“Intus is the Netflix that promotes physical, mental and emotional health through habits”

Given the increased attention that has begun to be paid to people’s overall well-being as a result of the rise in emotional and mental health problems since the start of the pandemic, numerous projects have emerged that aim to manage this problem and one of these is Intus, a web platform that already has more than 7,000 subscribed users, where you can find content focused on preventive health in the work environment.

We spoke with Miguel Jaramillo, CEO and co-founder of Intus about how the platform works and how it can help companies by improving the quality of life of their employees. He also explained that they have articulated their proposition with the NFT foray.

What led to the idea of ​​creating this type of platform?
The company was launched in 2021 after a process that I experienced after moments of depression in 2018, at that moment I began to look for many answers, I questioned many situations in my life and I knew that I had to create a change, I began to invest in time, knowledge, psychologist, life coach and I began to understand concepts such as living in the present, gratitude, awareness, self-love, service, values, not focusing only on doing and on having and forgetting to be.

How did you set up the project?
With Alvaro Hoyos, who is my partner; there is a synchronicity, he is the son of the founders of Frisby, which is one of the leading companies in conscious capitalism and the development of being, so there is a great fusion, respect, admiration and a desire to serve, which is a higher purpose.

We begin to create a conceptualization with three guiding values, which are: self-centered awareness, compassion, and service; and to honor the knowledge we have in Latin America, we formed a team of experts who connect through language, because there may be great gurus from the United States, but less than 20% of the population in Colombia speaks English fluently; and decided to create an accessible content format between two and 10 minutes.

How does the platform work?
It has the same “Netflix look and feel”, what we want is to cultivate this learning through the structure of curiosity and experimentation with a platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+. You could say it’s the Netflix of physical, mental and emotional health, promoting preventative health to avoid stress, depression, anxiety.

It is also a tool for Colombian families, because just like with a Netflix account, by having a subscription, the family nucleus will also have access to the content with email and password, which is great because it means understanding that the well-being of a person is affected from his close circle.

What methodology do they use?
There are three great pillars in health, prevention and promotion, intervention and treatment; what we focus on is prevention. We work hand-in-hand with the preventive health model that we develop around behavioral sciences with companies like EPS and compensation funds, with a main pillar that is habits, because a person is a result of what he does repeatedly.

And to help cultivate mental, physical and emotional habits, it’s important to care about the quality of the content and the people who are there, which is why more than 23 experts we have at Intus are people who have written books, who have worked with people and companies and they do great work holistically.

How does Intus work for business?
Every company has their specific needs, there are some who want to promote more mental health, others food, etc., so what we do is create a plan designed to measure. We work directly with HR with our internal team methodology and co-creation culture, for us competition is synonymous with scarcity, so we want to change that paradigm to one of abundance where established companies want startups like Intus to work , to enhance the knowledge they have and increase their capacity.

Which companies offer the Intus service?
We work with Frisby, Colliers, Comfama, Audifarma and close new businesses including chain hotels.

How does a preventive health approach work in the workplace?
All of these resources that are on Intus, such as short videos focused on active breaks, help prevent events such as absenteeism through behavioral science using habits; because, for example, in a company they can try to promote conscious eating because they need more energy and give the worker an apple a year, but it doesn’t work because in order to generate a sustainable change in the eating structure, the habits must be cultivated and this is where we accompany .

999 NTFs were released on the OpenSea market at the end of August. We create several collections, those from one collection have the value of one ethereum and with that you get six months subscription to the platform. It’s digital art, but it’s also a ‘utility token’, it aims to give usability to art and technology to invest in you and your growth process.

At the same time, it will be the key to the future in a metaverse that we are building to create the Intus Wellness School. As we see it, it’s like the loyalty card of the future to log in with an avatar and explore Intus content.

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