Everything you need to remember before the season 6 premiere

Lovers of good series celebrate the return of The good fight. The most political series of lawyers on TV returns to Movistar Plus+ to close its plots with a sixth and final season in which civil war is brewing.

Since its premiere in 2017, the series created by the marriage of Robert and Michelle King has described better than any other the sociocultural reality and political climate of the United States, presenting the hottest topics in the headlines and always glued to the news. From Trump to MeToo, the transwomen debate in professional sports, racial conflict or the pandemic, segregation and the continuation of The good wife He didn’t give a shit and he did it without losing his sense of humor.

In preparation for this long-awaited return, which will culminate the journey of Diane Lockhart and her colleagues at the new Reddick Ri’chard & Associates, we review news that this season 6 will bring us and we remember where we left his characters the last time we saw them.

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Where we left off at the end of Season 5

Judge Wackner’s popular judicial experiment turned out so-so.

STR Laurie, the international company that bought Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, showed up at the offices waiting for the quarterly report, while Diane, Marissa, Carmen and Liz ran from court to court trying to get Oscar Reevey and Plum Meadow to sign the agreement, which will allow them to adjust the numbers with the entry of a new contract. In the end they succeeded, crossing, as usual, the boundaries of some ethical considerations, in this case the origin of Reevey’s money.

As for Liz and Diane, they eventually managed to iron out the rough edges between them after the original idea of ​​starting a female-led company was cut short by the fallout that Diane, who has some customers with racist tendencieswas a partner in a firm founded by African-American lawyers.

Although the first solution that Diane proposed was quite problematic in its conception, since it basically consisted of separating the offices, in the end decided to forego this opportunity and agreed to continue as a contributor, relinquishing her position to Allegra (but it was confirmed that Wanda Skye would not be participating in the new season) and just before leaving for her long-awaited vacation.

And finally, the experiment People’s Court Wakner (and streaming entertainment product) ended in a riot with echoes of the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. It also resulted in a terrifying split screen that showed how these Vigilance Courts are spread all over the country defending the indefensible. This is one of the flames that will ignite the civil war of the new part.

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What to expect from season 6

The Good Fight Trailer | Season 6 | Movistar Plus+

Diane feels trapped in a constant déjà vu, with the feeling of returning again and again to the starting point of six years ago (2016, the election of Donald Trump), which will make her face surreal situations.

Between threats of a new Cold War, limited freedom of choice and diminished voting rights, the lawyers at Reddick & Asociados wonder if the violence surrounding them points to impending civil war. As Michelle King revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the concept of civil war will be more than metaphorical in this installment.

Andre Braugher, John Slattery and Alan Cumming Join 'The Good Fight' Season 6

Andre Braugher, John Slattery and Alan Cumming Join ‘The Good Fight’ Season 6

In addition to the usual cast, this final season will once again see Carrie Preston bring the memorable to life Elizabeth Tashoni. Alan Cumming also returns as Eli GoldMarissa’s father and the best crisis management lawyer we haven’t seen since The good wife.

As novelties in distribution is inserted Andrew Brager (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) as Ri’Chard Lane, a self-centered lawyer who is to become the firm’s new partner at SRT Laurie’s suggestion. Y John Slattery (Crazy people), who will play Lyle Bettencourt, a doctor who pursues alternative therapies to help Diane overcome moments of crisis.

Season 6 of “The Good Fight” premieres on September 8 at 10:00 PM on Movistar Series.

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