The love story of Ricardo Montaner and Marlene Rodríguez, a relationship born as forbidden

The first time they met Ricardo Montaner Y Marlene Rodriguez They never imagined they would get married. This is that the relationship was born forbidden: She was engaged and he was one of the guests at her wedding. However, life’s twists and turns made them see each other again some time later and now they have been married for 32 years.

Both are active on their social networks, sharing every anniversary with their fans. “32 years ago today I married this sweetie… I’ve done it 6 times now, we get elected every 5 years over and over again. I love every bit of it. Today we have more projects than ever to continue together wherever God wants to take us… Love each other as if there is no other way out,” the artist wrote in August 2021.

She also posted on Instagram: “Together in black and white or color. 32 married and many more together… I will choose you again without a doubt again and again, even if we sometimes slip up, you are the man He made for me and we continue this way because God wanted it this way and that is good ”.

Ricardo Montaner and Marlene Rodriguez: a relationship born forbidden

Ricardo Montaner I saw for the first time Marlene Rodriguez in an office of the record company where he worked in Caracas, Venezuela. This is that she is the daughter of the main shareholder and owner of the company Sonorodven, which is the one that gave the first opportunity to work to the musician from Valentin Alsina, in the Lanus district of Buenos Aires.

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“I was shocked, I really liked it, but there I was warned that she was getting married” recalled Montaner, who had just ended an 11-year marriage to his first wife, Ana Rosa Vas Ponice, with whom he had two children, Alejandro Manuel and Hector Eduardo.

He never saw Marlene again until he received the invitation to their wedding. He accepted the offer and went to the event. “She was the one who accepted me. She was a TV people girl, she worked for many years in television and the whole society of Caracas was there… and me with a jacket that a friend had lent me,” he said.

Marlene Rodriguez and Ricardo Montaner at their first wedding. (Photo: Instagram @marlenesalome)

Some time later, when she was alone again, they met again. “I stopped seeing her for about six months, her marriage lasted very little,” he said. This second meeting was thanks to the fact that they coincided in a work project, as she began to work as a producer of her music videos: “She made my first video and that’s when we fell in love“.

They were both married on August 26, 1989, on the beach of Puerto de la Cruz, Venezuela. Since then, they had three children: on November 21, 1990, Ricardo (Ricky) was born, who is married to Steffi Reutman; On August 17, 1993, Mauricio (Mau) arrived, married to Sara Escobar, and on August 7, 1997, Evaluna, who has a girl (Indigo) with the singer Camilo.

Ricardo Montaner and Marlene Rodríguez: the tradition they repeat every five years

Since they were married on August 26, 1989. renew their vows every five yearsno matter what day of the week it falls on. The last time they did it was in 2019 at a ceremony they performed in Greece in front of their children and grandchildren.

“Today we got married again, it was the sixth time, I was as excited or more than the first, why? I took this ceremony so seriously that I spend it crying. I confess that I am more in love than ever and I intend to make her even happier. I believe in marriage and in it forever,” Montaner wrote on his networks.

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He also assured that the key to the couple’s success is “staying in harmony with the couple, and although everyone has their own vision of things, the most important thing is the matching points that keep them moving forward.”

Ricardo Montaner and Marlene Rodriguez renewed their vows for the sixth time in 2019 in Greece.
Ricardo Montaner and Marlene Rodriguez renewed their vows for the sixth time in 2019 in Greece.

Far from the love fading over the years, he confirmed that he is still as much in love as he was on day one: “We fell in love from the first moment and we still are. We go on, especially, falling in love, that thing that usually happens from the first spark until sometime after that and then it gets delayed or changed or modified and something else happens. I couldn’t be there for her if she didn’t know I was in love.”

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