Paragliding, diving, sailing and nature walks to discover the treasures of Getxo

The city of Biscay organizes hundreds of leisure activities to get to know the territory, culture and traditions, with a wide agenda dedicated to sports

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Getxo offers a hundred recreation plans to explore the municipality: from its coast and deep sea to its geological and natural treasures. Here are eight ways to take advantage of the good weather, though many last year-round.

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Sea, land and air make a wonderful combination. To enjoy the third element, we offer a paraglider flight. If you are a fan of the beaches near Getxo, you will surely have heard more than once the cries of those who try the experience, howls of happiness, of those who invite you to smile when you hear them, because you imagine the state of madness in which the person making the sound. This is what gives freedom of flight, always with an expert companion guiding the device. Contrary to what most people believe, no matter how many exclamations it causes in some people, you will experience moments of calm, magical and unimaginable on the beaches of Barinatxe, La Salvaje and Gorrondatxe-Azkorri.

Information €65 (20 to 30 minutes. (658872188). (627632133).

Some like to bathe in a crowd, here we offer a forest bath. Bath without water? Well yes. Shinrin-yoku, the name given to this activity by the Japanese, seeks to deepen our connection with nature in a conscious and mindful way. Azkorri offers the necessary conditions of solitude, landscape, vegetation and sound. You will find that the natural environment can act as medicine. It’s about taking time to feel what we see, breathing deeply, touching natural textures, listening to the breeze or birdsong, activities that relieve stress and take care of your health.

Information 20 euros, 3 hours. From May to October at (680253354). 10 euros, 2 hours. All year round at (666857761).

Water bikes

If you love pedaling and have never done it on the water, it’s time to give it a try. Instead of kilometers, you will travel nautical miles. You have two guided itineraries designed for people who enjoy the sea and want to have fun while doing outdoor sports. One route goes through El Abra, the other to the Bizkaia bridge or flysch to check the width of the Nervión estuary, the beauty of the alley declared a World Heritage Site or the majesty of the coast.

Information Abra route: 20 euros, 30 minutes. Bridge route or flysch: 45 euros, 90 minutes. Children from 7 to 14 years: 10 euros. September 10 – consult on other days. 610255750.

Here is one of the corsairs. First, they will tell you the story of the pirate Jack Smith, who, after looting several ships, hides a treasure in El Abra Bay. Your adventure begins once you board the Marina, not as a passenger on a ship, but as a companion to its crew. You have two missions: discover the most beautiful areas of this beautiful piece of water and land, decorated with views, and decipher the mysteries that the con artist has left hidden.

Information 60 euros. Whole year. Minimum group: 3 people. 676581763.

flying sailors

E-foil is a strange name, but as soon as we tell you what it is, you’ll have a clear idea of ​​what we mean. It combines two already attractive verbs, to surf and to fly, and turns them into an unforgettable encounter. Experts say you don’t need to be an expert to get started, just a desire. Then come with them to try your luck on this surfboard equipped with an electric motor that literally flies above the water thanks to the principles of hydrodynamics. If you add a perpendicular wing mast to the bottom of the board and increase the speed, it rises, reducing the pressure on the water and producing a force responsible for lifting it and you.

Information 150 euros (price for 1 or 2 people). 2 hours All year round. (629054183) and (644212298).

We set sails… and goals. Are you a fan of photography? Then this is your thing. Get on the sailboat and focus on getting the best pictures on board. The proposal’s suggestions are to capture the best sunset, the fall of light and the changing color of the sky over the sea, but from the water, by locating the angles through the lens.

Information 300 euros (up to 8 people). 2.5 hours All year round. 636574679.

tarpon diving

Going underwater for a walk seems complicated at first, but it’s easier than you think when you’re accompanied by a spotter who teaches you how to navigate the sea and monitors your movements. The option starts with a boat trip to do special and fun dives in the coastal area near Getxo, look for the environment down there and chat about the fish life.

Information From 30 euros (material not included). From 50 with material. 3 a.m. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays until November 1. 944912577/685729548.

Knowledge has no place when explanations are offered by an expert. It is not the same to contemplate a geological wonder without interpreting what you see than to do so thanks to the knowledge of an expert. The idea is to walk to get up close to view the Flysch; not only contemplate it, but dare to touch its forms, to feel the age of the Earth inscribed in those wrinkles that time and erosion have left on the rocks. Participants will also conduct field experiments to feel like researchers for a while. The excursion starts at the parking lot of the Galea fortress and ends at Gorrondatxe-Azkorri beach.

Information 5 euros; children under 10 free. 2 hours September 11 and October 9. 677170921.

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