Families in action: dates, amount, requirements and by when I can request the payment

Families in action This is a program run by Social prosperity which offers an opportunity for families with children and teenagers in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty, you get a incentive conditionally economic school attendance Already healthcare of children and adolescents. The program provides two types of incentives to participating families: the incentive of Hello and the incentive of education.

There is an operating cycle that includes the processes of referral, registration, engagement check, news, PQRyD, exit conditionssettlement and delivery:

1): Health incentive: Granted to families with children up to 6 years of age, with the aim of supplementing the family income aimed at improving the health of children and adolescents during the critical stage of their growth. One incentive is given per family, regardless of the number of children in that age group.

two). educational incentive: Awarded to families with school-aged children and adolescents who are in transition to eleventh grade, with the goal of stimulating school attendance, increasing years of schooling, and reducing school dropouts. An incentive is given for each child and adolescent, with a maximum of three beneficiaries per family.

New payments from Families in Action

From this Tuesday, September 6th until next September 26th, the Department of Social Prosperity (DPS) will make the cash transfers corresponding to the fourth payment cycle of 2022 of the Familias en Acción program. For this turn, equivalent to the inspection period April-May 2022has a bag of 328,094 million pesos to be distributed among 1,941,086 households targeted for this disbursement phasereported by the DPS.

The company specified that in this cycle incentives that correspond to households with children under six years of age, for health concept; and households with boys, girls and teenagers studying in schools with academic calendar A and B.

How and where to collect the fourth payment of Familias en Acción 2022?

Beneficiary households under this economic assistance program claim the transfers, which are made on average every two months, through the private operators Supergiros and Moviei, this according to the municipality or city of residence of the family receiving the incentive.

The transfer schedule in each population, as well as the payment points, schedules and allies will be socialized in the municipal links and in the communication channels provided by the responsible operators. For this reason, it is advisable to be careful with these means of communication, both municipal and operator sites.

Super spins will deliver the incentives only through the money transfer method, at 1,917 points in 277 municipalities.

After making sure that this is the authorized operator in your city or municipality, go in person with your citizen card (if you are the holder of the benefit) to the nearest branch of this company or its network of allies in the country to make the withdrawal from available money.

Holders located in 828 municipalities through which transfers are made Movii SA, they receive the money by money transfer through their account with that operator. If you do not have an account on this platform, there are some physical points where you can claim your incentive, also with your beneficiary document in hand: check them here.

In case you are registered with Moviei, you will automatically receive the payment in your account. If you want to have your own user in this application to receive the subsidy through it, follow these steps:

  • Download the app on your mobile phone. (Click on this link to get to the website with the download button you’ll find at the top right of the page).
  • Go to the “Registration” option.
  • Enter your mobile number and click on “Receive SMS”.
  • Select your ID (follow the verification steps).
  • Enter your email. Leave the “Recommendation” field blank.
  • Accept the contract. They will send you a copy to your email.
  • Create a password to log in to Moviei.
  • The app will send you a text message to your mobile number as soon as the money is deposited.
  • To view the withdrawn amount, make virtual transactions with this money and confirm your balance, you need to log into the “app” with your username and password.

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