Euphoria in the Palace; AMLO says he won’t be like Cárdenas

The NDK is happy, almost euphoric, because this week the president Lopez Obrador will add two political and legal victories of the greatest importance: on the one hand, the vote in the Supreme Court of informal pretrial detentionwhich is being defined this Thursday with some clarifications and constitutional interpretations, but which is already a fact, is in favor of the original position of the executive and against the minister’s draft decree Luis Maria Aguilar by 7 votes to 4; and on the other the already imminent and almost certain rupture of Alianza goes to Mexico and the PRI’s accession to support the army’s permanence on the streets and in civilian security until 2028.

Two political triumphs that surprised the tenant of the Palace this week, because neither of them was expected in such a clear and strong way. In the case of the court vote, the president himself publicly complained and cried out against the ministers and other members of the judiciary, especially the four he proposed to integrate the court, who were said to be “disappointed” as he said no he can even meet the 4 votes to guarantee him a stay of sentence against preventive detention. And, oh surprise!, during the vote, 7 ministers agreed with different arguments and interpretations about the constitutionality of the informal prison, and only 4 supported its change.

Meanwhile, the Alianza Va por México case, although it began to take shape since last week, what is well known today was the betrayal of the PRI leader, Alejandro Moreno Cardenaswho agreed to remain unpunished and with immunity from criminal charges brought against him by the Campeche government in exchange for doing the dirty work for the president and Morena and presenting as belonging to one of his deputies, Yolanda de la Torre, an initiative which extends the army’s presence on the streets and in the country’s public security until 2028, this week the threat of a rupture was already open and apparent with the call made by the leaders of the PAN and PRD, in addition to businessmen Claudio X. Gonzalez Y Gustavo de Hoyosso that the PRI withdraws or rejects the aforementioned constitutional reform that would extend military presence in civil security.

And since Alito Moreno has already said that he will not withdraw the constitutional initiative and that he will not allow ultimatums from his allies, it is a fact that Alianza Va Por México has its hours numbered. As soon as the PRI in the Chamber of Deputies votes with Morena on the military expansion proposal contained in the transitional fifth constitution, the PAN and PRD will disregard their coalition with Alejandro Moreno’s PRI, but could retain an alliance with the tricolor bench in the Senate, where Miguel Angel Osorio Chong He has already made a public commitment and last night got the 11 PRI senators to sign a letter pledging to vote against the constitutional reform proposed by his party in San Lazaro.

In other words, next week, when Morena and the PRI are already scheduled to revive the legislative PRI-Mor to vote together to keep the army on the streets until 2028, the Alliance for Mexico could end and give way to a new coalition. an opposition that will be born in the Senate with the alliance between the PAN-MC-PRD and the plural group against the militarization proposal, as well as the change of command in the National Guard, where they do not have enough votes to stop it, but they can finally stop the reform of the constitutional heel and thereby prevent military presence in civilian security from continuing beyond 2024.

In the midst of the euphoria that reigns in the Palace these days, there is no shortage of people who remember that the President owes both political operations, that of the Supreme Court and that of Alito’s betrayal of the opposition Alliance, to the Secretary of the Interior , Adam Augusto Lopezwho hangs two medals that undoubtedly add merit and recognition from the president on his way as a presidential “bottleneck” where he may not have grown much in the polls, but he is growing and growing in the spirit of the president.

All this reminds us of a recent passage that also happened at the National Palace during the meeting the President held last July with the elected and acting governors of Morena. There, in the private conversation and confidentially, as confirmed by at least two leaders who were present, López Obrador told the heads of state to get their batteries for what is coming to the country in 2023 and especially in 2024. “Don’t mistake, what is coming in two years is not an ordinary election, it is the struggle for power and you in your states must do everything so that our project and our movement retain power.”

The president’s tone was firm, and after asking the governors to apply for the presidential successor, he told them very seriously and with a firm look: “What happened to General Cárdenas, that gringo and the conservatives, will not happen to me. they forced him to change at the last minute and did not allow him to put up his real candidate. They will not prevent me from appointing whoever I want”, the president told them very seriously and categorically. Several of the governors who were at that meeting listening to López Obrador left wondering who will be General Mujica and who will be Ávila Camacho? Claudia, Marcelo, Adam Augusto?


After high-profile weddings in Mexico become cursed and banned—and if you don’t ask Collado, Cesar Yanez oh Santiago grandson— A few days ago in Vienna, Austria, a Mexican wedding took place in a garden of paradise, attended by political figures and economic elite as guests. The marriage belonged to the family of the lawyer Alonso Aguilar Zinser, and the guests, few but selected, did not exceed 100, although one of the attendees told us that “15% of the national GDP was quietly present”, due to the wealth of the businessmen who attended as guests.

Everything was small but very exclusive and the family of Aguilar Zinser, especially Alonso, confirmed that today he is the lawyer of people with power and money in Mexico… As for Adan Augusto, the secretary went yesterday to meet with the faction of Morena in the Senate, as compensation for his absence last week in the plenary session, where he and other members of the cabinet spoke of disrespect or rudeness to Ricardo Monreal, but also to the other Moreno senators.

Relaxed and smiling, Segob’s head denied any rudeness on his part; “It was a misunderstanding,” he said, and though his tone was conciliatory and friendly, between jokes he scratched Montreal: “They say I’m out of it. No, it belongs to the people of Zacatecas, not to the people of Tabasco.” Eventually the ruling party senators, who were fascinated by the presence of the local Tabasco, asked him to tell President López Obrador to invite the faction to the National Palace to eat chipilin tamales: “It’s currently off season for chipilin,” the secretary said, but promised that starting Sept. 19, he would persuade the president to meet with the Morenista faction in the Senate…. The dice are calling a Double Straight. Up.

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