Domestic help of murdered marriage in Vicente Lopez speaks: “I never imagined anything like this, I’m innocent”

Marriage officer killed in Vicente Lopez speaks out

after 13 days Maria Nymph AquinoThe 64-year-old domestic helper from the marriage shot in Vicente Lopez has been released from justice. The cause took a shocking turn as the new detainee accused of the crime was the murdered couple’s son, Martin Santiago del Rio.

So this morning, Aquino, nicknamed “Nina”He gave his version of events. She was frustrated with Martin, who framed her for the crime in the first place, and assured her employers that she never imagined such an outcome for her life.

“My relationship was excellent, I was with them for 12 years. My relationship with the boys, I know nothing because they lived upstairs (…) I am innocent. And I don’t suspect anyone. I have to see what to say. Don’t blame. To blame this because it is very ugly, ”Aquino reasoned before the media at the door of his home.

“When he passed the house, Martin greeted me, joked, patted me on the back. But nothing strange. I never imagined anything like this. Martin will find out why he accused me”he added.

Vicente López’s double crime took place in an important estate a few blocks from Quinta de Olivos on August 24.

Jose Enrique del Rio, 74, and his wife Mercedes Alonso, 72, were found dead in their Mercedes Benz car, in the parking lot of a mansion located a few meters from the presidential palace of Olivos. The man, a former police officer and retired businessman, he had three shots in his bodywhile the woman presented a bullet wound in one of his eyes. They were located on the driver’s and passenger’s seats, respectively.

Martin Del Rio, son of the murdered couple, during his arrest

Upon entering the residence, investigators notice a “staged” scene; that is, with some evidence of possible assembly. There were household items shuffled around as if simulating a robbery, despite the fact that a key item like the safe was open and the locks weren’t blown. It follows for the investigating agents that the criminal had access to the house.

One of the points that compromised Aquino’s situation was the discovery by the police of a Prune-branded purse at the employee’s house in Pablo Podesta on February 3. In this regard, the domestic help assured: “It is very simple. The lady gave me many things. I had kept money in the bag and then I lost it and then I asked my sister in law if she had seen the bag and no one found itnobody,” Aquino said.

The housekeeper barely managed to say a few words about what the relationship between the now detained Martin Del Rio was with his parents and with her. He stated that the couple’s son lives upstairs and that he very rarely comes down to his parents’ home to interact with them.

Mercedes Alonso and Jose Enrique Del Rio were found murdered in their Mercedes Benz car in the garage of their mansion
Mercedes Alonso and Jose Enrique Del Rio were found murdered in their Mercedes Benz car in the garage of their mansion

“Martin lived upstairs and I don’t really know what his relationship is with his parents. He was always joking. Then he would go back up and laugh the whole time, laugh out loudexplained the maid.

However, Aquino was disappointed by the couple’s son, who she says accused her in court. “I would tell him that if Jesus Christ forgave his murderer, why shouldn’t I?” What he did is very painful, very painful. blame others… but if the mother sees him in heaven, she is very angry with Martin, very angry,” the official said.

Finally, the case took a huge turn on Wednesday and members of the Buenos Aires police they arrested martin del rio, when the 47-year-old businessman entered the lot 27 of the Barrancas del Lago del Nordelta private neighborhood.

The charge brought by the prosecution Martin Gomez, Alejandro Musso and Marcela Semeria was for double parricide and was based on a vast amount of evidence, including witness statements, cell phone analysis and, above all, security cameras.

Martin Santiago del Rio Vicente Lopez leaves the crime scene

According to sources with access to the Infobae file, the motive for the crime will be economic and will be related to the department of the exclusive Chateau building on Avenida del Libertador, where the retired couple planned to move. The hypothesis is that Del Rio Jr. first defrauded them of almost two million dollars and then killed them.


Twist in Vicente Lopez’s double crime case: Youngest son of couple arrested, accused of killing his parents

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