Patricia Rato and Javier Moro celebrate their wedding in private

This Thursday, September 8, he is getting married for the second time Patricia Mouse with the businessman Xavier Moreau. Both contribute to this union with several children: she has three, the ones she had in her previous marriage to the bullfighter Juan Antonio Ruiz Spartacus, and both also from a previous union. The couple, who have always tried to keep their relationship as low-key as possible, met eleven years ago at a mutual friend’s birthday party.

Two years later, they began their friendly relationship, but initially denied it to the press. She has long suffered from the harassment of reporters, both during her courtship with the Seville bullfighter, her wedding, the birth of her children, and the sudden separation and divorce. also this second chance wedding for Patricia and Javier they want it away from the cameras too. Looks like they didn’t want to give an exclusive to any magazine and perhaps in the coming weeks they will release some images of the ceremony that will take place at the Las Herencias mansion, located near Talavera de la Reina, owned by the groom.

Javier Moro, sixty-two years old, born in the aforementioned city of Toledo, belongs to a wealthy family that owns an important flour mill. He is the father of two sons, aged twenty-seven and twenty-nine. He is nine different from the bride.


Patricia María de Rato Salazar-Simpson is from Madrid, a descendant of the Ratos banking family. His father owned a radio station bearing his surname, now defunct. And his uncle, Minister of Finance, Vice President of the Government when José María Asnar presided over it, with a bitter end when he was imprisoned for various crimes related precisely to the Ministry of Finance.

The Ratos family, with their familiar lights and shadows, experienced many prosperous economic stages and Patricia in particular lived with her parents in a comfortable home in the Salamanca district of Madrid. His friends belonged to the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie. He studied political science. And spent one season in London. After completing his studies, he started working at the Mercasa company. He was only twenty years old.

She had never been to the bulls, but a friend encouraged her to go to a celebration at the Monumental de las Ventas, where that afternoon the poster was drawn up by Rafael de Paula, Antonete and Espartaco. Patricia looked at the latter. No doubt he was attracted to her physique. She found out where he was staying – the Palace Hotel and tried to contact him by phone. He did not succeed, so he left a card at the reception, on which was written the telephone number of the office of the company where he worked.

The bullfighter from Espartina was intrigued by this gesture. He was used to being chased by more than one female admirer. He asked if anyone knew anything about the last name of the mysterious woman who had left him the business card. And he was able to find out who the Rathos were. After a few days he met Patricia. The friendship continued. I myself was able to capture the sympathy that had developed so quickly between them, sharing a dinner at the Palace in front of the two, in the presence of other guests, such as Lita Trujillo’s two children. When the courtship began, I was also with Patricia Rato in the Trujillo bullring where Spartacus was fighting. During her two tasks, she, scared to death, did not stop wrapping herself in one of my wife’s arms, which she came to pinch several times because of her nervous state. Fortunately, Juan Antonio left the square in triumph and we greeted him in his room.


They loved each other very much. But they didn’t want a mass wedding. And to ensure that no journalist could reveal their wedding ceremony, they decided to get married at an ungodly hour on July 7, 1991, after midnight, in the presence of only a few relatives of the groom, because none of the Rato family this union approves. It would take months to accept Spartacus as a member of the clan.

Patricia, twenty years old, nine years younger than Juan Antonio, accustomed to living comfortably in Madrid, did not hesitate for love to go to live in the countryside with her new husband. In the province of Seville, although later in the capital they also had an apartment. The difference, not only social but also cultural, between the two did not imply any problem in their coexistence. It is clear that she is the most victimized. After eight months of marriage, they had their first childAlejandra and later Isabel and Juan. Everything seemed fine in this home. Espartaco had become an idol in bullfighting, one of the bullfights in which he fought for more than ten seasons. And therefore he made millions and could offer his wife every luxury and his three children with college degrees. Of course, Patricia never came across as a spendthrift woman. In my dealings with her, I have always found her to be simple, unambitious, without any conceit. Lovely.


But the break came. They made it public when they were about to celebrate twenty years together in 2011. They have been estranged for five years, not even under the same roof. Then the bullfighter fell in love with the lawyer Macarena Bazan, who had an important position in the Junta de Andalucia. Patricia Rato returns with her children to Madrid, where they continue their university studies. Only the former couples met again at their eldest daughter’s wedding a year ago. They tried not to harm the children with statements to the press or expose themselves to reports, for example, him with his new love. Nothing was known about her in a sentimental aspect until she met Javier Moro, the man who restored her illusion and happiness.

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