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In the long reign of

Isabel II, the family is perhaps the greatest source of frustration, far more than the affairs of the state. After several fairytale weddings that made the subjects dream, the unions of three of her four children – Carlos, Ana and Andres – ended in broken dreams. The saddest story was that of the heir to the throne, with Princess Diana’s stormy divorce, infidelities and other shameful revelations.

Years later this would be understood after the honeymoon, a C tattoo on Prince Charles’ body will keep Camilla Parker-Bowles, his current wife, as an omnipresent shadow. This awakened in Diana an insecurity she would never overcome and a belief that it was hers marriage of three

In 1992, the princess’ alleged infidelities began to air in the British tabloids, linking her to several men: an actor, an art dealer and a rugby player, among others.

separation and divorce

In December, the inevitable, complete schism in the monarchical institution was announced. “Buckingham Palace has announced that with regret the Prince and Princess of Wales have decided to separate”said John Major, British Prime Minister at the time, on December 9, 1992. However, the divorce did not take place until 1996.

Paternity test

Separated but still married In 1994, Prince Charles revealed in an interview that he had been unfaithful and referred to Camilla as a very dear friend. A year later, Diana of Wales admitted the same in an interview with the BBC, which, as is now known, was given under emotional manipulation. In any case, she accepted that she cheated on her husband with James Hewitt, a cavalry captain who was even credited with fathering Prince Harry.

Diana also lashed out at the British royal family, causing a rift that was never mended. The princess was forced to submit her youngest son to a DNA test to disprove the rumours.

the death of princess diana

The death of the Princess of Wales in Paris brought severe criticism of Elizabeth II from the grieving party for her coldness in the face of tragedy. Some say he only wanted to protect his grandsons William and Harry, but the days they waited were about to cost him the sympathy of his subjects.

The extent of the pain that was visible on the faces of the people and the huge amount of flowers that were piled up in front of the palaces, forced the sovereign – advised by then Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair – to return to London to join the duel.

Then Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, dressed in pure black, were seen surprising the country as they exited the gates of Buckingham Palace in London to walk among bouquets of flowers and read the cards people had left there.

Marriages of their grandchildren

The weddings of her grandchildren brought good winds for Isabel II, although they didn’t last long due to Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from the royal family, which caused another earthquake in the family.

In an explosive interview with host Oprah Winfrey, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened up about their experiences before leaving the British monarchy, with Harry lamenting the deterioration of his relationship with both his brother, Prince William, and his father, Charles of England, whom he said he “disappointed” him.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle has confirmed that some members of the British royal family have expressed doubts about the skin color of her first child, revealed that she had suicidal thoughts during this pregnancy and claimed that the Royal Household refused to help her.

spoiled son

Then came the scandal with Prince Andrew, considered the spoiled son of the Queen, for allegations of sexual abuse of a minor American girl, a fact that came to light during the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein questioned. This caused new pain to the monarch, who decided to strip him of his titles and remove him from public functions.

The Duke of York has always strongly denied the allegations and in 2019 gave an interview to the BBC Newsnight program to give his version of what happened and with which he hoped to clear his tarnished image.

Despite the fact that these scandals raised a veil of indignation among the British and put the family in doubt, personally the Queen was always far from any doubts. His devotion to the crown and his quiet life have always won him the favor of the public. In fact, he was the most beloved character of royalty.

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