Concha Baracaldo will be the new director of the ICBF, she has no childhood experience and strong questions

President Gustavo Petro has been in charge of the presidency for a month and has yet to appoint the director of the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF), the organization responsible for guaranteeing the rights of children in Colombia.

A WEEK learned that President Petro will appoint Concha Baracaldo as the new director of the company.

Baracaldo studied at the Complutense University of Madrid, a former associate of Japan Nikkoryukai, a consultant on land use, finance and planning in public and private enterprises, as revealed by lawyer Miguel Ángel del Río.

According to the claimant, “someone with experience in the field should head the ICBF. Minors in Colombia cannot be left to the discretion of improvisation”. and warned that “Mrs. Baracaldo doesn’t have the skills to be like that. His appointment to this position is unacceptable.

According to her Facebook profile, Concha Baracaldo studied at the National University, but the professional title she received is unknown.

In addition to his lack of experience working with children, Baracaldo is known to have been the planning secretary of the municipality of Chia in Cundinamarca, when the mayor was Fernando Sánchez Gutiérrez, between 2004 and 2007. This is a local president who, like Baracaldo, has been at the center of criticism for granting an important construction permit just 100 meters from Ptar 1.

“In 2005, under the government of Fernando Sánchez and his director of planning, Concha Baracaldo, they gave a dubious express permission to build the French megastore Carrefour, just 100 meters from Ptar 1, which has since generated an olfactory plague. all the inhabitants of Chia”, denounced at that time the newspaper, of Chia.

The newspaper He added that in order to eliminate the odors that come out of Ptar, the idea arose to build a kind of shopping center that would serve to protect Carrefour; but in 2009, the community, frustrated by the bad odors, filed a public lawsuit, which was settled in 2011, against the municipality of Chia and the CAR to mitigate the odors from the WWTP.

In another post, the media added that whoever was in charge of Concha Baracaldo, who will be the new ICBF director, Mayor Fernando Sánchez, was also questioned, by granting for 20 years, with large overruns, the transit concession in the municipality of the Provisional Union Circulemos Chía.

On social media, citizens of this municipality north of Bogotá tag the Sánchez administration, where Baracaldo worked, as “the most corrupt town hall in Chia’s history”.

Baracaldo’s controversial appointment will become official amid criticism President Petro has received for delaying the announcement of the ICBF helmsman. In fact, in the last few hours the NiñezYa coalition, which unites 200 civil society organizations around ten urgent problems for children, has published a letter addressed to the national government in which they want the director to be appointed as soon as possible. or director of that institute.

“The 16 million children and adolescents who live in Colombia must have a director of the Colombian Institute of Family Protection (ICBF), an institution that heads the National System of Family Assistance (SNBF), to save time in the direction of the new challenges and goals in the development plan,” the document says.

NiñezYa expressed in the letter that children’s rights “do not wait.” According to the coalition, this was discussed with Vice President Marquez during the campaign in April and with the Intersection Commission in August.

“We join the voices that urgently demand the appointment of this post, which requires a person with the knowledge and experience required by the responsibilities to be undertaken,” the organization added in the letter.

In turn, the coalition lends itself to the government for support. It is also available for “articulates what is needed to ensure the development of early childhood, childhood and adolescence in the country”.

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