details of one of the bloodiest crimes in Misiones

Lorenzo Ramon Da Rosa was the victim of one of the bloodiest murders committed in Misiones, and the scene is typical of one of the worst horror movies ever made. The killer, identified as Jose Andres Kednau (37), was arrested by Misiones police at the scene of the crime, next to the body and with a bloody machete in his hands.

The details are chilling and no doubt shocked and horrified the small Paraje Las Quemadas belonging to the town of Cerro Cora, who are still amazed. The operation was led by the closest to the scene of the incident Dalbochinen police station.

Plaza Las Quemadas.

According to data collected by Misiones Online, the killing took place between 3 and 3:30 pm this Wednesday on a covered street along provincial route 204.

Teresa del Carmen V. (42) left her modest home located in Paraje Las Quemadas, accompanied by her partner, Lorenzo Da Rosa, heading to a property about 800 meters away. They carried with them rucksacks and bags loaded with goods and clothes.

On the way, they were met by the woman’s ex-partner, Quednau, who initially verbally assaulted her. Da Rosa intervenes in the discussion, who has reduced physical capabilities, since one of his two legs was amputated some time ago, which is why he moves with crutches.

After this fight between the men, the killer leaves the scene. Minutes later, he returned with a large machete and attacked the woman, causing a deep wound to the skull area and another near the lung. But the worst part was borne by Da Rosa, who received countless machetes on his body, causing almost instant death.

the bloodiest crimes in Misiones
The path taken by the two victims.

The preliminary investigation report detailed “the presence of a foreign body in the oral cavity, swelling of the scalp, multiple deep stab wounds in the neck area, opening of the chest cavity and mid-abdomen with disembowelment, and the presence of bread in the abdomen. cavity.”

In turn, both hands have multiple deep cuts. They also specify that “an extracorporeal small intestine is observed connecting two wooden crutches in the shape of a cross in front of the body.”

Bloodthirsty, gruesome, gory, inhuman, there are many adjectives that could be used to describe the actions of the accused and the feat with which he killed the victim.

“Lorenzo had no way to defend himself”

This media was at the scene of the accident and in turn spoke with relatives of Lorenzo Ramon Da Rosa, whose address is in the town of Dalbochina, who do not leave the amazement and surprise that the tragic death of the 40-year-old man caused them , years.

“All I know is that a man I don’t even know beat my brother to death with a machete. We are waiting for the police to notify us to take the body out of the morgue. He was a good man and we will remember him as such. We want justice, he didn’t have a leg and there was no way to defend himself,” Graciela, the sister of the fatal victim, began with the words.

According to relatives, Lorenzo and Teresa started a relationship a little less than a year ago. The woman was a mother of three minor children who was on very good terms with her mother’s current partner.

the bloodiest crimes in Misiones
Crime scene.

Despite losing a limb in a motorcycle accident in Garupa, Da Rosa manages to do odd jobs to cover the expenses. “Lorenzo worked in the mountains, making charcoal. His leg was amputated some time ago, but he managed,” said his sister.

Lorenzo, together with his partner’s teenage daughter, visited their relatives’ house hours before the crime. “I last saw him yesterday at 2 in the afternoon, left here with a neighbor, the lady’s girl stayed and agreed to look for him today.

The victim had 11 siblings, but although he had no fixed whereabouts, he was in contact with most of them. “This man has to pay, what he did is not justified, he is a mentally ill person. I did not see, but I was told that he cut him to pieces, took out his intestines and heart. We want justice to prevail”, concluded Graciela between tears.

The killer would like to take his own life

Celeste is an 11-year-old girl, the daughter of Teresa del Carmen, who experienced firsthand the abuse perpetrated by her mother’s ex-partner, today arrested for the murder of Lorenzo Da Rosa.

“Jose Andres (Kennau) hit us a lot when he was accompanied by my mother, abused us a lot. One day we ran away from home when he was drunk and smoking drugs, as we were locked up we had to break the window,” the teenager said.

“One day he was arrested for stealing a fence, a bench and plates, but he said they were his. When the police came, they also took a marijuana plant that was in my house,” he said of the man’s delay after being convicted of the crime.

Celeste mentioned that “When I was in my first year, my father left the house in my name, but he wanted to get us out because he said that all the things inside were his.”

Regarding the relationship with the victim, he stated that “Everything with Lorenzo was funny, he got on well with my mother. But Jose Andres threatened him that he would kill Lorenzo. Before they parted, Jose Andres wanted to hang himself, but my mother came outside with a machete and cut the thread.

The defendant will be handed over in the following hours to the on-duty part of the Investigative Court to testify in the investigation. He will then be charged with aggravated murder, which carries a prison term or life in prison.

the bloodiest crimes in Misiones

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