Aromas of Piélagos and Miengo surrounded by wild nature

Become a reference within the geological heritage thanks to the unique landscape offered by the Costa Quebrada, the municipality of Miengo presents a wild nature that has managed to captivate those who visit the region. There are five beaches protected by imposing cliffs and lush vegetation: Cuchía, Los Caballos, Usgo, Usil and Robayera. Mogro is its busiest town from a tourist point of view and houses the picture-postcard mouth of the Paz.

Right from La Picota mountain, already in the town of Liencres, in Piélagos, it is possible to enjoy a unique panoramic view of the mouth of the Pas. The municipality offers seven spectacular sandy beaches, among which Valdearenas stands out, included in the Dunas de Liencres Natural Park.

In addition to its natural resources, Piélagos has other places of interest for visitors, such as the medieval fortification Torre de Velo or the bridge that connects the towns of Oruña and Arce over the Paz River, both assets of cultural interest.

In total, the two municipalities have more than 20 kilometers of coastline, which, together with their exceptional location midway between Santander and Torrelavega, has made them two destinations of excellence in the region. And in case more incentive is needed, the area is also home to one of the region’s Michelin-starred restaurants, El Nuevo Molino.

Watch for the passenger

  • What to visit

  • lie:
    Broken Coast Path; Open to the country; Cuchía, Los Caballos, Urgo, Usil and Robayera beaches; San Martín Church and Virgen del Monte Sanctuary in Mogro, Alcedo Palace; and Kudon Cave.

  • Pelagos:
    Arnía, Cerrías, Canallave, Portio, Pedruquios, Somocuevas and Valdearenas beaches; Dunes of Liencres Natural Park; Mount La Picota; Maple Bridge, medieval veil tower; Santian and El Calero Caves.

  • What to eat:
    Elver boat Cantabrian fish and shellfish.

address: Usil beach, nº 771, Mogro.

Telephone: 942 517 474.

Deadline: None.

Chef: Fernando Reygadas.

Specialties: The restaurant of the Milagros Golf Hotel has become a must-stop for lovers of Cantabrian cuisine. Set in a spectacular setting on Usil Beach and in front of the Liencres Dunes, it offers large glazed and open terraces, a restaurant or private dining rooms in a safe and welcoming environment. With more than 20 years of experience, he delights his customers every day and dazzles even the most demanding palates with an innovative menu model: sweet cajon croquettes with ali-oli sauce, rice with lobster in broth, cod tacos with sweet tripe or gua bao from cochinita pibil and chimichurri mayo, not forgetting our famous caramelized brioche french toast. It is an ideal place to celebrate any event, as it has a renovated base, a specialized department and excellent service that guarantee success.

Oruna de Pielagos

the little bridge

address: Bº El Puente, nº 18, Oruña de Piélagos.

Telephone: 942 575 887.

Deadline: Tuesday.

Chefs: Mathias Konrad and Jaime Verano.

Hall: Rose and Victor.

Specialties: This establishment offers updated traditional cuisine with a nod to market produce. Maximum qualities in a selected menu that changes throughout the year. Some of the successes of their offerings are Cantabrian red meat (entrecote), Iberian pork, monkfish and shrimp meatballs, squid tails, salads. A varied offer of homemade desserts…

Observations: On Thursday evenings they offer two wines or beers plus appetizers (squid rings, croquettes, black pudding, sausages) for €11. The place offers the diner a daily menu for €20 (except Sundays and holidays).

Oruna de Pielagos

Country paradise

address: Bº Socobio, Oruña de Piélagos.

Telephone: 942 742 295.

Closing: Tuesday.

Owners: Luis Ángel, Mª Eugenia and Mª del Carmen (Taglé brothers).

Chef: Peter Fuentevilla.

Specialties: A place for traditional cuisine and seasonal product where you can try good meat, fish and rice dishes. There is a snack menu, a menu of the day for €16 (€25 at weekends) and a selected winery. Extensive facilities with parking, covered terrace, outdoor and spacious dining rooms. In one of them you can see the old bunkers and the stones of the mills. Specialists in banquets and menus for groups.

address: C/ Abra del Pas 1985, Mogro.

Telephone: 639 584 547.

Deadline: Monday and Tuesday morning.

Specialties: Opposite the Funas de Liencres Natural Park and surrounded by the mouth of the Pas, its gastronomic offer is based on a traditional cuisine with notes of synthesis, inspired for the most part by seafood and with an eye to the novelties of each season. Tuna trunk with ajoblanco and Hoisin sauce stands out; Huelva prawns marinated in their oil with red pepper, black pepper and garlic; and Aztec Tacos. Two terraces with a view of the estuary. Indoor dining room covered and another half covered. Parking.

address: Avda. de Cantabria, nº 2260 (Cudón rights), Miengo.

Telephone: 942 583 027.

Closing: Monday afternoon.

owner: Christopher Garcia Ruiz.

Specialties: El Tinglao has been a success since its inception, both for its traditional cuisine with signature touches and its extensive facilities which, in addition to its famous, full and large children’s play area, now have wonderful covered outdoor terraces and fantastic private dining rooms (ventilated and air-conditioned) where you can enjoy hamburgers, kebabs and durum from Cantabria. Very popular are their charcoal grills (meat, fish or mixed), sandwiches and menu of starters, portions, salads, sandwiches and chips. It has set menus, children’s menu (€10), day menu (€12) and weekend menu (€24). Their variety of rice dishes (on request) and the entire menu also stand out to take away.

Observations: Birthdays and children’s parties with all security measures. Easy parking.

Barcena de Coudon

The old one

address: C/ El Millajo, Bárcena de Cudón.

Telephone: 942 577 403.

Specialties: Located in a typical mountain house from the 16th century and restored with deep respect for its original architecture, the philosophy of La Antigua restaurant is based on two main pillars: seasonal and quality products and the search for new wine references. His cecina croquettes, creamy cod fritters or the delicious sticky rice with squid and prawns with ali ali are standouts. The star product is the aged beef steak.

Observations: It has a covered veranda, an outside terrace and a well-tended garden. It also has its own parking lot.

maple bridge

Maple Palace

address: Bº Soledad, nº 9, Puente Arce.

Telephone: 942 589 657.

Owner and Director: Raquel Dominguez Lahe.

Specialties: It offers market cuisine based on the quality of local products. Different types of rice and starters (red tuna in tartare or tataki and squid with ink and spring onion sauce stand out); wild fish from the Bay of Biscay, anchovies from Santoña or, in season, magano de guadañeta or palamude. “From our pastures”, boneless leg of lamb or mature beef tenderloin. Wide and varied winery.

Observations: Late 17th and early 18th century tourist complex with 19 rooms, a large garden terrace, various function rooms and a large parking lot.

address: Bº de Monseñor, nº 18, Puente Arce.

Telephone: 621 221 956.

Closing: Sunday night and all day Tuesday.

Chef: Jose Antonio Gonzalez.

Specialties: In this garden terrace you can enjoy the quality of star cuisine, but in a different way and with the usual basics. Tudanka cutlet, squid rings, low temperature ribs, Cantabrian cheese, chocolate cake…

Observations: They organize musical evenings with dinner plus a concert on the terrace. Consult.

maple bridge

The new mill

address: Bº de Monseñor, nº 18, Puente Arce.

Telephone: 621 221 956.

Closing: Sunday night and all day Tuesday.

Chef: Jose Antonio Gonzalez.

Room manager: Elvira Abascal.

Specialties: Awarded a Michelin star and two Repsol Suns, it offers a cuisine with seasonal products, traditional, creative but no frills. The menu includes a selection of the chef’s latest creations in the long and narrow menu (105 euros) and a return to tradition from the classics collected in a menu (55 euros).

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