They say there, faces we see, hearts we don’t know. It would be great if every person who crossed our love list included a manual with everything and the caveats, maybe that way we’d save ourselves a few disappointments. Unfortunately, there is nothing left to do but flip a coin and meet the person Zodiac signs might help a bit to give you an idea whether you should marry or not. It is ranking of the best men of the zodiac in marriage:

1.- Cancer

congratulations, yes Crab is a constant in your thoughts, let me tell you that it’s not such a bad idea to invest your time and energy in getting to know it. He is a great candidate to walk down the aisle. This is because you fall in love with loyalty, honesty, and it does not scare you in the least to dream of a life next to you. Also, his sensitivity is not far behind, he is not one to belittle your emotions, saying that you are exaggerating.

2.- Scales

And the ring for when? definitely A poundis a man who hides his obsession with love because he doesn’t want his romantic side to be mocked, but he truly believes that he can have a healthy, long-lasting relationship where commitment is not an issue. This is the sign that inspires calm and at the same time brings a spark to your days. Not to mention he is a great father, his family always comes first.

3.- Scorpio

Are you surprised by that? scorpion to be in the first places? This proves that it is never good to get carried away by people’s comments. He is one of the most emotional husbands you will meet on your way. He wants to go to someone who understands his way of seeing life. Maybe he’s a bit extreme because he defends his own to the hilt, but that’s admirable.

4.- Gemini

An amazing man when it comes to love because his heart is very strong. Maybe her personality is a bit adventurous, but that has nothing to do with her faithful side, when she commits she does so without fear. He is someone who respects you, admires everything you do, and is proud to shout to the world that he wants a life with you. Your creativity and your passion make everything more beautiful.

5.- Fish

If you want to have a relationship where emotions are the main thing, then you should not hesitate to give a chance to Fish. Once you show him that you want something serious, he gives his best version. He is warm, loving and does not let you go in the most difficult moments. It’s also too intuitive, it won’t shower you with attention when it realizes you need your space.

6.- Capricorn

There are women who want a man they don’t have to constantly decipher, they’re looking for someone with the courage to put their cards on the table. That’s right Capricorn, a great life partner because he knows that relationships require time, love, respect and constant stimulation. Also, his mind is very open, as long as you both want to get over it, everything will be fine.

7.- Virgo

I’m definitely not going to lie to you, conquering a Virgo man in order to marry him will not be an easy task because he is rarely impressed by the smallest display of love, he needs something more to give you his soul. But, Take it easy ’cause if he’s hooking up, he ain’t one to play with your heart, really appreciates having something for life.

8.- Aries

He is the person who will protect you from anything when the going gets tough, if you have to protect the one he loves, he is not afraid of anything. He has a stubborn side and this motivates him to take the initiative in everything, he will not control you, but he will never leave you half alone. By nature, he always faces adversity, his courage makes you feel calm. He is the husband who will give you the stability you are looking for.

9. Leo

If finding the bright side of adversity is your thing, then Leo is for you. Don’t get him wrong, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad husband, he just doesn’t know how to love half as much, he’s one to gamble on everything, regardless of the consequences. It is challenging and makes it impossible to have a reciprocal relationship. If you’re ready to love to the end, that is.

10.- Taurus

Perhaps the most stubborn man you will ever meet in your life, but also the one who will love you the most. This is the sign that doesn’t mind breaking established standards as long as they follow their heart.. He is a loving, loyal, devoted and passionate being. Don’t be afraid because he will be there when you need him the most and also when you fight for your dreams he will support you till the end.

11.- Aquarius

Ambitious person, one who does not consider the thoughts of closed people. He also doesn’t get carried away by gossip, he just focuses on the things that make his heart beat, he works hard to protect the lifestyle he’s always dreamed of. He is the one who respects everything you keep in your mind and heart. He is not only your husband but also your confidant.

12.- Sagittarius

For no reason, let life pass you by waiting for one person to realize how amazing you are. Stay with a man like Sagittarius who listens to you and doesn’t chain you down. He’s the one who knows that your free spirit is what keeps you going, and that’s why he would never do anything to clip your wings. His way of seeing marriage may not be conventional, but he is the lover who shows you loyalty till the end. You can have a happy life with it.

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