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The Anthropocene is a very powerful concept that denotes the change of geological era. The term is recent and it is very important to be aware of it. It refers to the interval in which geological conditions and processes have been profoundly altered by man, by the human race.

It is obvious that planet Earth has always been and will be in constant change, which by its very nature changes natural conditions. However, an unhealthy relationship has arisen between the Planet and Man, which unbalances everything natural. Precisely because of the Anthropocene, the acceleration of changes to the planet that occurred in millennia is now happening in decades. Such transformations cannot be attributed to nature or natural processes, but, as geologists say, are due to man as a global geological force on a planetary scale. These changes occur as large-scale changes that are usually detrimental to the world’s ecosystems. Such effects are mainly caused by economic activities related to mass production, production and consumption, causing severe chemical changes in the biosphere, acidification of seas and oceans, mass extinction of species and many other innumerable deteriorations. If they were discovered and exposed at once, it would give us an apocalyptic vision of our existence.


International instruments such as the Stockholm Declaration of 1972 seem like a dead letter today. This declaration establishes the fundamental right to a “quality” environment. It was a perspective in favor of caring for the environment to allow the existence of people in the present but also in the future for the benefit of future generations.

Unfortunately, in the name of economic, commercial and industrial activities, the human race, mainly through organized collectives or business structures, has caused and continues to cause damage, deterioration and irreversible destruction of the environment. All in the supposed name of “progress and prosperity”. The accumulation of wealth and its catastrophic distribution continue to absurdly place man at the center of the planet. And the risk society has failed to overturn economic or consumption models based primarily on extractive processes. Even the geologist Crutzen confirms that the human footprint has a direct relationship with the transformations of the planet and that the so-called “resistance limits of the Earth’s ecosystem” have been exceeded. Horrible examples abound and are visible to all but permanent droughts, sea-level changes, melting poles and land impoverishment.

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The relationship between the rapid growth of population, consumption, generation of pollutants and the uncontrolled activity of mining companies – which seek only profit without any contribution to the common good – gives us the right to confirm that the law has not served as a control tool. sustainable development is a reality.

Sustainability is a beautiful concept that has failed to define or achieve processes to return to the Anthropocene. Today’s generations show, on a global scale, no interest in realizing that natural resources are limited and that the current economic system is not infinite. Resources are running out fast, and negative forecasts or impending announcements of food shortages, drinking water shortages, and substandard ecosystems are increasingly crossing the line.

The law and legal systems have not achieved a balance or the implementation of models that allow fair joint liability between the state-resident companies. There is no legal regime or government authority to really dissuade entrepreneurs and companies from continuing to degrade biodiversity. Even national or international criminal law has not stopped human-caused horrors on ecosystems. Impunity continues to spread in these matters. And the few penalties imposed on some companies are reflected only as part of their financial costs, without being able to repair the damage and without correcting the harmful effects on the environment. Of course, there are honorable exceptions and isolated examples of honestly sustainable entrepreneurs and companies, but we are talking about a general planetary perspective.

Note that protecting and restoring the planet is not seen as a priority or as a fundamental legal right. Government speeches, international declarations and laws abound everywhere, but all these are insufficient to reverse the trend of environmental danger. I insist, in the context of the environment, from the point of view of the economic regime, very few ‘win’ through accumulation and almost everyone ‘loses’. As a result, the planet loses and the human race loses. Their dehumanization goes beyond glyphosate, toxic, neurotoxic, polluting, hazardous or radioactive substances. Despite the fact that it is repeated ad nauseam in world forums that nature cannot cope with the rapid acceleration of man’s technological processes. Perhaps they “believe” that AI will solve what man has failed to do.

So much contrasting reality, so much uncertainty about the future causes loss of hope and discouragement. Perhaps the Metaverse will bring better tools for future generations in the form of rethinking sustainability or protecting planet Earth. Even considering that many open possibilities to conquer other planets like Mars.


The plant has problems, as does life itself, but it is a pity that we have not understood that the important thing is how to face them in order to solve them. Humanity lacks ingenuity, that capacity for innovation and creativity to solve and optimize situations that affect the human being itself. It seems the human race and current generations feel “unplanetary people”. That is, people without an existential need for the Planet; who live here but without appreciating it. For them it is only a means of extracting wealth for themselves.

The current era of the Anthropocene is an opportunity to obtain critical information that must be consciously known in order to reach objective conclusions and make drastic decisions to take action in a very short time. It is important to place the planet as the source and center of our existence.


In the next few years, we will fully enter the accelerated Anthropocene, ushering in an era of adaptability for the survival of the human species. The planet and nature will never be what they were. And the Risk Society will be abandoned to make way for the Survival Society.

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