TELECINCO AUDIENCE CRISIS | Rocío Carrasco crashes on her return to Telecinco and no longer convinces: these are her data

Rocio Carrasco has stated many times that her parents were in love and that they would have been together again if not for the circumstances. Some statements which Rachel Mosquera, the boxer’s widow, denied it several times. he assures that Rocio Jurado wanted to return with Peter Carrasco, but he didn’t want to rekindle the relationship because their love was exhausted. The associate made it clear: “Pedro told me, but Juan de la Rosa also knew” and that this was happening twice: “I knew that, twice. One of the times Pedro told me, and another well-spoken Pedro and Juan de la Rosa talked about having to introduce myself Dew Sworn“.

Yesterday, chapters 3 and 4 of Rocío Carrasco’s documentaries, In Rocío’s Name, were finally published and the truth about Pedro Carrasco’s will was revealed. Rocío Jurado’s daughter exposed all the alleged lies to Raquel Mosquera and wanted to send a notice to the hairdresser: “Be very careful what you do with my father’s trophies because I am suing you,” Carrasco insisted several times. This came as a result of some statements by Mosquera in Ya es Noon, in which he said that everything he has from the boxer will be given to his grandchildren, that is, the children of Rossito, with whom his mother has no relationship.

Telecinco he is still trying to do everything he can to end his ratings crisis. After hitting a historic low in the month of August, the Mediaset chain decided to launch its main bets for the month of September as soon as possible. For this reason, two of its main formats will see the light of day next week.

During the afternoon and evening of Friday, Telecinco announced which two formats will be the first to be launched soon. next monday at 10:00 p.m., the eighth edition of “I discovered a talent” arrived on the network. In the new parts, Edurne, Risto Mejide, Dani Martínez and Paula Echevarría will continue to search for the best artists from different disciplines at the national level.

For the airing of chapters 3 and 4 of “In the name of Rocio”, the daughter of “La más grande” visits the set to expose all the lies of Raquel Mosquera and tell what the hairdresser’s relationship with her father really was. After saw the episode of the documentary series in which Rocio Carrasco talked about her, Raquel Mosquera wrote her a letter, which she published on her social networks:

“You couldn’t be a more stupid, short and bad person to say or imply, I don’t know what’s worse, that I practiced prostitution in Germany. When you lie and don’t verify information, these things usually happen. You no longer know what to say or invent to discredit and malign me,” the text begins. “Let’s see if you can understand, clown, that I was in Germany from three to six years old with my lovely parents, who immigrated to Germany to work and raise their five children honestly, so that we would not lack for anything. how do i do it because that’s what i was taught and i do it with my kids too. And that’s what your parents taught you, which you don’t do and you haven’t learned by example.”

On the set, Rocio did not hesitate to respond to these words: “You are stupid and short, in addition to many things. If you used what I said about Germany to associate it with something as horrific and extremely crude as prostitution, I don’t know a 3- or 6-year-old girl who is a prostitute,” Pedro Carrasco’s daughter said, looking at the camera.

“Don’t go to what interests you to go. This is not the place. When I say Germany, I say it because when you are there with your parents, your problem is already diagnosed there and you have to go back, so doctors from Spain. They heal you. You have a much more interesting story, even a novel, than my life. Don’t make up mine, just tell yours,” Rocio told him. In Rocio’s name (9:55pm to 2:04am) barely reaches 11.8% share and 1,012,000 viewers, remaining below Telecinco’s daily average (12%) and just six-tenths above its monthly average (11.2%).

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