Ramses Trujillo, son of Hollywood actress Lita Trujillo, has died

Ramses Trujillo, son of Lita and Ramfis Trujillo, passed away after a long illness. Ramses was the first born of the marriage of the Hollywood actress to the son of former Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. He died in the arms of his mother, whom he had not spoken to in years. Lita and her other son Ricky rekindled their relationship after the sad news. A mass funeral is expected later this month.

The worst moment in a mother’s life is to bury her child. Y Lita Trujillo goes through this bitter pill. The one who was an actress in Hollywood turned into daughter-in-law of former Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo for her marriage with her son Ramfis, she buried her eldest son yesterday at the Mingorrubio cemetery, Ramses.

Although Lita has been waiting for the fatal outcome for some time, it does not stop being less painful. both in morgue as in the funeral He was accompanied by some of the most bombastic families of the nobility and the Spanish jet set, such as Alba. The absence of the media was very striking, considering the specific gravity that Trujillo have had in our country since then arrived from the Dominican Republic in 1962 supported by Franco.

However, a source exclusively told elcierredigital.com the outcome of this sad news. The last six months were a trial for Ramses as he spent most of his time admitted to the hospital in La Paz. Lita went to visit him every day. He died in her arms.

As you managed to find out elcierredigital.comit is expected that a mass funeral in the end of this month.

Lita Trujillo’s relationship with her children

Apparently Ramses suffered from a series of respiratory problems which have been increased as a result of other diseases. He was married and had two children, A boy and a girl. In his youth he was a famous polo player and along with his own brother ricky, became heroes of the Marbella festivals that the pink press described so well between the 1980s and 1990s. It must be remembered that Rameses was one of the many boyfriends she had Chabeli Iglesias before he got married Ricardo Bofil in 1993. Among his close friends is Hubert of Hohenloheson of the founder of Marbella of luxury and glamour, Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe.

A few years ago her own Lita he admitted it to me he did not speak to any of his children. Disagreements arose when in 2010 he had to leave his more than a thousand square meter mansion in La Moraleja, serviced by eight staff, because he could not maintain it. Garcia-Trevihano and the bank advisers ruined it. She stopped engaging in usufruct and her offspring decided to sell the millionaire property. Lita was devastated. Since then, several friends have helped her rent an apartment of around one hundred and fifty square meters (with a maid included) next to the Bernabeu, although she describes it as a “mansion”. This is what palatial houses are used to.

During this period of pain, something beautiful emerged. Ricky and his mother have spoken again and they comforted one another. In fact, your son did a great job welcoming everyone at the wake and funeral.

The Life of Lita Trujillo

The life of Lita Trujillo, at an indeterminate age, allows her to write endless novels. At the age of 15, she made her debut as a showgirl in one of the casinos in Las Vegas, where she performed every night Nat King Colewho took her out to sing the mornings or Mona Lisa. By this time he was already rubbing shoulders with Sinatra, Peter Lawford Y Dean Martinbesides being protected by the billionaire producer Howard Hughes.

Arriving in Hollywood, Anthony Quinn He was her supporter, the person who supported her from the beginning and who encouraged her to make films. His first film was cruel men (1955) together Barbara Stanwyckwhom Lita describes as “mean and alcoholic” because her husband Robert Taylor left her for a “much prettier and younger German woman”.

Lita Trujillo and Paul Newman.

In this frenetic atmosphere, she flirted with the best leading men of the time. She even had a few romances or erotic episodes as she likes to call them. Two of the most important were Paul Newmanwith whom he shot The left hand (1958) and who asserts that “although he was the most handsome man in the world, he was neither sexy nor knew how to make love”, and steve mcqueenwith which he participates never love a stranger (1958) and of which he has an amazing memory: “It was a great lover. We were together for three months. We would take his motorcycle and go to Harlem to listen to jazz. He loved it.”

On those nights when star system revealed its charm at night, Ramfis Trujillo was dating Kim Novak. But he immediately fell in love with Lita. I know entered into a civil marriage in 1961 in the Dominican Republic and later in Alcobendas (Madrid). Unfortunately, the union did not last long, as in December 1969 Ramfis died because of the injuries sustained after his Ferrari collided with the car of Therese Bertrand de Lis and Pidal, Duchess of Albuquerque, who died at the scene. The lady was accompanied by her son Yoanes Osorio, who almost a year ago broke up with Blanca Suelves, the youngest daughter of the Counts of Tamarit. As happened to his son, Ramphis also died in Lita’s arms.

His relationship with Jaime Ostos

in 1973 was in the public domain relationship with bullfighter Jaime Ostos. As she would later say, this was not her first bullfighter before she had an affair with Luis Miguel Dominguin. His union with Ostos officially lasted almost a decade.

At that time, Lita discovered Marbeyamoving to the list of official names of jet set of the city of Malaga to Alfonso de Hohenlohe or Gunilla von Bismarck.

Lita Trujillo and Jaime Ostos.

After her romance with Ostos, she experienced another commented history with Alphonso Headsa medical examiner who in those years became popular for being controversial president of Atlético Madrid. However, the story between Ostos and Lita had a second part.

To be already married to Maria Angeles Grajal, the right-hander returned with Lita with the ensuing media hype. A tour that did not last long and ended with Ostos’ return to family life with the doctor.

Your complex present

Lita Trujillo hasn’t appeared regularly in the tabloid press for years. His last appearances were for talk about your financial problems. According to her, her children, Ramses (now deceased) and Ricky Trujillowho for several years had their own leading role in couches paper were heirs to her late husband’s estate and claimed there was nothing. Some media claim that the money that dictator Trujillo’s children took from the Dominican Republic was approx 650 million dollars.

Ramfis and Lita Trujillo.

On the other hand, in 2017, at the death of the controversial Antonio García-Trevijano which spawned a battle over her inheritance, Lita published a letter to announce that she loaned to Garcia-Trevihano for some investments in Brazil. Money he never paid back. A mess that mixed Lita Trujillo’s name with others from jet set. A world she stumbled into by accident, being without a doubt its most peculiar inhabitant even now She mourned the death of her eldest son Ramses Trujillo inconsolably.

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