Global LGBTI Conference 2022: Cafiero highlights Argentina’s leadership in expanding rights

This Thursday finally kicked off the Global LGBTI Conference 2022 on Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) with the opening of Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero, who emphasized Argentina’s leadership on the issue and left strong statements against hate speech, following the attempted attack on Cristina Kirchner. Between today and tomorrow, 42 member states and more than 140 civil society organizations will discuss and agree joint action on the urgent issues facing LGBTI+ people around the world and the protection of their human rights. “The Argentine state has been able to respond to many of the demands of the social movements and turn them into a stable regulatory framework,” Cafiero emphasized.

Together with the Special Representative on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alba wheel, and his British counterpart, Lord Nick Herbert, Cafiero maintained that “human rights are a cross-cutting axis of Argentine national and foreign policy. Inscribed in this axis, which is the identity of our country, is a strong commitment to promote and protect the rights of LGTBIQ+ people”.

The chancellor emphasized that “this example has spread; and in Argentina, the public policies and laws we have regarding LGBTIQ+ rights would not have been possible without the tireless struggle, demands, demands and knowledge of civil society organizations.” And He mentioned the passage of the Marriage Equality Act 2010, the Gender Identity Act 2012 and the 2020 trans employment quota in the national public administration. “This momentum allowed the National Congress to approve the Act to Promote Access to Formal Employment for Travesti-Trans People, known as the Lohana Berkins Diana Sacayán Trans Employment Quota Act, in 2021,” he added.

He also explained that the signing of the presidential decree of 2021 on documentation of non-binary identities, people of gender identity and all those who do not want to declare their gender identity to the state “is a historic step in the recognition of the rights of LGBTI+ the people. All this corresponds to the commitment of the Argentine state to the construction of a more inclusive, diverse and egalitarian society”.

On the other hand, regarding the attempted assassination of the nation’s vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Cafiero noted: “The incident is very serious because it crossed the line of conflict, even the most acute conflict, and It became an act of political violence alien to the democratic tradition of alternation and respect for individual rights, which will be forty years old in 2023. The attack demonstrates the urgency of ending hate speech and its escalation.

And he added: “You know very well how this spiralization works if societies do not stop it in time. They begin by seeking scapegoats and continue with dehumanizing practices that can naturalize the elimination of another person or people. the last step of violating equal rightsas they know only too well from their own dramatic experience, especially LGBTI+ people on all continents”.

Alba Rueda, for his part, emphasized: “Today I have to speak from the role of Special Representative on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity of Argentina, which fills me with pride because it symbolizes the commitment of the Argentine state in announcing policies that seek to overcome inequalities of the community to which I belong. I’m a trans activist in a government capacity and this is a huge achievement for our societies.”

Rueda also maintains that “this meeting is the result of the pressure of the LGTBI + movement in the world. I would like to make an explicit appeal so that in the coming days we can recover these social struggles and serve as a basis for progress in building a diverse memory. , an essential tool to meet the challenges of global scenarios and where we stand”. And pointed out: “especially to eliminate hate speech and the positions of certain sectors that seek to limit our freedoms and existence.”

For his part, Lord Nick Herbert pointed out that “the great strength of this coalition is not only its intergovernmental nature, but also that it includes civil society organizations as a core part, which is why it is great to see so many NGOs from all over the world here . , you are the real experts and we will use your ideas to promote equality around the world. This is a future-oriented event, and the topics of these two days are related to the challenges that lie ahead and how we will respond to them”.

“I think the most important focus of this conference should be how to build on our achievements and agree what we will do as people and together to improve human rights and equality for LGBTI+ people.” The launch of the ERC’s first strategy last year was a milestone in the organization’s history and seeks to focus work on the original promise of the coalition: tackling violence, discrimination, criminalization. We will succeed if we take a more active role as member states in the ERC,” he added.

And he stressed: “I know it’s been a difficult week because of the shock of the attempted assassination of the vice president, and I want to take this opportunity to express my strongest rejection of this attack.” Democracy must always condemn violence.

What is the Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) and what will it look like

The ERC (, launched in 2016, works as a global cooperation mechanism to promote the human rights of LGBTI+ people around the world, being the main international initiative that provides a communication channel for cooperation between member states and LGBTI+ civil society organizations.

It consists of 42 countries that have committed to facilitate the exchange of information and best practices to develop joint policies and coordinate the steps to be taken to improve the situation of LGBTI+ people in the world. As co-chairs of the ERC from 2019 Argentina and the UK launched the first five-year strategy and implementation plan in 2021, which seeks to guide, shape and reinvigorate the work of the organization to ensure it reaches its significant potential to promote full equality for LGBTI+ people.

The main objective of the Global LGBTI Conference of the Coalition for Equal Rights, which will be held in Buenos Aires, is to highlight what has been done in the last three years of the Argentine-British co-chairmanship, to define steps to continue the consolidation of the Coalition and to discuss issues of interest , related to the rights of LGBTI+ people.

During the conference, Argentina and the United Kingdom will hand over the co-chairmanship to Germany and Mexico.

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