Get married today in Argentina: how much does a luxury, cheap and destination wedding cost

When a couple decides to get married, the planning and organization begins where they open themselves up to a vast array of options to determine together, from the date and the available budget to the type of wedding they dream of.

Therefore, in times of high inflation, TN collect three options that include alternatives for different pockets who want to say “yes” in 2023, from an accessible and cheaper recommendation, one with all possible luxuries and another with the current trend: destination weddings.

Also calculated are the estimated expenses that the guests have to make to attend the wedding and the approximate gift amount for the bride and groom.

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Tips on how to start planning a wedding

  • think about budgets in dollars. As Stefanía Franceschini of Wedding Help Ar explained, “Peso pricing ends up being a headache” and planning in US currency likely for “prices with long-term stability”.
  • there is estimated amount of money that you want to spend when you request budgets. This will make it easier to choose any product. “It is important to know the budget you have, because with this we adapt to make the wedding of dreams that every couple has”highlighted Mariel Rivero of Event Planner.
  • There are also many couples who decide not to set an exact budget, but to have an idea and compare prices based on that. In this sense, Franceschini states: “It is usually a double-edged sword, because having an infinite number, the things that can be negotiated are infinite. So it is important in these cases, have clear ideas so that you know what to aim for and not spend to spend”.
  • In addition to the location, it should be noted that there are four suppliers that make the final price more expensive: catering, technology (with dj included), setting and photography and video.
  • It is also important to know what season will the wedding be in? Antonella Newberry, event organizer, points out that one of the variables when looking at the price of a venue has to do with the date of the wedding. The high season (March, April, October, November and December) is usually the most expensive because these are the good weather months; on in the middle of the season (May and September) does not vary so much; finally low season tends to be most available (January, February, June, July and August) are the holiday dates, with extreme cold and hot temperatures.
  • wedding planner yes or no?: Many venues have event planners who plan and take care of everything related to catering, setting up, contracting services and other aggregates. Still others choose to hire a person to guide them, help them compare prices and see which option is closest to the wedding of their dreams. Along these lines, the WP will also consider other variables outside of the party, such as civil, church or post-wedding night details. If you choose to rent it, it is an additional expense and is estimated at least $100,000 for this service.
  • One party always has a request that can’t be missed, whether it’s a full sweet table, a live band, or a tech set that has LED lights all over the ceiling. For this the advice of WPs consulted by TN it is separate the essential and the special -for which more budget will be allocated-, of the elements that can be saved. There the difference will be made and they will be able to reduce some expenses that will allow them to have other “luxuries”.
  • Within the selected locations, you should look for places that are “flexible with suppliers”. In a few salons, they charge extra if the providers they suggest are not used, so the price tends to go up. If the couple has a trusted service they want to hire, this point must be met.

Budget for a nice and affordable wedding

For an unforgettable party full, yet simple and affordable for 100 guests, the approximate price (today) is around $10,000/15,000 or $3,500,000 and includes:

  • Between them there is a lounge with a terrace or green space $2,474 and $3,711/$600,000 and $900,000.
  • Catering + bar for drinks: $61.8/$15,000 per person, for a total of $6,180/$1,500,000.
  • Photo and video: photographer and video operator service and delivery of the content on a flash drive will be approx $800/$194,000.
  • Atmosphere: Simple – but not the most basic – around 1031 dollars/250,000 dollars.
  • Tech: includes DJ, sound, led lights, led screens, lasers, smoke: some are rated 618.5 dollars/150,000 dollars.
  • Wedding dress: ready to wear, not made to order, can be purchased between $165 a $371/$40,000 a 90,000 dollars.
  • Suit for the groom: $412.3/$100,000.
  • Makeup and hair: 41.2 dollars/10,000 dollarsincluding staff lounges at home or in the salon.
  • Cotillón: one of the recommendations is to buy all the things for the carnival in Rio de Janeiro at once, which would lead to costs around $103/25,000 dollars.

This price may include a wedding night at a hotel after the party, a photo booth for fun at the party, or a glitter booth.

A beautiful outdoor option, with lots of greenery. (Photo: @yacoelfotografo / @puestolavasca / Setup @bendita.deco. Organization @weddinghelperar)from: Nice photographer

(The value of the dollar that was taken as a reference for the budgets of this note is the selling value of the dollar of the Banco Nación on September 7, which closed its price, added to 65% of PAÍS, taxes on profits and personal property)

Budget for a luxury wedding

Absolutely full version, what they usually call a wedding “luxury” circle in the middle 30,000 dollars a $45,000, in pesos will be more than 7,000,000.

  • Between them, a castle-like room (where famous couples have married) or a large fifth is rented $3,711 and $4,948 /$900,000 and $1,200,000.
  • Catering + bar: $103/$25,000 per person, taking into account signature drinks or drinks from the best brands. (USD 10,300 for 100 guests)
  • Atmosphere: with luxury furniture for rent, with special details and decorations, one can approach among $4,536 to $8,274/$1,100,000 to $2,000,000.
  • Photo and video: two photographers and two videographers, pre-wedding periods, civil coverage, chronological clip, quick video editing and delivery of flash memory and photo book will be around $2,000/$485,000.
  • Technique: DJ, sound, led lights, led screens, laser, smoke: $1,237/$300,000. If show added: US$4,123/$1,000,000 and relatively well-known group, will spend $15,000/$3,637,500.
  • Wedding dress: made to measure, can be obtained between 618.5 dollars a 1443 dollars (150,000 dollars a 350,000 dollars)
  • Suit for the groom: also made to measure $824/200,000 dollars.
  • Makeup and hair: 61.8 dollars/$15,000including staff lounges at home or in the salon.
  • Cotillon: 206 dollars/50,000 dollars.
  • Photo booth: $123/$30,000.
  • glitter stand: $103/$25,000.
  • Fireworks: $500/$121,250.
Province and Romanticism for a Luxury Wedding (Photo: Courtesy of Estancia Villa María)
Province and Romanticism for a Luxury Wedding (Photo: Courtesy of Estancia Villa María)

Destination wedding, the new trend

This is one of the most used wedding styles in recent times, but what is it all about? Destination weddings are those where the couple decides to get married in a place other than where they live.

The most chosen options today are the vineyards in Mendoza, some beach such as Aguas Verdes or Bariloche.

For example, it is estimated that there can be a wedding on the beach 5 million dollars in a parador that is dedicated to events. The number can be increased in case the marriage decides to take over the accommodation of all guests.

One of the chosen: destination wedding on the beach.  (Photo: @dreambigestudio. Setup @bendita.deco. @weddinghelperar)
One of the chosen: destination wedding on the beach. (Photo: @dreambigestudio. Setup @bendita.deco. @weddinghelperar)

In contrast, the number of the event in a vineyard or in cabins in the south can reach up to 7 million dollars pesos as they are more expensive destinations.

What will build the price variation will be if any local suppliers or not. In the event that this can be accessed, shipping costs will be avoided and prices similar to those above will be considered. However, not all selected locations have suppliers of the necessary. This is a point that every couple should consider when planning the wedding.

What are the current wedding trends

  • “After the pandemic and so much isolation, the trend we are seeing is that the couple is choosing lots of greenery, villas and outdoor spaces” Newberry clarifies.
  • Regarding souvenirs, he pointed out that new trends are positioning plants, candles and to the vast masses of candies to be worn as the most chosen.
  • Something that is being used more and more glitter stand, where all the guests pass to have their shine applied. Also, those who choose openly make a show of Fireworks.
One of the latest trends: lots of glitter.  (Photo: @yacoelfotografo. Setting: @bendita.deco)
One of the latest trends: lots of glitter. (Photo: @yacoelfotografo. Setting: @bendita.deco)
  • For save from the cotillion, Franceschini suggested that a good option is to get a few girlfriends — or bridesmaids, if they decide to have them — with the bride and get together. “It’s a nice experience and you take care of your pocket,” he noted.
  • A good time to save and cooperate with the environment is to send digital invitations. There are free apps to make them, and even spouses-to-be can put them together. In general, they add there the information about the event and the number of CBU for those who decide to give money.

How much I spend if invited: clothing and gift

Once the big invitation arrives, the classic questions of what to wear or what to give immediately arise. To calculate the cost in case you are part of the celebration, a custom dress, one of the cheapest, can be in 50,000 dollarsalthough with more crystals or details it can reach 75,000 dollars; until the tailored suit falls under 50,000 dollars.

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Those who are skilled, hair and makeup can be made at home and lower costs. Others prefer to “go all out” and hire a makeup service with hair included, which is approx 6000 dollars Y $9000.

In relation to gifts, several things are used: gifting an experience or adding honeymoon excursions, household appliances and, most simply, depositing money into an account. Now, how much is ideal? Sources consulted assure that this should be at least the value of the coverage (between $15,000 and $30,000); however, this will depend on each pocket.

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