The alleged unrecognized son that Shakira and a Colombian actor had: today he is blackmailing them

lately, Shakira’s affair with actor Santiago Alarcon was revealed. This is due to the fact that they will both be blackmailed by an entity claiming to be their son, then an alleged relationship they had when the singer was 15 and the actor was 12. A fact that the Colombian publicly denounced recently.

This is a public complaint because I am a victim of harassment, workplace misconduct and extortion. For a young man, whose name I will leave out at the recommendation of the lawyer, but in this video we will refer to him as “the boy”. I tell you, this case has several details that make this absurd“, This is how Santiago progressed the case.

The actor then added, “It turns out that about three or four years ago, I got a message on Instagram from a young man, this “boy,” who said, “Hi dad, I’m your son.”, and I “okay”. And then he said: “It’s true, you abandoned me and my mother told me”, said my adoptive mother. Me too, “okay”‘.

This is constant harassment of the “boy” to the actor

However, the “boy” did not give up. “When he saw that he wasn’t giving a ball, he started texting everyone he saw with me in a picture. Colleagues or friends, family… And well, many of them called me worried (…) Seeing that none of us gave him the ball, then decided to go into the media“, he claims.