going wrong“.

Paloma Lafuente took a good look at this letter to see what might be going on. Of course, she realized that this customer had mixed the ingredients she told him, but he didn’t do it in the order she told himand that was why the spell didn’t work.

To redirect the situation, they had to start over, with a new reading of the tarot cards to find out if the spell they needed was the same or had changed, and continued to perform the ritual, taking great care in each step. After some time this customer started seeing the results of the spell.

If they were an inexperienced caster, they might not have discovered the flaw and the spell would never have worked as expected. But with Paloma Lafuente you are guaranteed to know every secret of these love rituals.

Choice of ingredients and space

As we can see, choosing the right professional is very important when it comes to doing love magic. But so is the choice of ingredients or the right place to perform our ritual.

The ingredients we will use will be suggested by the tarot cards, so we need a professional who is well versed in this area to avoid mistakes.

We do not use standard ingredients nor can we change the steps to follow to perform our spell, therefore we should always pay close attention to this aspect. For example, if Paloma Lafuente tells us that we should use a white unscented candle, we should not use a scented candle or any other color because it will change the spell and therefore also the result.

What types of ingredients might we need? There are common ingredients that are often used in such rituals and that are easy to find, such as honey, ice, candles or lemon. We will also always need a personalized ingredient, such as a photo of the loved one or an item of clothing. Finally, there are special ingredients that are harder to find and are only required for spells with some extra difficulty.

But it’s not just the ingredients that have to be right. The choice of space is also vital. We must cast our spell an intimate site available only to us, with no interruptions or distractions, who has a place to leave the ingredients and feel comfortable doing our prayers. Until we find the perfect spot, we can’t begin the magic.

finally choose the correct time starting the ritual is self-explanatory. Although in this case, the professional who guides us will be the one who tells us when is the perfect time to start our love spell. Paloma Lafuente gives an example: the rituals that are done on the full moon, something quite common in love spells.

3. Tracking

It is a misconception of both clients and inexperienced or lying esoteric healers to think that love spells end when the spell ends. This mistake is one of the reasons many such rituals fail.

A love spell doesn’t end when the spell ends. It should be noted that love spells offer long-term results and even effects that can last forever, such as spells to find true love.

This means that love moorings never offer instant results, much less those that are noticeable overnight. Love mooring shows its effects very little by little and progressively, so after some time people can realize that they have achieved the goal they set for themselves.

There are people who find it difficult to know if they have really achieved the expected results. For this reason, Paloma Lafuente always accompanies her clients to the end, which also means scheduling a cartomancy session after the spell to check its effects.

this seer always do a tarot reading after casting the spell to make sure that this spell was performed correctly and offered the consolidated results that were sought.

Doing this follow-up gives clients peace of mind and is a step that cannot be skipped when doing love spells. Paloma Lafuente never leaves her clients half-hearted, and this is another reason why people from all over the world come to her.

Patience, faith and concentration: the key to success

As we say, the results of love spells are not immediate. Therefore, once the spell is over, each person should continue with their energetic readiness.

Patience is a must as short-term results or sudden changes will not be noticed. And those who lose patience also cause the spell to fail.

That’s why, it is important not to lose faith in which the spell will achieve the expected results. Y cannot lose focus. All our energy must be put into the mooring of love, and any distraction will set us up for failure.

But all these secrets are fully known by Paloma Lafuente. Therefore, when her clients ask her for love spells, they know that she will also devote her time and energy to making that spell work.

definitely Paloma Lafuente does not miss any of the three phases which are necessary for a love affair to be successful, as both the preparation and the follow-up are as important as the ritual itself.

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