A married couple competes in “El Hormiguero” to see who will receive the prize of the competition

The calls you make the anthill in their Openbank contest to give away a card with at least €3,000, they’ve been golden in recent years. Gluffs, awkward interruptions, rude viewers who hang up, not believing that they are being called by the Antena 3 program to give them money… Anything can happen when Pablo Motos’ team randomly writes this number, something fans of the format have come to expect like spring water.

In fact, this Wednesday, a visit to Paz Padilla brought good luck to anyone who picked up the phone, albeit in moderation. Because the award sparked a heated argument between a married couple over who would keep the money. “Of course it’s for her,” said one of the ants.

Pablo Motos and Paz Padilla call for the “El Hormiguero” race.


one more season the anthill In its 17th season, it features its legendary Openbank competition to give a lucky viewer a pinch of cash, sometimes with success and other times without so much luck. This is the famous map the anthill which everyone has access to.

Requirements: first, that the program calls your phone and it’s just a matter of chance, and, second, that you correctly answer the famous question “What do I want?” If the answer is “the map the anthill“, the lucky winner will receive the Openbank card with the accumulated amount from this week.

The viewer does not get the correct answer to the

The viewer does not get the correct answer to the “El Hormiguero” contest at first.


This Wednesday, for example, after the opening of the first week of the season, the accumulated prize was 3,000 euros and Pablo Motos took advantage of the visit to Pas Padilla to call for the famous race. “Hello, good evening, how are you? I’m Paz Padilla and I’m calling you from the anthill“, the comedian began with the words of the interlocutor who had just picked up the phone.

And then he asked the mythical question: “Do you know what I want?” “Lots of money,” the man answered wrongly. Despite the incorrect answer, the ants suggested that he ask someone next to him in case they knew the answer. Something that Pablo Motos didn’t like, but was finally done: “You force. But if there is a person to…”

The viewer guesses the answer to the

The viewer guesses the answer to the “El Hormiguero” race in a second


Then Clemens, the interlocutor, repeated his wife’s famous question, and she, without hesitation, called out in a loud voice: “Map El Hormiguero.” And the set was full of confetti, Paz Padilla got on the table to celebrate and the audience broke into applause. After that initial joy, Motos told Clemens that he had just taken €3,000 and he couldn’t believe it. “I can’t believe it,” he said.

And he added: “My wife says it’s for her, it’s not for me.” “Of course it’s for her, she’s the one who knows the password,” said one of the ants. So, Clemen’s wife, Paula, got on the phone at the invitation of Motos, Padilla and the ants, and they asked her, “Do you believe us?” “Yes,” Paula assured him.

Moment in which the viewer's wife assures that the award from the

Moment in which the viewer’s wife assures that the award from the “El Hormiguero” contest is for her


“You have just taken €3,000 from Openbank and you will decide which part your husband or your friend or your partner will take…” said Pablo Motos. “Of course, each was right, but the phone belongs to the other,” one of the ants pointed out. Here, Padilla returned to throw in some humor and asked, “And besides, are you married into family property?”. “No, because of asset separation,” Paula explained.

“Well, are you going to keep all the money or give him something?” the host asked. Paula replied sharply, “I’m all about myself, aren’t I?” Paz Padilla then asked Paula to turn Clemen on again to give her advice, and from then on a surreal moment occurred when her husband asked her whose house it was. “Maybe tonight you won’t eat Torao with 3,000 euros,” predicted Pablo Motos.

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