Double crime: one of the children of the murdered couple was arrested in Vicente Lopez

This evening the police in Buenos Aires arrested one of the two sons of the couple killed two weeks ago in their home in Vicente Lopez. The suspect, identified by police and judicial sources as Martin Del Rio was arrested at a gas station near Nordelta, in Tigre, by detectives from the San Isidro Department of Investigation (DDI).

The arrest of the suspect took place at the request of prosecutors Martin Gomez, Marcela Semaria and Alejandro Mussohours after San Isidro Bail Judge Ricardo Costa decided to free the slain marriage maid, Maria Ninfa Aquino, after investigators found key evidence that would support a different hypothesis about the alleged person responsible for the double murder.

The victims, Jose Enrique del Rio, 74, and Maria Mercedes Alonso, 72were fatally shot in their car parked in the garage of their home located on Gaspar Campos y Melo, in Vicente López.

Martin Del Rio, 47, will be charged as the perpetrator of the double murder, aggravated by treason, as explained to THE NATION research sources.

The main evidence that casts doubt on the son of the victims are images from the security cameras of the municipality of Vicente López, the government of Buenos Aires and private ones that captured Martin Del Rio on the day of the murder arriving on foot at his parents’ house.

The arrest of the suspect

“The suspect spent an hour at his parents’ house. He then walked to Nunez, where he had left his Mercedes Benz truck parked.stated on THE NATION research source.

According to records, the suspect entered the house where his parents live at 5:33 p.m. on Wednesday, August 24, at 5:33 p.m. He was wearing a mask and hat. He was holding a bag in one hand.

“Martin Del Rio left his parents’ home at 6:36 p.m. It was one hour and three minutes old, the exact time frame in which the double crime is alleged to have occurred. 190 hours of footage analyzed”explained one researcher.

The hypothesis of the forensic investigators and the police in Buenos Aires is that the motive for the double crime was economic. The victims thought they were going to move into the Château Libertador apartment, in Nunez. In his testimony, the detainee now reported that his mother intended to leave Vicente Lopez’s house after her husband had a medical emergency at age 3, and then she should make sure to ask for help and open doors for doctors.

“Martin Del Rio was supposed to take care of the purchase, but he only paid four installments. The parents were convinced that the move was a matter of hours. They got into the car thinking they were going to Nunes’ apartment, but they were shot.”said a source involved in the investigation.

The bodies were found in a Mercedes Benz car that was in the garage of the house located in 1100 Mello.

The operation of the Buenos Aires police in the area where the suspect was detained
The operation of the Buenos Aires police in the area where the suspect was detained

A few hours before Martin Del Rio’s arrest, Judge Costa ordered the release of Aquino, the domestic helper arrested a day after the revelation of the murder of her employers, lawyer Jose Enrique Del Rio and his wife Maria Mercedes Alonso, shot dead in a car at their home in Vicente Lopez on August 24. Nina Aquino will give a press conference this Thursday, at 8, at Monseñor José Francisco Marcón 2584, San Justo, in the office of her defender, Hugo López Carribero.

The mess in the first floor living room of the Del Rio couple's house;  behind the armchair on the left are the boxes packed for the early move;  A shell casing was discovered next to the right armchair.
The mess in the first floor living room of the Del Rio couple’s house; behind the armchair on the left are the boxes packed for the early move; A shell casing was discovered next to the right armchair.

Aquino, 64, was arrested at the request of prosecutors Martin Gomez and Alejandro Musso, who believe the explanations the woman has given for her movements since she arrived at the house at 6:40 a.m. on August 24 are inconsistent and contradictory, and 9 the morning when he found the bodies of the couple – for whom he had worked for 12 years – in his Mercedes Benz E350, in the garage of his house located on Melo y Gaspar Campos. They considered as an incriminating element the fact that the house was extremely messy and this must have attracted his attention.

But the course of the investigation caused a radical turn in the cause. In granting the most recent release request presented by Lopez Caribero, Judge Costa reported that “as a result of the current prosecution representatives assigned to the case Numerous elements were included that form an evidentiary plexus that clearly allows us to discern an investigative hypothesis different from the one that prevailed at the time of dictating the measure of personal coercion weighing on Maria Ninfa Aquino Chamorro.

Del Rio, 72, was a lawyer and owned a private security agency. In addition, he and his wife owned several garages. With a background in the Federal Police (from which he retired with the rank of Chief Officer in 1982), He had two sons, Martin and Diego. The first of them – who ran his father’s business operationally – was the one who identified the wallet seized from Aquino’s house as the place where his mother could have kept the key to the house safe from which, according to initial estimates, 10,000 had been stolen. dollars, 1,500,000 pesos, 50 gold bars of ten grams and several diamonds.

The detainee would now have a power of attorney signed by his father to carry out the family’s real estate ventures. However, as Jose Enrique Del Rio recovered from surgery for a tumor in his head, he would begin asking his son Martin for explanations about some economic situations, according to sources connected to the case.

For investigators, a dispute over family businesses would be the motive for the double murder.

In his testimony, Martin Del Rio explained to prosecutors some of the ventures the family had been up to in recent months. He noted two conflicting situations with the other part of the commercial operation, on the one hand the purchase of a large shed with the idea of ​​turning it into a garage, in an agreement with a former football player from Velez, which resulted in rent given to a school, deferred payment to the former player and judicial representation thereof. He also recounted the case of the Ferrari purchase, which continued with a dispute with the seller, ending with the car being recovered by Martin Del Rio a few days before the double crime, according to the man now in custody.

In this declaration he also said that only he, his brother and the maid had a key to Vicente Lopez’s house. And he said that the last time he spoke to his father was in a phone conversation of nearly half an hour, which he had, according to his words, while he was walking along Libertador Avenue, at the height of the Hippodrome. This call was made, according to this version, between 16:00 and 16:30 on the day of the double crime. According to the prosecution, Martin Del Rio will be the perpetrator.

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