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On this Thursday morning, Colonel Milton Cesar Escobar Gallegocommander of the National Army Reserve Recruiting and Control Command, confirmed that the third day of the national level has begun determine the military situation to men over 18 years of age.

The conference will take place between September 7 and October 10.

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Those who wish can go from 7 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon in the 12 zones and 60 military districts, and there they will be able to get various benefits, especially economic.

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According to Colonel Escobar, the benefits range from “60 percent discount on military compensation and 90 percent discount on fines and/or sanctions resulting from violations in the martial law determination process’.

In the same way, you can choose free access to the electronic certificate or the physical issuance of your second class reservist card, after paying the processing costs, which are equivalent to 15 percent of the monthly minimum wage, as specified in Art. 9 of Law 1184 of 2008

Who can access the benefits?

The Recruitment Command states that these benefits can be accessed by Colombian citizens residing in the country or abroad who are in the following situations:

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1. Violators who are sanctioned with finesthese are:

• Eligible citizens who, having been summoned to a concentration for establishment, did not appear on the date, place and time specified by the conscription-mobilization service.

• Citizens who did not appear for the first assessment of psychophysical abilities.

• Citizens who have completed the registration process suddenly effective according to Law 48/93, i.e. before August 4, 2017

• Adult citizens who have been deferred because they studied in high school and do not appear to determine their military status after receiving their high school diploma, in force by Law 1861/17.

• Citizens who have been paid military compensation and have not paid the receipt within the established period (expired receipt).

Chief of Army Recruiting Command

Colonel Milton Cesar Escobar Gallego refers to the economic benefits of these days.

Conference to determine the military situation

The call will be until October 10.

two. Citizens over the maximum incorporation age (Over 24 years old).

3. Citizens declared unfit by the psychophysical training commissions of the Directorate “Recruitment”.

4. Citizens residing abroad who demonstrate a minimum of 3 years of residence.

5. Citizens exempted from military service and who are required by law to pay the military compensation fee, in accordance with the grounds set out in Article 12 of Act 1861 of 2017, which are as follows:

• An only child, male or female.

• An orphan of a father or a mother who takes care of his work for the livelihood of his brothers and sisters who are unable to earn a living.

• A child of parents who are unable to work or who have reached the age of 60 when they have no income, pension or means of support, provided they are looked after.

• The brother or son of someone who died or became totally and permanently disabled in battle, during or in consequence of service, during the rendering of compulsory military service, unless, being fit, he voluntarily willing to fulfill it.

• The children of officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers and professional marines, agents, executive level and of the public forces who have died or been declared disabled by military or police medical and professional authorities and authorities, in combat or in acts of service and for reasons inherent therein, unless, being fit, they voluntarily desire to provide it.

• Clerics and monks in accordance with current concordat agreements. Likewise, similar hierarchies of other religions or churches, permanently dedicated to their worship.

• Married couples who have married life.

• Those who prove the existence of a legally declared de facto marital union.

• People in a situation of permanent physical, mental or sensory impairment.

• Colombian men who, after their registration, no longer have the male component in their civil registry.

• Citizens enrolled in the Office of the Nation’s Attorney General’s Victim and Witness Protection Program.

• Citizens who have renounced military service, recognized after processing before the interdisciplinary commission provided for in articles 77 to 80 of Law 1861 of 2017.

• The parent.

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Requirements for determining the military situation

Col. Milton Cesar Escobar, Director of Recruiting

Col. Milton Cesar Escobar is director of the Reserve Recruiting and Control Command.


National Army Recruitment Directorate

If you want to determine your military status on this special day, the first thing to do is to register on the website: www.libretamilitar and upload a photocopy of citizen cardcivil registration, certificate and diploma of secondary education, if any, photo 3×4 on a blue background (on a tie, in JPG format and no more than 1MB).

In case of acquittal on the grounds described above, you must prove the supporting documents of the grounds. To do this, you can check the necessary documents on the website, section “definition of the military situation”

You must also submit a receipt for military pay and/or fines owed (if you have one).

If you are a Colombian citizen residing abroad, you must provide a simple authorization authorizing a third party to carry out the process for the day and express whether you prefer the physical military card to be delivered to the authorized person, or instead request that it be sent via diplomatic mail to the relevant consulate.

If you stay abroad for more than 3 years, regardless of age, you will be exempt from military service and you will be able to prove it through the relevant consular offices.

Any additional information can be requested in the 60 military districts, you can also contact the national telephone number (601) 744 84 38.

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