Entrepreneurs from the United States and 7 other countries will visit Colombia to do business

Bahía Málaga, one of the places visited by international businessmen. PHOTO: Travel Colombia Viva

Between September 9 and 14, a delegation of 45 international businessmen will familiarize themselves with the tourist offer of the natural and adventure segment of the six tourist regions of the country, through 6 sightseeing trips promoted by ProColumbia in alliance with tour operators who offer new and different experiences in different destinations. Buyers come from USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Netherlandsby the way.

These sightseeing trips are part of Colombia Nature Travel Marta nature tourism business conference that will bring together nearly 90 national businessmen with the same number of international buyers where expected to generate $8 million in business. This macro round will take place in Manizales (Caldas), next September 14 (virtual), 15 and 16.

ProColombia’s Vice President of Tourism, Gilberto Salcedo, confirmed that Colombia Nature Travel Mart It will be a great platform to internationalize the great nature tourism offer that the country has, one of the richest in biodiversity on the planet, and comes at a time when affordable tourism is clearly growing, after the slowdown generated by the pandemic.

“Overall, we will present buyers with an offer of products that promote responsible tourism, with the transversal component of sustainability and respect for the environment and communities,” said Salcedo.

The offer of new tourist experiences that Colombia will present to buyers includes destinations from different tourist regions of the country, with segmented products based on the different tourist profiles. One of them consists of birdwatching activities aimed exclusively at women in the Colombian massif, specifically in destinations of Huila Y Putumayomanaged by the company Nature Colombia.

Companies will participate in this trip Destination Wildlife, American Birding Association, Field Guides Incorporated Y The Birding Co-Op, they are all from the united states and Focus on Costa Rica Y Avocet Toursfrom Canada.

On the tour offered by the company The Columbia Projectentrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn about the country’s coffee culture, in Caldas, with experiences that range from bike tours through the coffee plantations to hikes to the swamps and snow regions of Los Nevados National Parkone of the most impressive places in the Colombian western Andes.

10 businessmen from countries such as France (Allibert Treking), Poland (Nomade), United States (Inspire World Travel, Travelstore), Canada (Quivertree Family Expeditions, Wells Luxury Travel) and United Kingdom (Stubborn Mule Travel, Last Frontiers, Journey Latinamerica).

Another group of 8 businessmen will tour Colombian Pacific Region and part of the western Andes, on a tour organized by the company Health and travelwhich includes and offers experiences inspired by magical realism, related to physical and spiritual healing through direct contact with nature. Activities include a tour that includes whale watching in Chocó, accommodation eco-lodges immersed in the Pacific jungle; walk attentivenesscoffee tastings and cocoa ceremonies, in Antioquia.

The Colombian tour operator JE Tours Y Amak Colombia Travel & Livingthrough the Amak brand, will host 9 entrepreneurs from Germany, Canada, France, Mexico and the USAto whom they will offer a tour that starts with bird and butterfly watching in Cali, passing through the San Cipriano Forest Reserve, Uramba National Natural Park, Buenaventura and Bahía Málaga, where they can go whale watching.

The Amazon – Orinoquía region will host another 9 entrepreneurs who will arrive from Argentina, Canada, France, USA, Germany, Netherlands, UK and Costa Rica to experience an adventure through the jungle, on the way to La Macarena. The operator of this exploratory trip is the company Go researchwhich offers as part of the experience visits to Caño Cristales, walks, tourism through the canyon of the Guayabero River and spotting pink dolphins.

Another group of 7 businessmen from Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands You will visit Orinoquía, heading to Casanare to immerse yourself in the vast savannah of the department, in search of mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians, amidst an environment that also offers an unforgettable botanical experience.

in the prelude to Colombia Natura Travel Mart was also carried out Sprocket, between August 25 and 26, with the participation of 48 exporters, 249 suppliers and 803 appointments. Among the novelties, the offering of hotel projects such as Ankua, an eco-hotel with a different value proposition, in Greater Colombia in the Caribbean; Casa Rosé, in Carmen de Viboral and Hacienda Santa Rosanna, in Risaralda.

Likewise, air taxi companies such as FlyColombia and agencies that facilitate portfolio diversification of Colombian wholesalers, such as Tolima Travel, Amazonia Travel and Colombian Bike Roadswith a unique product for tourists interested in motorcycle tours.


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